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    Radio [itvt]: The Second Wave of Social TV at TVOT NYC 2015

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    Radio [itvt]: The Second Wave of Social TV at TVOT NYC 2015

    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2015 session, "The Second Wave of Social TV." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "Despite the fact that some high-profile, early-stage implementations of social TV failed to resonate with audiences, the medium now appears to be gaining significant traction, driven by a number of recent, innovative efforts on the part of broadcasters and networks to integrate audience participation into their programming from the ground up--and by the fact that social media are not only becoming all-pervasive but increasingly video-friendly and even video-driven.

    •    Juan Bruce, CEO, Epoxy
    •    Sameer Deen, SVP of Digital, Univision
    •    Jared Feldman, CEO, Canvs
    •    Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital, Bravo and Oxygen Media (Moderator)
    •    Jason Klein, CEO, ListenFirst Media
    •    Ashley Parrish, Executive Producer, TODAY Digital
    •    Corey Pudhorosky, Director of Customer Partnerships, Spredfast
    •    Eli Uzan, CEO, Screenz



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    Radio [itvt]: Live Social Broadcasting and its Implications for Television

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    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2015 session, "Live Social Broadcasting and its Implications for Television." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "The past year or so has seen a range of live social broadcasting platforms come into prominence, each with its own unique user experience, 'stars,' programming formats, incipient monetization techniques, and audience demographics. This session will explore this new form of video-based social media, identify the key differentiators of each platform, and attempt to assess live social broadcasting's significance both for television and for the more established forms of online video. 

    Panelists included:

    Rush Doshi, Co-Founder and GM, Firetalk
    Will Jamieson, CMO, Stre.am
    Ronald C. Pruett, Co-Founder, @RokerLabs
    Shaan Puri, CEO, Blab
    Erik Schwartz, Head of Product--Live, BitTorrent
    Sharan Sklar, Head of Business Development, Independent Television Service
    Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (Moderator)

    (Note: Tracy Swedlow will be moderating the panel session, "The Platforms of Live Streaming (Room 2)," at the Periscope Summit this Friday. For more information, go to: https://medium.com/@PeriscopeSummit/summitlive-agenda-9e342ca1fa8d#.8vg4zlkn3.)

    The next TVOT SF 2016 show is June 7-8th in San Francisco!

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    PUFF TV Morning Convo "LIVE".. "Good Try Panthers"

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    Better luck next time Panthers!!   Super Bowl Weekend!! 

    Thank you for listening to the Puff Tv Morning Convo!

    If you have any questions about the show please email..pufftv@me.com

    Thanks and Have a GREAT week!! 


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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Here We Go Again/TV Outside The Box Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guest: TV One executive-in-charge of production Karen Peterkin and Meg DeLoatch, executive producer of Here We Go Again, TV One's new comedy series launching Tuesday night, and prolific TV series writer/producer Neil Landau, author of the new book TV Outside The Box--Trailblazing In The Digital TV Revolution

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    TV Nation #83

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    Join THE NERD HERD every Sunday night as they journey to the untamed shores of the TV NATION and talk the TV they love... and loathe.


    Get Sick-Nick's Pick and find out what got his attention this week!


    Mr. Winning Bay Ragni's letting us know What Bay's Watching?


    The Nerd Herd looks out into the multiverse and finds out what's going on in the world of MEN IN TIGHTS, when we talk all the latest comics to movies & TV!


    Supreme Whovian & the Moondog has all the News for the Who's every week. He's talking Dr. Who updates, trivia, questions, and episode recaps! Email your topics or questions to him at JImmyJannetty@gmail.com or Twitter @JimmyJannetty


    Plus, every week we'll give you are Top 5 of the week! This week is Top 5 movies we'd like to see as TV shows!


    Every Sunday at 9pm Eastern on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network.


    Follow us on Twitter @TotallyTVNation & @TotallyDrivenTV


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    Twitter @TotallyTVNation


    Don't forget to check out all the amazing videos, blogs & interviews and stay up to date on all things TOTALLY DRIVEN! www.TotallyDrivenEntertainment.com

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    Super Bowl B

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    We're discussing alllll the black history that was made this week alone! 

