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    Live your life by design not default

    in Lifestyle

    Life by design means choosing what works for you everyday. Be intentional in your choices and create the life you desire to live.

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    A Courageous and Intentional Life – Rosalind Franklin

    in Motivation

    In order to have a free and liberating life, you should start with mindfulness in living a Courageous and Intentional Life explained Rosalind Franklin, a parent coach in the California Bay area to Lon Dec. 16, 2015.  Listen to this discussion as Rosalind explains how using mindfulness to mitigate possible negative results from taking risks and having the courage to fail.   This attitude allows you to pick yourself up and carry on which is very freeing and liberating.

    Contact: Rosalind Franklin 415-789-56121 rosalind@rosalindfrdanklingroup.com www.rosalindfranklingroup.com

    Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com www.strugglingteens.com

    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report or www.strugglingteens.com

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    Being Intentional About Your Life

    in Self Help

    In this episode, learn what it means to be intentional about getting the things that you want for your life.  When you understand intention you will realize the importance of living your life by design.  Pat Council will share the components of intention and how to enter into intention.  Once you know the components you will know how to use intention to design and receive the best things into your life.  Repeat show.

    Receive a copy of Pat's newest book, The Power: Using What You Have to Achieve Success.  Click for details.   

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    Intentional Guided Evolution

    in Spirituality

    Please join Irma Francis as she makes an exciting announcement about her participation in bringing some of the life changing psychological and spiritual insights from the work of Ernie Vecchio to the public. Irma and Ernie will discuss the upcoming video series on (IGE) Intentional Guided Evolution. Tune in to this episode of Adulthood to Soulhood to find out when, where and how you can learn more about this powerful teaching for personal transformation.   

    Ernie Vecchio, author, psychologist, and speaker is bringing groundbreaking insights to the public about a new wisdom on human suffering. He states: “I want to lift this elusive veil that hides our potential, personal truth, and share a definition of compassion that holds the guarantee of spiritual integrity.” All of the insights in Ernie’s writings span three decades and were gained while assisting thousands of individuals undergoing severe trauma and extreme adversity. He has helped countless individuals find balance between their outside reality and inner personal truths by developing a psychospiritual understanding of that which divides us all: self-judgment. Those willing to explore and heal this division internally discover a broader and more compassionate view of the self. The result is forgiveness and a personal freedom to simply BE.

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    Consciously Design Your Life for Success w/Rev. Bernette L. Jones

    in Self Help

    Fantastic things happen when you realize that the Spirit of God lives in you, has designed you perfectly, and why you have incarnated on the earth at this time. You become absolutely confident, assured, bold and clear about your abilities to make dreams come true using various currencies. In the Conscious Life Design LIFESHOP, regardless of your present circumstances, you come to realize how to live the Life that You were meant to live, consciously, deliberately and intentionally. Conscious Life Design Systems is a practical, principle based approach to living that allows Spirit to express who YOU really are. 

    The Reverend Bernette Lee Jones is the senior minister at the One God One Thought Center for Better Living in Baltimore, Maryland for 12 years. 

    I invited Rev. Bernette to She Struts Radio to tell HER miraculous story of healing, something that I witnessed with my very own eyes. At one time she weighed a mere 98 pounds! People wondered how long she would be with us. She, however, made a DECISION that would miraculously heal her body. She will share it with us! 

    Rev. Bernette has mentored, coached, supported, spiritually guided and taught spiritual leaders in churches, ministries, community based organizations, and small businesses throughout the nation.   In addition to being a writer, she has also presented nationally and internationally as a keynote speaker, seminar, retreat and workshop leader.

    Reverend Bernette is the creator of the emerging personal transformation technology called "Conscious Life Design Systems", which has been used by many to order their life. 

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    Aaron Glenn - Glenndyne Design

    in Automotive

    Host Courtney Lambert talks with Aaron Glenn of Glenndyne Design about his intregal role in the custom motorcycle industry. Glenndyne's designs and quality have earned their reputation amongst top builders in the industry. Their style is undeniable and recognized around the world. Aaron will tell listeners about his background and what led him to the motorcycle industry. He and Courtney will also talk about the products they offer and what we can look forward to from Glenndyne Design.

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    Intentional Living presents, "Health is Wealth"

    in Christianity

    The state of the church's physical health is always on my mind, not just my every day people. We are ranked the #1 "organized religion" in obesity. Our altars are flooded each week with issues that could be eliminated if we took more time to care about our wellness. Prayer requests would change, hospital visits would lessen and more than anything PURPOSE & DESTINY could be fully carried out."  Change your mind and you can change your life!  Learn how to rid your body of diabetes, certains cancers, lupus, obesity, and many other diseases and illnesses.  


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    Favor Life, The Process Of There................................................

    in Christianity

    Favor Life is a 15 minute radio empowerment segment designed to encourage the Christian Believer in their walk of faith and trust everyday through life situations and circumstance. The goal of this radio broadcast is to spiritually empower each believer in their process of growing and maturing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily. For the Christian Believer ,who is in this world but operate and live in a different system of faith , we learn to manifest the glory of the Lord in our everyday life by faith , trust and obedience to God's Word. The journey of faith and trust is one that is to be enjoyed as we walk in the victory, purpose and destiny of our process to "there". Our "there" place is the place of our making that expresses the identity and character of Jesus Christ to a world who does not see or know Christ unless we show Him even in the conflicts that we face in our everyday life. So join in as we go through the process of "there" and see the favor of our King in everyday life on "Favor Life".

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    Pursuit to Excellence by Design

    in Motivation

    Pursuit to Excellence by Design.  Creating and designing your life's Desire.  Tonight's focus is on the Personal and Professional Development of your life.


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    Introduction to Design, Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, & Critical Theory

    in Psychology

    Please join us for an introductory exploration of the science of design and its correlations to psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and critical theory, along with several other tools and theories.

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    Design Your Happiness: 9 Essential Elements to Create the Life You Want

    in Marketing

    Join author Irene Caniano as she discusses her new book Design Your Happiness: 9 Essential Elements to Create the Life You Want. Her specialty is in executive functioning. She works with people who want to improve their productivity and become better decision makers. Irene particularly likes partnering with Millennials, who face a myriad of important choices that will affect their finances, relationships, success and long-term happiness.

    Mildred M. Tassone will discuss this book and the next one in the series.