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    Suzanne Maher & Michael Murphy - Chemtrails and Psychosocial Control

    in Education

    Tonight we will talk Geoengineering and Chemtrails with our very special guests Suzanne Maher and Michael Murphy.

    Suzanne is an activist and the co-founder of the very popular Facebook group Bye Bye Blue Skies. Her site is growing in subscribers by leaps and bounds which is great news because it means people are awakening to the spraying of our skies.

    Michael’s work includes directing and co-producing the groundbreaking Geoengineering documentaries “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” Each film has awakened millions to the environmental threats of the Geoengineering programs.

    The conversation with Suzanne and Michael is wide ranging as we discuss Geoengineering and the many interconnected parts of the elites master plan for a one world government and what we can do to stop it.


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    Author Chris Orcutt in a LIVE interview about his books on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author and journalist Chris Orcutt to the studio for a LIVE interview about his current release A Truth Stranger Than Fiction.  A Truth Stranger Than Fiction, the 3rd novel in the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, delves into the bizarre, interconnected world of foreign spies and fangirls, mobsters and murderers, government bureaucrats and corporate profiteers.  CHRIS ORCUTT has written professionally for over 20 years as a fiction writer, journalist, scriptwriter, playwright, technical writer and speechwriter. He has also taught high school U.S. history and college writing. At Baruch College, City University of New York, Chris received the Distinguished Teaching Award, and as a newspaper reporter he received a New York Press Association award. Visit Chris on his website at http://orcutt.net and buy his books on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Chris-Orcutt/e/B006881DOA/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1.

    JOIN US BY CALLING 347-633-9609. This broadcast is available as a podcast at the same link On Demand.

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Visit us on the web at http://authorsontheair.com, send a Tweet to @authorsontheair or like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair.

    Thank you to sponsors J. Carson Black, author of intelligent crime fiction and D.D Corbitt, author of the adventure/suspense novel The Amaretto.

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    UN Representative Salasaca Aymara National President Nicolas "Miguel" Chango

    in Religion

    Salasaca Aymara Elder Nicolas Chango

    Past Salasaca National President Nicolas "Miguel" Chango at the United Nations--Indigenous Leader from Ecuador

    By Steve Grove

    June 16, 2004

    In one way or another, Nicholas Chango has been preparing for leadership since the day he was born. The elders of his tribe in Ecuador, the Salasaca, predicted that Chango would be a great leader, and commemorated his birth with many ceremonies. From an early age, Chango says, they put him through an intense training program that sometimes lasted 15 hours a day.

    Brought to a cornfield in the early hours of the morning, Chango was taught to listen to nature and pray to the sun.

    "[The elders] helped me to understand that all the land is interconnected, " Chango remembers. Later, these elders (called yachaj) wanted Chango to learn how to represent the Salasaca in Ecuadorian society. So they sent him to high school outside of the village.

    There, Chango came into contact with non-indigenous Ecuadorians and a society that has a long history of oppression of indigenous peoples. Spanish conquistadors came to Equador in 1534, taking control of the land and weakening the indigenous population with disease. Many Salasacan women were reportedly used as forced laborers. In the 21st century, conflicts between the groups have continued, as indigenous groups wrestle with the mestizo population for a voice in the country’s tenuous democracy.


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    Voices Carry for Animals # 25

    in Politics

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    GUEST:  Michael Lanfield is an educator, filmmaker and author of The Interconnectedness of Life. He is a certified World Peace Diet facilitator and inspired and taught by Dr. Will Tuttle. In May 2013 he founded the non-profit organization We Are Interconnected Films to produce educational and enlightening books, films and other media. He is currently writing and producing The Interconnectedness of Life documentary based on The World Peace Diet.

    The Interconnectedness of Life a book by Michael Lanfield with foreword by Karen Davis, PhD explores the relationship between humans, animals and the Earth. It exposes the underlying reasons to the vast array of daunting problems of our time while addressing spiritual and ethical issues so we can live in a more harmonious, loving and compassionate world.

    With inspiring and telling stories from Jonathan Balcombe, PhD, Karen Davis, PhD, Judy Carman, MA, David Sztybel, PhD, Matt Bear and others, this is the definite book of awakening consciousness on the planet, while saving the Earth, feeling and looking great, and best of all being kind to animals. If you truly want to understand the meaning of life and our place in this world, than this book is for you.

    Inspired by the bestselling book The World Peace Diet and taught by Dr. Will Tuttle himself, Michael Lanfield is a certified World Peace Diet Facilitator. More than four years in the making and foreword written by Karen Davis, PhD, The Interconnectedness of Life addresses some of the most controversial ideas of our time. These ideas, coming from more than a decade of experience and studying, changed the way Michael views the world today.


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    Gather Round w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio, Sarit Jacobsohn, and Rick Schmidt

    in Current Events

    "Bits and Bobs" ---From 'Greenies' to 'Flash Updates'---throwing simple living in the mix, RA begins the new year!

    Gwendolyn Holden Barry, www.daughtersofisis.com, www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters, returns to welcome the new year.  How is spirituality connecting with world events ---politics, wars, etc.  We know that all is interconnected----How can we put this knowledge to work?

