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    Ask Attorney Liz- Divorce & Child Custody Questions

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    This episode discusses co-parenting tips and parenting post divorce.  In addition, the last part of the show includes a BONUS interview with Bret Ellington from Inner Balance Acupuncture in Orange County, CA about the different ways Eastern Medicine can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.  So many people going throught the stress of divorce & custody disputes are on prescriptions for symptons of depression and anxiety.  Bret discusses alternatives to boost your serotonin and be drug free.  He discusses how to deal with insominia and get a better night sleep.  In addition, he discusses ways to boost your immune system when traveling and ways to remove toxins from your body.  Attorney Liz is a prominent family law lawyer in California who has been practicing divorce law since 1993.  She is a certified family law specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.  In addition to representing celebrities, Attorney Liz has also sat as Judge Pro Tem in the family law department of the CA Superior Court.
    If you are contemplating divorce & want honest advice on how to work on or terminate your rela

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    Hyperconnected? Risking Your "Sleep Well" Skills

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    Is your digital, super-connected life getting you down? Are your gadgets that keep you in touch with the world costing you peace and quiet (and a good night's sleep)? Guest Joanne Cantor, PhD (author of Conquer CyberOverload) visits Dr. Veronica with ways to tame these beasts and get your life back. Then sleep expert Dr. Steven Park (author of Sleep, Interrupted) explores the reasons we don't sleep properly and what to do about them. Russell Cook co-hosts.

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    What do you do when you are trying to escape a simply overwhelming situation? Is there a place of refuge for thoughts that permeate your every waking moment? They stalk you in your dreams. The visions are tattooed on your retina. Joyce Meyers told us the battlefield was in the mind so where do you run to? How do you escape yourself? Tune in as the Dolls explore the dark recesses of your tortured soul because if you cannot live with yourself – who will? IT’S MOM AND POP BUSINESS OWNER WEEK – be sure to patronize your local businesses, it will help to revitalize your neighborhood. It’s time to rep your city!

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