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    A Smooth WinsDay Night w/ Hip-Hop Artist International Rob B

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    We are extremely excited about tonight's entertaining line-up we have for you. Our feature guest tonight hails from Orlando, Florida. He is a smooth lyricist with strong support as he climbs his way to the top - Inernational Rob B is LIVE with us inside of Da Open Mike segment brought to you by Drive Over Everything Apparel (@driveovereverything on Instagram). He talks to us about his new added hustle, new music, goals set ahead, and we tap into his sports mind a little too. Follow him on Instagram: @internationalrobb; Twitter: @Smooth_RobB.

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is the beautiful Endygo. She joins us to speak on her hustle, experiences, and life inside of the modeling world.

    It's about that time tonight where our monthly visit is made by our kinfolk, LaBoss, as she drops knowledge on us in her segment "Da Bomb by LaBoss." Follow her on Instagram & Twitter: @labossbomb.

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ International Rob B & Jennifair

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    Get Lifted Radio the spot supporting INDEPENDENT TALENT from coast to coast w/ host Magi Love. Dedicated to playing all genres of music and interviewing individuals from all walks of life. If you're out here striving and pursing your dreams, we want to hear about it.
    Creating avenues, networking & building numbers is our mission.

    Get Lifted Entertainment

    Exclusive Listening Session 

    Returning guests International Rob B discussing his new project "Flourish" along with featured artist Jennifair of MMR.

    In Rob's words, FLOURISH LP is this.....

    "I started my new journey a year ago with my new management with which I told myself this is my clean slate. With a new state of mine, focus, and Name I was determined to really let the world know who I was as an artist. I released my first project “Progression” which I wanted to release as a foundation to grow from. Infatuated with the opportunity to get better every day as an artist I pushed to release a second project “Evolve” a couple months later to demonstrate how much I’ve grown in that short period of time. Elated with the feedback I had received I knew that I was headed in the right direction. After the release of a few singles, videos and 6 months of passed time I’ve been working on my latest project which will allow you to see after a year of work how I’ve now “Flourished”."

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    Interview with International Rob B -I.R.B @SmoothRob_B

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    International Rob B. - I.R.B born Jan 9,1986 in Frankfurt, Germany, parents Estelle & Robert McDonald, currently resides in Orlando, Florida.   

    Why do you want to be an artist?
    "Everyone has a story to tell and a different way of telling it. People draw, write books, blog, do hair, me? I tell my story through music", says I.R.B.  He wants to be the spokesman for those who have the same struggles and insecurities as he has had on every scale. I.R.B states, "yes I want to be a "artist" but I'm just like you."

    What does International Rob B,  I.R.B stand for?
    Something fresh, original and genuine to his situation, he represents the body of music that he creates and represents the idea that his music is different and can't be pin pointed to any specific genre. I.R.B states, "We like to think of international music as being different, original, or foreign and in Florida where I reside it is a place where the dominate style of music is dirty south, so you can make the analogy by saying "International music" is how my music can be best described in comparison not only by its foreign but also by its sound".

    Who is International Rob B -I.R.B as an artist?
    An artist who anyone can relate to and model their career by. For example, when you talk about someone who has persevered through adversity as an adolescent, played collegiate sports, and obtained his B.A degree, it's speaks levels in comparison to the average artist. An American ambassador is what we like to think of I.R.B as who not only through music can make a difference but also as a brand.

    When you think of International Rob B. -I.R.B  what do you think of?
    The king of smooth, casual but with an edge, not forced, clean rough edges. The advocate of something unique but original.


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    The Final Four

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    Tonight on this Easter Sunday, we showcase the Final Four remaining artists in our 3rd Annual March Music Madness Tournament to determine who advances to this Wednesday's epic championship episode. Our matches tonight: #1 International Rob B vs #2 Tai Wo; #6 Jennifair vs #8 Greene Diamond - listen to their songs, cast your vote for who you think should advance to the championship on Wednesday night @ 8PM ET. You may cast your vote from 8:15 to 9:45pm ET by either tweeting the name of the artist to @DaBlackTopRadio or call us LIVE 646-478-0819 and tell us who you're voting for. History shall be made tonight 


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    3rd Annual March Music Madness Tournament: The Finals

