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    Interior Decorating Q & A

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    Ask Rena! This is a fun and informative show. The show is dedicated to questions people have asked via my website, twitter and facebook. Don't miss it. I could be answering your interior decorating question. Show Length: 30 Minutes

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    Divatosity: The importance of planning in cooking, decorating, and life

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    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses the importance of measuring in cooking, decorating, and life.

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    Finding Love in the (Chinese) New Year

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    The auspicious Year of the Sheep is here! Even if you don’t follow the Chinese lunar calendar, this can mark a great time of new beginnings, and where better to start than with bringing new love into your life? Whether you already have a great love or are searching for one, the Year of the Sheep offers an energy of inspiration, peace and harmony to help you identify what it is you appreciate and want more of in your partner. Through Feng Shui, you can reinforce that energy in your home, helping you to attract that perfect mate! Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® Bill Schwingel will share ways you can modify your home to help you find the love you’re looking for this year. Listen in this Sunday at 6 p.m. EST!

    About Bill: Trained by Interior Alignment® founder Denise Linn, Bill is a Master Teacher of Instinctive Feng Shui™ and Seven Star Blessing™ Space Clearing. He also had the honor of being certified in Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ and Advanced Interior Alignment™ by IA Master Educator LuAnn Cibik.

    When consulting, he finds his inspiration from nature, connecting with the energy of the earth, the trees and the animals to gather insights for his clients, whether improving the flow of energy in a space, clearing the energy of a space or creating sacred ceremony. He also incorporates his work as an Earth Energy practitioner to provide earth acupuncture for the surrounding land of a home or business.

    For more information on Bill, you can go to www.fengshui-24.com, or find him on Facebook here. 

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    Meditacion en movimiento

    in Family

    Sencilla forma de analisis, que nos ayuda a descubrir la capacidad de meditar en movimiento y de reencontrarnos con nuestra esencia en pro de un dia a dia mas feliz.


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    Manuela “Mannie” Ferguson -The Staging Fashionista *

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    David Heath / Davidesigns

    In my youth, I was fascinated with interior decoration.  I could not resist rearranging furniture in my childhood home.  The impulse to make living spaces more comfortable continues to this day.  I feel a room can have an entirely different character simply by adding an accent pillow or rearranging furniture.  After earning a diploma in graphic design from Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology, I pursued a career in magazine design and I have had the privilege to work under the tutelage of many creative minds.  Receipt of numerous industry awards over the past 20 years is evidence of my keen sense of style.  The sense of style; colour, perspective, and visual appeal are, for the most part, intuitive.  I have this intuition; be it in designing the contents of a publication or decorating a home.  

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    "Living the Significant Life" Jory Fisher and Karen Hirsch

    in Motivation

    Success happens to you; significance happens through you.  Jory and Karen explore the first two of twelve principles from the book, Living the Significant Life - 12 Principles for Making a Difference, for those that are hungry for more than the traditional definition of success.  Beginning with Principle #1 - Intensifying your Desire and Principle #2 - Find Your Purpose, hear how you can have a life with purpose, passion, AND success while most importantly, blessing others.

    Karen Hirsch rose to the top of the Dallas publishing world with the launch of the premier architecture and interior design publication, Luxe Magazine. She then created Women of Hope, a division of EMSquared, which focuses on her passion of empowering women around the world to make a living while making a difference in the lives of malnourished children.

    A professional coach and former attorney, Jory Fisher specializes in helping Christian leaders and entrepreneurs make the difference they're called to make and glorify God through success. Visit www.JoryFisher.com for more info, inspiration, and guidance.

    Piano solo by David Nevue.

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    VERTIKAL LIVE presents "The Other Side" with Xio

    in Education

    Wed. February 18th, Meet Photographer Xiomaro.  While commissioned to take interior shots of the William Floyd Estate on Mastic Island, Long Island, Xio found a piece of history that he felt needed to be shared.   Join us VERTIKAL LIVE with Host Celeste S. Duckworth and Xio Xiomaro.

    Call In/SKYPE (646) 564-9897 to comment, ask questions or listen.

    8:00PM EST - 7:00PM Central - 6:00PM Mountain - 5:00PM Pacific 

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/02/19/vertikal-live-presents-the-other-side-with-xio

    Business Sponsor is Crystal Clarity Corrective Skin Care of Tempe, AZ keeping the art of skin care beautiful.  Contact them at (480) 422-9521 or http://crystalclarityskin.com/



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    Attract the Energy of Love with Feng Shui

    in Self Help

    Is it really possible to improve your love relationships using feng shui? What does the physical environment of your bedroom have to do with the state of your relationships? Discover the connection between your thoughts about love and your space as we discuss simple feng shui tips and techniques to open up your life to more love.  

    About Felicia: Felicia D'Haiti is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, holding certification programs in the Washington, DC area. She provides feng shui and space clearing services, both on-site and distant as well as workshops on topics including Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing, and more. To connect with Felicia, visit her website: www.feliciadhaiti.com, or her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SoulTransformations.

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    Design for the Year of Wood Sheep/Goat

    in Design

    Get some tips on how to utilize design to activate & support the upcoming Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat for a happy & prosperous Chinese New Year 2015.

  • Perecting Business: D. Tina Batten, Kevin Riley and Linda Wilson

    in Christianity

    Interview with three driven people in three different theater of business: Sister D. Tina  Batten  is  a  gifted  and  talented  playwright  and Independent  Christian  Filmmaker  who  is  passionate  about  bringing encouraging messages of hope and encouragement to every project she is involved with.  She has a unique way of developing and creating these fascinating stories that touch the heart of everyone who views her work.

    Kevin Riley, is a worship leader who is ordained to reach across the nations and cultivate hearts of true worship. Riley is a man of integrity, excellence and extreme passion for the Kingdom of God. As a writer, speaker and mentor, Pastor Riley is straightforward, candid and uncompromising in his teaching and convictions. As a psalmist and seasoned musician, Riley is committed to educating and sharing the necessities of worship with all who strive to praise God in Spirit and Truth.

    Linda Wilson Interior design and business person.

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    "Plan Your Dream Wedding" Diann Valentine The Wedding Planner To The Stars

    in Women

    Today's show is an encore show from January 12, 2011.   "Romance" is in the air. Today's Topic is "Weddings" special guest internationally acclaimed wedding, event and interior designer Diann Valentine. Diann will discuss with everyone her extraordinary career as a "Wedding Planner" and "Interior Designer" We will also discuss "How to plan your Dream Wedding" Diann Valentine continues to turn fantasy into reality as this vivacious innovative mastermind gives couples around the world the wedding of their dreams. Valentine is world renowned as the go-to wedding and event designer who takes classic traditions and gives them a modern and unique flare that sets her apart from anyone else in her industry. The incredibly sought-after and admired Valentine is the creative genius behind the jaw dropping weddings of Usher, Toni Braxton, Kelis, Lela Rochon, and Boyz II Men crooner Shawn Stockman just to name a few. After giving wedding and event planning tips on E! News Daily, ABC’s InStyle Celebrity Weddings Special Entertainment Tonight, CNN, and HGTV as well as doing spreads in Brides Magazine, InStyle, USA Today and Essence, Valentine published her first book, Weddings Valentine Style. Diann also has a new greeting card coming out that will be available on www.tinyprints.com. It is a Valentine’s Day card that is designed to be shared between girlfriends. For more information about Diann please visit her website http://www.diannvalentine.com/ 

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