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    Integrity in the Church

    in Spirituality

    The body of Christ is losing its integrity.  We must remain honest with morals and values that line up with the word of God

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    Truth Honesty Integrity Kundalini

    in Spirituality

    Listen and partake of this conversation about the kundalini awakening process as given through the awakened Kundalini in chrism -   Kundalini teachings and live streaming through chrism

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    The Ultimate Waiting Game...Purity in 2015

    in Youth

    The upcoming slut walk...covered headlines for weeks! Where is the press for those who are committed to Purity? The noise is around one perspective...let's hear from the other side! Join us to tonight with Shanelle Mondane founder of Purity Points! #thewait

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    How Not to Compromise Your Integrity at Work | K8442

    in Jobs

    Website – http://www.fhu.com

    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K151020.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

     Host: Roy Masters

    Roy discussed fear is a product of anger.
    Roy discussed winning by not losing your cool.


    Johnny has questions on depression.
    Linda has doubt about what to do in her life.
    Brian has social anxiety.
    Robert does not want to compromise his integrity at work.

    Visit - FhuEngland.com

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    The Brothers Grim

    in Current Events

    Ed Baker and Eric Sayward speak live tonight on world integrity news network live on the brothers grimm show about their candidacy and rise to the top

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    Leadership tips on how to align passion for integrity and excellence.

    in Business

    Gale Vickers -Triangulate Today LLC and involves aligning people with their passion and purpose, serving others with INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE is the motto for it. 

    I would love to share some of my leadership tips from the John Maxwell leadership modules as well. Part of my triangular approach to my own businesses are serving women who are trying to overcome the challenges of a toxic relationship, helping them to align their purpose and passion to bring about financial freedom and stability and my passion is my art company, Global Creations LLC. Just a little bit about me, so you know. 

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    Reach Out American. Transparency Scandal. Hosted By W. Matthew Harris Vol. 1

    in Entertainment

    W. Matthew Harris is an Author of 5 books which are available on Amazon.com. In addition to his current books, he has 5 more on the way over the next year. 
    Mr. Harris is also a Professor of Business and Economics in Martinsburg, WV. Harris is a former two time candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates as an Independent Republican.


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    Real History of Thanksgiving & Why Illegal Immigration is Death Nail for America

    in History

    John and Doug smack one out of the park just in time to kick off the Holiday season. Doug will take hour one to tell the REAL history of Thanksgiving, giving you the who, what, whern, where, and why we celebrate. This is not what they are teaching in most of the public school systems in America currently. In hour two, the two delve into THE hot topic of the political season and of our lifetime, given the events with ISIS and terrorism, Immigration. How can it be that for many decades, LEGAL immigration has worked but now, our current administration wants to make ILLEGAL immagration Legal? From Donald Trump, Marco Rubbio,Ted Cruz, to Mrs. Clinton and Bernie Sanders, this topic is on fire. Join the boys Tuesday night at 7pm EST.

  • 01:59

    The Rights Of The Few

    in Current Events

    I will be discussing ISIS/refugee situation and the points that some on both sides of political spectrum are not thinking about. This is the big national security problem of our day. Is it orchestrated for some other reason than people are willing to admit. 

    I will be discussing the true nature of the the establishment. This the first step to understanding the nature of the system and how to decode there actions. 

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    The Week in Perspective and Patriot Nation

    in Current Events

    James looks back at the week that was, and Mark talks with Senate candidate Todd Wilcox . The most informed night of your week is tonight starting at 7pm est.

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    When Was America Neutered? Liberal Theology and How it Handcuffs America.

    in Current Events

    The chronological look at when it started and all that has led to the demise of true American institutions and traditions at the hands of Liberal theology. Political correctness, fundamental change, gun free zones, climate change, free speech zones, just to name a few topics to be discussed. People, policies, voting (or lack of), military, social uprisings, campus unrest, God thrown out of public places. The inmates are running the asylum! Check out Truth Without Filters on Facebook soon to be on Twitter.