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    The SASQUATCH PEOPLE and Their Interdimensional Connection, with Kewaunee

    in Spirituality

    Relax, Let Go, BE, with Charles Welcomes Kewaunee Lapseritis.

    For more information and your own copies of his books http://sasquatchpeople.com

     The SASQUATCH PEOPLE and Their Interdimensional Connection

    Kewaunee’s new book is the ultimate book on the Sasquatch phenomenon. Because the Sasquatch are genuinely people—not animals—Kewaunee is a crypto-anthropologist, not a crypto-zoologist. He elaborates on why they are humanoid beings and their purpose here, based on 32 years of interacting with the giants (and ETs) (out of the 55 years researching them). Kewaunee draws information from 187 witnesses who also experienced telepathic communication. Quantum physics describes the reality of mental telepathy, invisibility, inter-dimensionalism, and other PSI phenomena, and is actually juxtaposed with psychic Sasquatch and ET behavior.

    Kewaunee Lapseritis, AS, BA, MS, is a Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and holistic health. His academic degrees are from: Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, Massachusetts; University of New Hampshire—Durham; North Adams State College, in North Adams, Massachusetts, and University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. He also attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Kewaunee taught anthropology for one year at North Adams State College and later taught dowsing and psychic development at the Wisconsin Society for Psychic Reasearch—Milwaukee. As a world authority on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon, he has meticulously researched the subject for the last 55 years. Mr. Lapseritis is also a social scientist and both a Sasquatch and ET “contactee.”

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    More on InterDimensional Travel

    in Science

    Welcome to Your Community Science Class! On our upcoming episode, we are continuing to look at interdimensional travel. We are exploring what dimensions are, what interdimensional travel is and revisiting the premises from previous programs that underpin the concept of traveling interdimensionally.
    Join us and bring your perspective and insights.

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    Shadow People, interdimensional beings?

    in Paranormal

    Join Host Magenta Ash and Joey as we share our own personal stories about shadow people, interdimentional beings! Have you had an encounter? Care to share with us, live? We want to hear from you, raise our collective voices as we try to understand the unknown.


    It is important to note that dimension is a direction. There are three spatial dimensions of which we are aware, and one temporal one. This theory refers to beings who originate from these potential and probable dimensions of which we are not aware. Theoretical physics discusses several theories of dimensions. Within certain academic discussions, it is not uncommon for the question of beings, intelligences, or other life to come up as part of the consideration.


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    Energy Healing Free Call-in Show for Superluminal Beings!

    in Environment

    SuperWhat?  Yes we are all moving faster than light.  

    We are transdimensional, superluminal beings, from time without beginning. 

    Guess what? Your relationship problems, your health problems, your wealth problems are too slow to affect you, IF you would get out of your own way and stop stopping yourself from being the infinite being you truly be! 

    There is only one person strong enough to stop you from the phenomenal life you are refusing to have, and it's not me.   Yes, it's you!

    So are you ready to let me help you get out of your own way?  


    I'm here twice a week, week in and week out to help you remember who you are. 

    The infinite being you forgot you were.  It's time to be it again. 

    Want to make a donation to your life growing?  Then donate to this incredible show and you'll an even more incredible thank you gift that will help you fully remember who you are.   Go here to donate.   




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    Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Life on Earth

    in Spirituality

    Join Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, as she talks about the interplay of consciousness and the variety of "species" and entities active on Earth right now. It's a big topic, more than 15 minutes can contain, so consider this a snack of a much larger Lasagne meal.

    For the full meal, join my course at www.flyingrainbowlasagne.com/online-course.html

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    Farley Maloruss Tesla Energy Plates Expert, Astrologer, Metaphysical Explorer

    in Spirituality

    From 1975 to 1979, Farley attended the Academy of Atlantis, Los Angeles where he obtained a Red Flame Degree.

    Farley entered the radio scene in 1975 where he soon became a popular addition to various DJ's in the Los Angeles area. His first show, Astrology and You, was aired on KIEV in 1983. In 1984, K-Fox radio, a New-Age talk radio station, picked Farley to anchor their noontime radio spot for the next 9 years. This is where Farley launched Astrological Metaphysical Radio.

    From 1992 until 1996 he continued the show with CRN. In 1997, Farley was picked by the Los Angeles ABC7 Eyewitness News team to deliver forecasts for around 400 Morning Shows.

    Other notable Radio and TV events include: The America Show with Morgan Fairchild, McLain Stevenson, and Sarah Purcell in 1984. The Arsenio Hall show (twice) in 1986. The Late Show (twice) in1988.

    Farley also taught many seminars on Karma, Karma And Astrology, Viking Runes, How to Learn Astrology, How to do an Astrology Radio Show, Crystals, and special seminars on Meditation.

    As a seasoned Astrologer, Farley gave thousands of readings, both on and off the air. He even did the Inaugural Chart for President Reagan in 1980, which was later hand delivered to the president.