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    PUFF TV Morning Convo "LIVE".. "Super Bowl Weekend" Go Panthers

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    Super Bowl weekend is here!! Keep Pounding!! GO PANTHERS 

    Thanks for listening to the Puff TV Morning Convo!

    If you have any questions about the show please email..pufftv@me.com 

    Thanks and Have a GREAt WEEKEND!! 

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    Dianne Collins: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World!

    in Spirituality

    Changing our world requires changing our thoughts. Brilliantly inspirational leader and author Dianne Collins returns to the program to more deeply explore her award-winning book Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.

    In a world that is constantly changing, both on a personal and a global scale, understanding how to QuantumThink® is the critical missing link.  Dianne has thoroughly researched and explored innovative breakthroughs in science and the teachings of the world's greatest spiritual leaders, revealing a way of approaching the world which will change your life dramatically, from business to relationships to personal fulfullment. Quantum thinking can shift the world, finally giving us a way to approach the global issues of our modern times.

    A distinguished speaker and recipient of a Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs Award in 2014, a graduate in Philosophy and Psychology, an award-winning photographic artist and a blogger at the Huffington Post, Dianne has been interviewed on well over 250 radio and TV shows. With her husband and business partner, Alan Collins, Dianne has acted as a consultant to visionary leaders in the world's leading corporations to encourage going beyond limited thinking to create accelerated nonlinear results. As a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and other modalities, Dianne has consciously created a joyous, fulfilling life.

    Dianne's web site:  DianneCollins.com

    Program music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (LarrySeyer.com), included in this podcast with his permission. Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn about the inspirational outreach of this program, now in its 6th year.


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    Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    This week's show features anti-aging and beauty tips from The Bachelorette star Trista Sutter.

    Millennial Lifestyle Expert and Guest TV host, Chelsea Krost shares timely information on how millennials can stay on track with their New Year's Resolutions and what they need to do for their financial health.

    Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley will be sharing grocery shopping tips to help you make healthy nutritional choices this year!

    Mood swings, fatigue, problems with sleeping at night and focusing during the day, weight gain…the list goes on.  Many of us dismiss the symptoms as the result of stressful lifestyles or perhaps just getting older. But, is your body sending you an urgent message? Could your thyroid be malfunctioning? Joining us to discuss what these signals could mean is Dr. Jeffrey Garber, speaking on behalf of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and Ronni Hochman, who suffers from hypothyroidism and is a patient of Dr. Garber.

    It’s tax time – and the question as you fill out your income taxes – are you keeping as much money in your pocket possible? A new United Way survey shows that a number of working Americans don’t realize the tax credits they’ve earned. And 70 percent are unaware they qualify for free tax preparation services. Joining us to explain it is U.S. President of United Way Worldwide, Stacey Stewart. 




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    Establishing Relationships with the Press and Media Relations

    in Business

    Do you assume that the only way to get in the paper or on TV is through pure luck or by being a huge organization with a full marketing department? That's not true.  You can obtain excellent exposure for your business by recognizing your opportunities, creating a media plan, establishing and nourishing relationships with the press and a little professional help.  Katherine Bulava will join us to share her insights on this very important topic.

    Katherine is the founder of Hatha Communications, a full service public relations firm. .  She started her career as a freelance journalist and editor covering local politics and community and economic development.  She holds a BA in English with a minor in Creative Writing and a Master's in Communications Management, a joint MA/MBA program, from John Carroll University.

    Today's show is sponsored by Audible.com and Expert Insights. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

    Expert Insights is my latest book. It’s made up of 10 episodes from this radio show. Each chapter provides information you can use in your business today. It is available on Amazon.com.

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    The Kave Show 02-08-2016 Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Join the Kave Show live from Maduro's fine Cigar at 10:30am Monday 02-08-2016.

    PLR with Ed Cole and Derek Montilla will have a full Super Bowl 50 wrap up. 

    Special Guest scheduled to appear:

    Alfonso Smith     -    NFL Arizona Cardinals/San Francisco 49ers 10:45am

    Jonathan Dwyer  -    NFL Arizona Cardinals/Pittsburgh Steelers    11:15am

    Quierra Luck      -     Radio/TV/Black Sports online                      11:45am