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    negotiable instruments

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    12933 New Deal

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    ''TESTIFY Tuesdays'' - Part II RasTafari Singers & Players Of Instruments: Army Gideon Band with

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    ''TESTIFY Tuesdays'' - Part II ''TESTIFY Tuesdays'' - Part II RasTafari Singers & Players Of Instruments: Army Gideon Band with Wendim-Ras Anbessa Tafari...

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    The Mortal Instruments and Getaway Reviews

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    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Getaway.
    We also received some listener questions we'll be answering, including a question we got about Joss Whedon's recent comments on some classic films and the potential death of superheroes.

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    Welcome DeRoyale To The NTUNED Afternoon Mix-Up

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    DeRoyale has mastered the recipe for success, with every component necessary to be instantly thrust among the elite in his craft. Charisma he’s got it, stage presence he’s got it, lyrics he’s got it, hard work ethic he’s got it, that competitive killer instinct he’s got it!

    Musical torture in the name of radio play and club bangin’ anthems free of all creativity and soul is what we as true fans of hip-hop/rap have been subjected to in this modern era. Today’s music lacks cultural diversity, originality and passion. It seems the idea of an actual artist has all but been terminated. The constant stream of one-hit wonders and copy-cat performers hijacking the beats and themes of their fellow “artists” leaves the real admirers of goodmusic, and I’m not referring to the record label, finding few if any representatives of this dying art-form. Angelo Rohra aka De Royalestrives to be the voice of a lost generation hoping to find creativity and raw emotion in their ear buds once again. Emerging from a unique background a young artist born in the USA and bred through an exceptional set of circumstances and personal triumphs arrives.

    Since the age of 5 his love for music was apparent. While other children his age focused their attentions on everyday life he found himself listening to the sounds of the world around him. A true musician he carries the distinction of being well versed in multiple instruments, including: the piano, bass and electric guitar. He has always had an excellent support system composed of a close knit group of family and friends. Blessed with a loving mother, father and older brothers he values their love above all else. Even with their love and support his life was not without its own struggles.



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    Derek Leblanc is an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor, Range Safety Officer and proud recipient of the NRA Hero of the day recognition. He is also an Ambassador for SOCON USA. In 2013, Derek encountered an intruder to his personal property and through quick thinking was able to secure the situation until police officers could arrive. Through that incident, Lethal Lovebirds, LLC was founded and is now empowering others through the art of self-protection and self-reliance to always be prepared. Derek teaches Oregon and Utah concealed carry classes throughout the state of Oregon. 


    Born and raised in the small town of Hazel Green, KY, Petty Officer First Class Shannon Book grew up with a great appreciation of music and has expressed that appreciation both vocally and by playing various musical instruments throughout his life.
    After returning home from his 2nd deployment, Shannon served as an instructor at the Field Medical Training Battalion at Camp Johnson, NC, and worked to insure that his students could perform their jobs under the pressures of combat.
    Recently retired from the United States Navy due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), he is working on a complete collection of original songs reflecting his time in combat, his injuries (both physical and emotional), and living with the aftermath of war. Shannon hopes his music will help to educate military families and civilians, as well as help to heal those that have shared in some of his experiences.
    Shannon joined with Redcon 1 Music Group to be a part of the force to help educate our people about the troubles faced by war fighters and their families. 
    Shannon is now the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for Vetted. The band once called Warrior Spirit. He is the Lead Vocalist to the First Nationaly Recognized Wounded Warrior Band.


  • The44thAngieBowieBarnett&RickHuntRadioShow+CHRIS&VIVIENDAIR#44

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    'CrossRoads to Freedom' defines Chris Dair's high-octane and sultry guitar playing and song-writing. Asked whether he played other instruments, "Yeah, I play bass, drums, percussion, harmonica, and some keyboard, and anything else I can get a good sound out of!" Dair, a French resident, brings the extremes of world musical guitar disciplines: Flamenco & the Blues to his musical compostion.   "Blues has this rawness, a simplicity and an undisguised passion in it’s expression of life’s experiences. I play many different styles of music, but my whole core of what I do comes from the blues, whether it be a Fusion Jazz or an Eastern improvisational piece, or a percussion piece it contains elements of the blues that grew up with me." Chris was captivated  by the genius of Jimi Hendrix and his musical university were the performers who filled London's venues, night-clubs and concer halls to inspire and thrill his performance. All these experiences have gifted is his guitar passion remarkable albums and hundreds of studio hours in film and television soundtrack recording.  In an interview with Glen when asked about Music. Chris replied: "It’s like breathing, if I stop, I die. I’ve been playing all my life and I could never give it up, that would be unthinkable. It’s more exciting now for me than it ever was. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my music and didn‘t play. For me, what else is there?" Vivian Dair says of her musical experience: 'Melody and lyrics work together to tell a story of what life has given me. I sing with a celtic influence which I couldn't explain until I found that I have an Irish great grandmother, which kind of clarifies that for me. My style includes Psychedelic Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Ballads and so on. I am not influenced by anyone musically, I like all sorts of music, from Aaron Neville to Rammstein !'

