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    EYM ~ Life and Warranties with Herman Taylor and Walter Applewhite

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    Today on Empowering your Mind "Life and Death and Warranties with Walter Applewhite" 

    5:30PM LIFE and Death with Herman Taylor

    What do you think about when you hear the word Death? Sorrow, Pain, Salvation, Inherientence and YES LIFE INSURANCE!

    Did that person have a Policy, were they covered. Well, Today we will be sharing about the different types of Life Insurances and you don't have to Die to have access!

    AT 5:45 we will have Walter Applewhite ~ 

    Sharing about Warranties! Visit his website and see the Value! http://www.saveonrepairsnow.com/ Join the Greatness! Support Small Business owners!
    Walter Applewhite 

    YES you read correctly! Hear more FEB 16th, 2015 at 5:30 PM on Empowering Your MIND Blog Radio Show!

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    Chiropractor Dr. Ed Esposito joins us on the Fit Girl Fabulous Podcast!

    in Weight Loss

    Dr. Ed Esposito is a partner in a multi-specialty physical rehabilitation center. His office offers Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Pain Management services and features an onsite computerized digital x-ray machine to access the exact location of your pain. Immediate appointments are available.

    His office is located near the Jersey City courthouse at 550 Newark Avenue, Ste 304 and accepts Medicare, Horizon, and most insurances. Plenty of on-site parking is available. 

    Office # 201-624-2111 / Website: Jerseycitypainmanagement.com

    He has authored a book called "Pain Free and Fit" which reveals invaluable lessons as a chiropractor for 18 years and how anyone can achieve health and well being.

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    Taking the Leap to Natural Health Care (Monthly Series: 1)

    in Motivation

    It can be frightening to move from the allopathic system of health care protocol when it is how we are raised and what is expected as a societal norm.  More and more we are hearing of people who are taking holistic and natural approaches where allopathy has failed them, they have needed to supplement it or they simply chose not to use it.  The Honoring Hour is offerering a series on this topic because taking responsiblity for your health is near and dear to our hearts. With the rising cost of health care and insurances, it is more important than ever to have reliable information to help you make an informed, educated decision.  This is the first in our TAKING THE LEAP TO NATURAL HEALTH CARE series and we have invited Jennifer Pressimone to talk about her journey from a debilitating and life threatening intestinal disease back to vitality and health.

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    Car, Home, Umbrella Insurances: Let's Find Out More

    in Finance

    Car, Home and Umbrella insurance policies don't always make a lot of sense.  We happen to know a financial planner, Deidra Fulton of Plano, Texas, who used to be a property and casuallty agent.  We want to ask her a lot of questions on how to save money and stay out of trouble when it comes to our auto, home and umbrella policies. This should be very enlightening.

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    WWD 07 Organization Systems and Business Insurance Choices

    in Business

    Organizations Systems, a step toward efficiency

    Types of businesss insurances


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    Insurances: Health, Life, Auto, Pet

    in Politics

    Good afternoon. It's half past noon in the central time zones in America. Let's talk insurance first today. Then we'll talk gunownership, finishing up yesterdays show. GunOwnership Take Priority Over Innocent Lives.

    Fact is when we care we want all the protection available. Poor people voluntarily purchase life insurance and manage to pay premiums from their destitute financial situations. It is important that their bodies are not treated as a pauper. 

    Poor people involuntarily purchase auto insurance because in many states it is a law. Some will say it is optional. Not true exactly. Many poor people cannot hold down a job without a vehicle. If auto insurance is a law, then failure to purchase auto insurance grows even more poverty for that person.

    Health insurance is more important than life, auto, and pet insurance. Americans will find a way to pay for better health up front, now that Affordable Healthcare is the law of the land.

    Poor people would be quick to purchase pet insurance for our pets are loved by family members and the death of a pet that could have been avoided is devastating.

    All said here, there are people who are not aware of the GOP attempt to kill the affordable health care law. People who are not political by nature only catch what's one the evening "news" about healthcare, which is next to nothing.

    Spread the word. Sign up begins today across America. Go to healthcare.gov and get the facts. Do everything you can to extend your life and the lives of those you love.

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    Insurance Talk with guest speaker Jordan Frazier

    in Entertainment

    On this episode Jordan will discuss health and accident insurance policies and the benifit of both types of insurances.

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    Insurance Talk with guest speaker Jordan Frazier

    in Entertainment

    On This eposide of Insurance Talk Jordan Frazier  will discuss various types of insurances that's available and affordable for young familys today.

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    Why You Need Insurance, and What to Do When You Think You Can't.

    in Finance

    Life, health, long-term care, property, business, liability: These are just some of the types of insurance out there.

    No question, it is an expensive monthly commitment that many feel angry to pay, and some just decide not to, and some worry that they cannot afford to.

    The insurance issue is hotly debated and even more so with the ambiguity surrounding ObamaCare.  In many cases, insurance is not an option to legally ignore.

    This will not be an Obama Care discussion per se, although it will come up. Instead, let us look at the concept of Insurance, why we need it, and what to do when we think we can't afford it.

    At some level, this show is for YOU!  If you are over 18 and driving - insurance is a question that has come up in your life, and as we get older and include more life experiences and directions, the insurance question and the variety of insurances come up for you.  This show, is for YOU!

    If you are in the New Hampshire area, please contact Terri Trepanier for insurance assistance.

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    Insurance Talk with guest speaker Jordan Frazier

    in Entertainment

    On this episode Insurance consultant Jordan Frazier will speak about the various types of insurances and the benifits of each type for the young consumer.

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    Insurance Talk with guest speaker Rick Shamley

    in Entertainment

    This episode of 4Real Talk Atlanta Mr. Rick Shamley will discuss the various types of insurances and carreer opportunities that are available within his company.

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