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    Tonight, after what has been an epic and controversial tournament, we finally get to crown, at night's end, our 2015 King/Queen of the Madness Champion and the recipient of a $200 Foot Locker Gift Card courtesy of Da BlackTop Radio. Our final two remaining participants - International Rob B (Twitter/IG: @irbmusicworld) vs Greene Diamond (Twitter/IG: @greenediamond) will go head to head with their choice of their originally made track. Our judges will pose their comments and critiques about each track and then make their final vote. But, their final vote is not really final because you all out there in radio land have impact on who wins, no matter the judges vote. If you like IRB or Greene Diamond, post it to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dbtradio; comment on Mike Jay's Instagram page: @hostwhodothemost; tweet the name to @DaBlackTopRadio; or call us up: 1-646-478-0819 TOLL FREE and tell us who you like. The decision will be announced at 10:05pm ET; polls are open for voting between 9:15pm & 10:00pm ET.

    Assisting us with crowning our 2015 champion and talking to us LIVE as our feature guest is a rising rap star out of the DMV who has made a great impact working with legends such as Eve, Missy Elliot, and others - lyricist N'Cho (Twitter/IG: @ncho_music). She introduces herself to BlackTopNation about her background, life through music, goals, and how the hype of being the next up in the rap game has treated and influenced her.

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    3rd Annual March Music Madness Tournament: 1 Seed vs 8 Seed

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    Tonight, we wrap up what has been an epic first round of our March Music Madness Tourney as the number 1 seeds of the two regions square off against the lower seeds.

    West Region: #1 LaTrell James vs #8 Greene Diamond

    East Region: #1 International Rob B vs #8 Googsz Kinnard

    Though the judges have their vote, your vote is more important. You can vote for the winner of each matchup showcased tonight by tweeting us the name to @DaBlackTopRadio , calling-in 646-478-0819 between 9:15 & 10:45pm ET. The winner advances to the Elite 8 round of the tournament.

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is Virginia's own Naakiah Taylor. Add her on Facebook: Naakiah Taylor.

    We sit down in Da Open Mike segment with a young R&B talent by the name of Just Real (Twitter/IG: @IAm_JustReal_). We get to know his background, accomplishments, goals, and how he plans to change the face of R&B.

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    The Rob Black Show

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    Malc N Rob Live Who's In the Building?

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    The only local radio station that actually plays local music, what else do we do? Oh thats right we interview local artists, stand up comedians, spoken word artists, actors, and anybody else doing something in the area. If you want to enjoy a nice turned up Sunday, listen to some good music, comedy, and conversation or if you have something to say yourself tune in to Malc N Rob Live!

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    Malc N Rob Live Who's in The Building

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    The only local radio station that actually plays local music, what else do we do? Oh thats right we interview local artists, stand up comedians, spoken word artists, actors, and anybody else doing something in the area. If you want to enjoy a nice turned up Sunday, listen to some good music, comedy, and conversation or if you have something to say yourself tune in to Malc N Rob Live!


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    Doctah B. Sirius - Secrets to Health, Wealth and Wiseness and more

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    TONIGHT:  Listen to The African History Network Show, Monday, April, 20th, 8:00pm-10:00pm EST (5:00pm-7:00pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep.  Our guest will be Doctah B. Sirius of the documentary “Urban Kryptonite” as we discuss “The Secrets to Health, Wealth & Wiseness”.  Call in with your Questions/Comments and listen LIVE at 914-338-1375 or listen online at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow/2015/04/16/did-president-abraham-lincoln-want-to-ship-blacks-back-to-africa or www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    Doctah B Sirius is a leading mind, body and spirit medicine man, certified doctor of metaphysics, master herbalist, natural remedy and a vibrational healing pioneer, vibrational healer, and wellness educator. He is widely respected and endorsed by the likes of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, David Wolf, Dick Gregory and a host others. Doctah B Sirius has clients spanning across 7 continents who trust him with their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  


    Don't miss Doctah B. Sirius in the Detroit Area, Thursday, April 23rd - Saturday, April 25th.  For more information please visit http://theafricanhistorynetwork.net/epages/a3d1797c-2da1-4f66-8933-7c6b06c1fe16.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/a3d1797c-2da1-4f66-8933-7c6b06c1fe16/Categories/Events 

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