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    Green Means Go for Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur Reggie Chandra

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    Discover how to spend more time working on your business and less time working in it.

    One of most inspirational CEO’s in the United States according to Esquire Magazine, Reggie Chandra sits down with host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio. Chandra is President and CEO of Rhythm Engineering considered by many to be one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Rhythm Engineering Solutions operates in 156 cities in 31 states and positively impacts 3,000,000 motorists each and every day.

    Reggie calls himself a dreamer, inventor and entrepreneur. In 2005, he decided to build a solution to traffic congestion and wasted time. The solution he created, InSync, is now the #1 selling adaptive traffic signal control system in the U.S. InSync is cutting travel time for motorists by up to 50% and vehicle crashes by up to 30%.  He shares moments from his recent visit with Sir Richard Branson on Branson’s private island. Find out why Branson declared after meeting Chandra, “You should be awarded a Nobel Prize”. Listen in and you too will be inspired.

    For more podcasts with host Kelly Scanlon, Please visit the archives

  • The Helios Biblios Hour: Pactum De Singularis Caelum / Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ

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    The United States will come to talk to us when you have a black president and the world has a Latin American pope.”

    – Fidel Castro speaking to the international press in 1973

    The original appeared in Spanish:

    “Estados Unidos vendrá a dialogar con nosotros cuando tenga un Presidente negro y haya en el mundo un Papa latinoamericano”.For Castro to be correct the embargo must be ending because of the Black president and Latin American Pope. This unfortunately is not the case. The quote implies that the embargo ends due to the anti-bourgeois position of the president and the Pope. Both President Obama and Pope Francis have declared their support for capitalism over socialism.It seems almost certain that the embargo has ended with some kind of serious capitulation by Cuba. Laws are currently being changed that would allow Americans to send more money to relatives. Other measures include allowing U.S. banks to set up shop in the country. Allowing foreign imperialist capital to begin making headway into a country is a sure way to have it subverted. 

    In our times, the common good ///

    It is therefore necessary for the international community to adopt adequate legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal activities, by promoting international judicial cooperation on criminal matters.

    In ratifying numerous international conventions in these areas, and acting also on behalf of Vatican City State, the Holy See has constantly maintained that such agreements are effective means to prevent criminal activities that threaten human dignity, the common good and peace.

    With a view to renewing the Apostolic See’s commitment to cooperate to these ends, by means of this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio, I establish that:

    1. The competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City State shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over:a) crimes committed against .

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    A people who have been scatterd across this world under all manner of diverse worldly allegiances and contentions will be by faith regathered to cooperate as one with the Most High YAH!   Are you prepared to be regathered?   Are you prepared to cooperate as ONE with THEM!   Blessed are they who hearing the CALL of the MOST will TREMBLE at HIS WORD, to DISCERN and count themselves BLESSED that they were not left to their own understanding! 

    Participation in the plan will not be according to what this WORLD has called wise!

    The very NAME of the MOST HIGH declares that HE MUST be DISCERNED, BELIEVED and OBEYED COOPERATIVELY as HE IS!     HE has promised to REMOVE EVERY OBSTACLE that would stand against HIS PEOPLE AWAKENING to the TRUTH!    Indeed!   HIS COVENANT is that HE will surely come for the FULL RESTORATION, REPARATION, RESTITUTION and RECONCILATION of ALL THINGS according to ALL that is HIS PLAN from BEGINNING!   When YAH begins to REPAIR the DAMAGE that MEN have caused in the EARTH, will YOU be PREPARED to REPENT unto WISDOM that YOU be counted WORTHY to SERVE YAH unto the promised HEALING??


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    Interviewing MR PILLZ

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    Mario Johnson AkA Mr. Pillz Born In Atl Ga. Raised In College Park, Ga. Reside In Riverdale, Ga Zone3. Songwriter, Songarranger, Artist, CEO Of Mr.Mr.Ent & Also A Chef. Been In Music All My Life. From Elementary Throughout Highschool. Always Knew That Music Was My Passion Because I Could Never Leave It Alone. I've Done Shows & Also Worked With Some Hot Mainstream Artist As Well As Some Of The Hottest Artist In The Industry. (Too Many 2 Name)  I Also Play A Number Of Instruments So I Read Music. I Don't Only Write Hip-hop Music. I Also Write R&B Because I Don't Only Want To Just Be Labeled A Rap Artist Because I'm A Jack Of All Trades. If I Had To Put My Music In A Category It Would Be Called Gumbo. Because Once You Start Listening To HIS Songs That Flavor In Ya Ear Will Be Off The Chain. You Never Know What To Expect From Mr. Pillz AkA DaDoughBoi #Salute







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