    At 60 min.'Sarit Jacobsohn Views the World' is here, catching us up on the events in Palestine and Israel.  Is the new year off to a better start, or is it just sameo, sameo-----

    'Big Foot w/ Rick Schmidt' comes on at 90 in.  More info about the other elusive creatues that share this world with us!  They are taken for granted in many parts of the world.  Why does the US either ignore them or try to murder them?

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    Gather Round w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio. Sarit Jacobsohn, and Rick Schmidt

    in Current Events

    "Bits and Bobs" takes us into the world of simple living----along w/ politicl news and green news, plus------

    Then, RA is joined by Elvis Thao, musician/actor.  Elvis returns, telling us what he is involved in now, his latest endeavor.
    Where does his inspiration come from, and how does he discipline himself?  It takes more than talent!!

    'Sarit Jacobsohn Views the World' will be about Palestine and Israel, and the connections they have to our whole planet.  No one group of people, or one country, can act alone, now.  We are all interconnected----and responsible!

    'Bigfoot w/ Rick Schmidt' takes us to another section of the world----
    What was Marlin Perkins searching for in Tibet back in the '50s?

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    Give Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,,,,,,,,Daily..... For A Year!!!!

    in Spirituality

    ANNETTE's regular guest, MAUREEN ST GERMAIN from Transformational Enterprises Inc is constantly on a mission to assist others through her workshops, CDs,Books and Tours AND today she is offering to assist U NOW!!!!! Maureen aways has something fresh. interesting, topical and inspiring to share, and this is no excpetion!

    SEIZE this opportunity to give yourself a Chrissie treat
    Ring in on 347 202 0232 and ask your question

    * While this is the final LIVE show for 2014. (Annette returns LIVE in 5  weeks on 21st January) Angel Heart radio has a special holiday linup for you. These programs showase some of AHR's wonderful shows that have aired over the years, and while they will not  list in the 'Upcoming Shows' tab, but rest assured, we have you covered! As each show plays at their appointed time slot, they will be available for you to listen to at your leisure, and to share with you friends as usual.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful people! Your support is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to being with you all again Live in 2015.  We know this time of year can be a challenging one for many, so to you, we want you to know we hold you close in our hearts and minds, and to all, we look forward to 2015, and all we hav to share with you! 

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    One-Heart Messages with Robin:Spirit messages for Better Health!

    in Spirituality

    Hello!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno the host of One-Heart Messages with Robin, offering a weekly radio program where we discuss spiritual, healing messages from the worlds of animals, Spirit, and your own intuitive abilities.

    So much of our state of health is our beliefs on how we are separate in this world from everything around us-Spirit says to us we are our beliefs, interconnected to our body and our life-path. Call tonite (646) 649-0027 for a chance to speak with  Spirit loved ones for suggestions on thinking your way to better Balance!  

    I am available for private indepth consultations- you can call to schedule (262)501-4838, or by contacting me on my websites www.robinsalerno.com or www.innersongs.net.

    Robin is a native american sixth-generation psychic-medium and animal intuitive who was raised in the historic village of Lily Dale, New York, in a family of mediums. Robin has spent the past twenty years teaching and lecturing on various metaphysical subjects throughout the Northeastern and Midwest US.  Today, Robin is the director of Innersongs, LLC., outside of Milwaukee, WI, where she and her herd of horses offer self-discovery workshops using the wisdom of horses for healing and life direction.


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    "In Other Words…" Dianne Collins_QuantumThink

    in Entrepreneur

    Do You QuantumThink?  It's a book title as well as a question.  Dianne Collins joins us this week.  Ever heard of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which has clearly shown us that time is not linear?  Or that we are all interconnected, like the roughly 47,000 Pando trees that are actually a single organism?   How about Observer Created Reality, which has proven that we affect the reality simply by the act of observing it?
    The more we learn about our world, the more scientists are leading us back to the truths that our great sages have been proclaiming for eons. A new world view requires new thinking.  "Thinking that will [as the book's subtitle says] ROCK Your World."


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    The Name Of The Lord (Part 8)

    in Christianity

    This devotional study designated for Wednesday November 19th is a continuation of a series of studies that will explore the significance and relevance of Proverbs 18:10 in the life of a child of God.  This series of studies will challenge every Christian to put their sole trust in the Lord, the Bishop of their soul and the Captain of their salvation! 

    New listeners are encourage to listen to the previous programs in this interconnected series.

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    Working from the Inside Out

    in Self Help

    Tune in LIVE Sunday November 2nd at 4pm PST as I welcome to the show Chris de Baca for a discussion on ‘Working from the Inside Out: Transcending personal/emotional growth & becoming interconnected to something bigger than ourselves’. Below is an outline of the show. Please call (917) 889-7025 during the LIVE show to ask questions or share your struggles, tips & suggestions. *All podcasts are also available on iTunes after the broadcast airs*

    I. Backgrounds in Spirituality

    Define God: Your definition, my definition, nature, natural law
    How we were raised
    How did it evolve before doing the work?

    II. The Awakening

    Self-awareness I
    The fall: Hitting rock-bottom
    Open mindedness
    Spiritual awakening

    III. Do the work then the work does us (positive affects in our lives)

    Being present in the only moment that exists - right here, right now
    Self awareness II: The Inner Voice (not crazy roommate)

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