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    The Magic Of Instant Equity-Virtual Risk Elimination #24

    in Finance

    Mike shows you how to take the hope out of Real Estate Investing. Using the Instant Equity System enables you to find property that is undervalued and therefore you'll be able to purchase it and lock your profit in when you buy it. With Instant Equity you're already in the black. You're not left hoping that the market will improve, that the neighborhood will get better or that interest rates will go down. Instead, your only focus is getting the property ready for sale and getting it listed. Then it's just a question of how much your final profit will be, or you may just decide to hold on to the property and go for cash flow. Either way, you're in the driver's seat, which is what Instant Equity allows you to do. 

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    Instant Equity Opens Up Your Options #30

    in Finance

    Instant Equity is the key to opening up your options, regardless what kind of market we're in. It doesn't matter whether the market is going up or down. When you're buying property the right way, you've made your profit when you bought the property. Then when you list the property to sell it, you can list it below market and you're able to sell it much faster. You're turning your capital over faster and therefore realizing a higher return on your capital, which is what it's all about. 

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    Instant Equity Is Your Cure To Risk In Real Estate #18

    in Finance

    Mike's system is one of the least risky programs for accumulating wealth that you will ever come across. The reason is quite simple. When you're buying greatly discounted real estate, you get what Mike calls instant equity. This gives you great flexibility. You can price your property for a quick sale and still make a substantial profit. Or, you can wholesale the property and still profit. In fact, when you're sitting on a pile of equity, you can rent the property and simply wait for the market to discover its true value. Instant equity means that the world truly is your oyster. 

    For More Info Go To TeachMeMike.com

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    Instant Equity Wholesaling #26

    in Finance

    There are times when you don't have enough money to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you in the marketplace. Instead of letting it go, you'll bid and win the auction, and then you'll use Mike's techniques to find an investor to buy the property from you and lock in a quick risk-free profit. You've eliminated the need to remodel and rehab the property. You wind up holding the property for just days or weeks and you get to realize a substantial profit. In fact, sometimes you'll never even take title to the property, you simply assign your contract and walk away with a $5,000-10,000 profit or more. These special situations are abundant and you'll learn how to capitalize upon them when you train with Mike. 

    For More Info Go To TeachMeMike.com

  • ***SPIRIT MESSAGES*** Quick Instant Blessing

    in Paranormal

    Messages are given by The SPIRIT to you Personally! You receive Blessings from G_D that are Quick and Instant...

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    The Manifestation of Sin

    in The Bible

    A continuation of the previous discussion expounding on the manifestation of sin through a thought by our forefather David and the sin he committed with Bathsheba along with other examples in the scriptures.

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    Instant Offense Podcast with J.M. Poulard

    in Basketball

    Former TrueHoop and Bleacher Report contributor, Bballbreakdown.com contributor, Friend of the program and NBA aficionado J.M. Poulard hops on the pod to talk Kobe retirement announcement, how the media is covering Mamba, Then we roll: we build a perfect team to combat the Warriors and the state of the Cavs. we analyze what ails Wall and the Wiz and James Harden and the Rockets. We look at the Derrick Rose-Jimmy Buutler dynamic.


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    The Instant Idiot Show -Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    The Debut of The Instant Idoit Show with Nelson Torres and has a few things to say to get thing off his chest.

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    Instant Equity Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme #34

    in Finance

    Mike talks about his system and how it works. It's not about getting rich quick. You will not get rich quick here. It takes work and it's not for everybody. Mike can give you the knowledge, but he can't do it for you. You must first make a decision to commit to the system. Then you've got to put the hours into learning the system.  And then you've got to go out and do it. Then you're going to make some mistakes. And then if you've learned the lessons and applied them correctly you'll make money. Perhaps slowly at first, but then things will start to come together for you and over time your success will amaze even you. So it's hardly a get rich quick program, do kid yourself into thinking it is. 

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    Instant Equity Is Not A Hope Based System #36

    in Finance

    Mike Gazzola earned millions of dollars in real estate without borrowing a cent. There's very few other real estate investors, if any, who can make that claim. Therefore, his system takes the hope out of real estate investing. When dealing with 100 percent equity, buying distressed or undervalued properties, you're no longer in a situation where you're hoping that the property goes up in value. Your property is already in the black and you just have to sell it the way Mike teaches you to and you'll realize a profit. You're no longer tied to the gyrations of the market and the economy. It's really that simple. 

    For More Info Go To TeachMeMike.com

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    Instant Replay: George Schaeffer OPI

    in Education

    Instant replay of a Nail Talk Radio classic episode featuring George Schaeffer from OPI!

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