    His notable predictions include many earthquakes, including the more famous Northridge and a year later Kobe--both within 48 hours. In addition, he accurately predicted over 20 Sports Championships, including the Lakers Dynasty, the Dodgers World Series, and the Rams Super Bowl win in 99.




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    Peter Slattery: ET Contactee On A Mission To Spiritually Awaken Humanity

    in Spirituality

    On the February 11, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio I welcome Peter Maxwell Slattery who is an experiencer, author, speaker, meditation teacher and he does energy and healing practices. His experiences started at an early age and continue to this day and he has witnesses to events and an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence of UFOs, Orbs and apparitions. 

    From his experiences with Extra-terrestrials, to inter-dimensional beings, Spirits and Source, all has led Pete to dedicate himself to the healing of the Earth and to the awakening of the human race by helping people find their own connection to Source, and their own inter-dimensional self. He also helps people to initiate contact themselves, on whatever level they are ready to do so individually and in a group, through love, good intent and meditation. 

    Pete has appeared on Channel 7’s “Prime News” and “Sunrise” (which is one of Australia’s national morning news T.V shows), and he has also been on shows such as “The Unexplained with Howard Hughes” and “Podcast UFO”.

    Peter's site: http://www.petermaxwellslattery.com/

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    The Unknown Zone

    in Paranormal


    Judy Sellins and Dave Turco revisit the ominous Black Eyed Beings (including black eyed kids) with a possible link to Men In Black (MIB).  Reports of Men in Black have been around for 50 years largely associated with UFOs and government intelligence organizations but more recently other "Black Beings" have become prominent in paranormal sightings and encounters.

    There are Black Eyed Kids, Men and Women collectively referred to as Black Eyed Beings.  But are they even beings?  Have the MIBs been Black Eyed Beings all along?  What are they?  We will flesh out this disturbing  topic with new information that just adds to the mystery of life on Earth.

    We'll go over all the characteristics of Black Eyed Beings as well as riveting first hand accounts or these creatures.  One thing is for sure, they aren't human!

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    Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled – 23 January 2015

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”

    In "Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled"

    Featuring Maha Dakini Lorae, Celeste Korsholm & Jessica (Arael) Marrocco


    FriNite, 23 January 2015

    From 7 – 8:30 pm AZT

    This is a Spiritual Image Production’s Event


    This month's Topic – “Interdimensional Relationships”


    Aloha and welcome to “Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled” with Andrew Aloha and the rest of the God/desses.   This online Tantra Session will be filled with spice, nice, and everything right.  Aloha will be joined by Tantrica Lorae Lauritch (San Francisco), Sacred Sexuality Educator, certified Tantric Counselor and Tantric Healer; Celeste Korsholm (Sedona, AZ), a world traveler, international visionary artist, teacher and published writer; and Jessica (Arael) Marrocco (Massachusetts), Akashic Records, Psychic Intuitive and Past Life Regressionist.

    For more on “Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled” go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Intimacy_Tantra_and_Relationships_Psychically_Fulfilled


    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com



    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com



    Andrew Aloha

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    Sages and Seers : The E.T. Conundrum

    in Spirituality


    Mason Adams and Dave Turco of Sages and Seers discuss the extraterrestrial conundrum.  So much information, so much disinformation, how can one tell what's true?  The short answer is there is no way of telling.  The possibilities and the stories and the cover ups  are far too numerous to know which are true and which are false.  However we do have insight into some of the major ET/UFO narratives that have in the main been disinformation to lead the public astray and quite frankly in the dark regarding one of the most important subjects in human history.

    What are ETs where are they from, have they contacted us, are they here, do they have communications with us, are they interdimensional, are they demons....all of these questions will be addressed and answered as both Mason and Dave have had personal incounters with ET!

    Mason is a poet and mystic and a life long experiencer of the supernatural.  It is through his spiritual practices that he channels his inspired poetry that expresses itself with hints of Rumi and Richard Bach. 

    Dave is also a life long experiencer of the supernatural, trained in both Eastern and Christian ascetic spiritual practices and has used all of his experiences to begin to piece together a better understanding of the nature of reality.   Most of his multidimensional experiences come through dreaming.

    There is so much more to our world than any of us know, but something big is happening now to humanity and what we know and experience needs to be expressed.


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    *Garth Harvey: InterDimensional Travel, Geometrics & The Mur

    in Science

    Welcome to Your Community Science Class! On our upcoming episode, we have the honor of the presence of Dimensional Healing and Fig Tree Family Member Garth Harvey.  Garth is an intellectual and spiritual powerhouse who has traveled the world to some of the most powerful archaeological vortices on the Earth.
    Combining this with his artistic nature, Garth has created the Mur Pyramid Hats as an enhancement to intergalactic travel and meditation.
    Join us as we delve into the art and science of Interdimensional travel.....continuing the InterDimensional Healing Journey!

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