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    Oakland Raider Insightful Player Usama Young

    in Business

    The Total Tutor will interview Insightful Player, and Oakland Raider Usama Young. He will discuss his faith and what it means to be an Insightful Player.

    Born in 1985. Drafted in 2007. Selfless, with a heart to give. Leader off and on the field.

    Usama Young at a Glance:

    Oakland Raiders (2013–present)?Young signed with the Oakland Raiders on April 9, 2013.?Cleveland Browns (2011–2012)?On July 28, 2011, Young signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Browns. In the 2011 season, Young played all 16 games and started 8 games.?New Orleans Saints (2007–2010)?Selected in the third round as the 66th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, Young signed with the New Orleans Saints on June 11, 2007 with a three-year contract. Young won the Super Bowl XLIV title with the Saints after the 2009 season.?College Career?Young was regarded as one of the top defensive prospects to emerge from Kent State in the last three decades. A three-year starter, his collegiate career totals include starting 37 of 45 games, with 198 tackles (129 solo), three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, nine interceptions with 21 yards in returns, 21 pass defenses and a blocked kick.?Early Years?Usama was born in the North East section of Washington D.C. to Dr. Khaula Murtadha and Leroi A. Young. Usama is the youngest son of their four boys.

    For more info on Usama Young, and the SimplyG Media Network, please visit:



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    Insightful Player New Orleans Saint Super Bowl Champ Benjamin Watson

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Insightful Player New Orleans Saint Benjamin Watson. He will discuss his foundation and upcoming projects.

    Benjamin Watson (born December 18, 1980) is an American football tight end for the New Orleans Saints. He was drafted by the New England Patriots 32nd overall in the 2004 NFL draft. He played college football at Georgia.

    Watson has also played for the Cleveland Browns.

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    First & Life: The Insightful Player

    in Football

    Corey and Steve invite you to join in as they tackle some of the week's big topics in life and sport.  Football picks, health tips, NFL stories, special guests, and much more!
    This week's guest is author and personal coach, Chrissy Carew.  Chrissy is an ICF Master Certified Coach who works with high integrity professional football players to maximize their performance, both on and off the field.
    Coach Carew launched the Insightful Player® initiative, a platform that features high-integrity, current and former NFL players, who are passionate about inspiring their fans.  The NFLPA recently announced a partnership with Insightful Player® .

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    Total Tutor Show Dr. Kevin NFL Star Insightful Player James Dearth

    in Education

    The Total Tutor will interview ADHD expert Dr. Kevin Ross Emery. He will provide tips to help parents who have children with ADHD.

    Also, The Total Tutor will interview NFL star Insightful Player James Dearth. He will discuss his conversion story.

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    Launching The Insightful Player

    in Education

    The Insightful Player is a series of inspiring articles written about NFL players who joined personal and lifestyle coach Chrissy Carew (www.coachcarew.com) in her mission to lift the spirit of the NFL ’s world-wide audience, and in particular, kids. What Carew wants to get across is that each and every one of these players cares about others and wants kidsto believe in themselves, commit to the very best within and to become relentless in reaching their biggest dreams. The Insightful Player™ articles give an inside look at the players including: what they are most passionate about, mistakes they made, obstacles they have overcome and lessons they learned along the way to the NFL and beyond.

    We'll discuss with Coach Carew how she came up with the concept, her outreach to NFL players and the potential uses of these stories in schools acrosss the country.

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    The Insightful Player: Chrissy Carew: Interviewed by Syvel L

    in Sports

    NFL player Lifestyle

    NFL players are just like you

    What you can learn

    You can still live a succesful life after the game

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    Al Diaz, Lisa Marie Keller Rewrite Your Story With No More Pain

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and Lisa Marie Keller share their insights on Rewrite Your Story With No More Pain.

    Tuesday, January 27th  10am PST

    Lisa Marie Keller wants to live in a world where it's commonplace dancing to life.

    As a pain management specialist, she's been has been resolving her patient's pains for over thirteen years. Following seven years of Physical Therapy schooling, and many more at the School of Hard Knocks, resolving her own pain, she became the Queen of Conquering Pain.

    When she’s not pondering on how to solve pain, you can find her dancing to music played much too loud, making snobby comments about wine and fantasizing about travel.

    Her first book "Free My Back" hit Amazon August 2014

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    Connection is Our Greatest Currency

    in Lifestyle

    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' is a stimulating show which explores and uncovers ways to live your life with true purpose, joy and passion. As a Life Coach and Creative Visionary, Jessie May shares her experience and guidance with you in a playful, energetic hour filled with inspiring themes, insightful ideas, and unique guests, and welcomes you to call in with your questions offering healing and hopeful solutions. Jessie May's show is a beautiful way to light up your week with the Sunny Side Up, and an invitation to discover the brilliance of who you are called to be!!!

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    Real Talk

    in Blogs

    We are going to be talking about what is going on with MAD DADS currently. We want to know what you think though! What would you like to see us do? What's on your mind today?

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    We Coach TENNIS

    in Sports

    This is the We Coach TENNIS radio show. We speak with different coaches and players each week exploring the profession of coaching tennis around the US and world. Tennis is a lifetime sport enjoyed by many people across the world. We explore the ways in which tennis coaches develop players.

    We explore what motivates tennis coaches.

    We look at tennis news from around the world and discuss current policy and how it affects the ways in which coaches operate.

    We highlight the often forgotten and neglected tennis coaches and professionals from around the world. If we can find those special and terrific coaches that are not on the world stage we will and we will try and get a glimpse into what makes them important to their students. 

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yellaballnetwork/2014/08/19/we-coach-tennis#ixzz3BMmoP8Fp

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    " Simply Haneef" Topic The importance of Self Love

    in Lifestyle

    Special guest 

    Lora LeFhae is a life coach specializing in relationship issues. For over ten years Lora has been helping women deal with relationships of all types - spouses, co-workers, teenagers, and most importantly, oneself. Lora is intuitive, insightful, and fully committed to helping women become more confident, more effective, and more likely to make choices that make them happy.
    Lora offers workshops, private coaching, and an online workbook, called the “VIP Kit,” helping women identify and honor their true values, integrity, and purpose.
    Lora’s approach is based on the observation that all people, particularly women, have a greater range of capability and insight than they realize. These abilities, when tapped, create increased clarity, higher confidence, and more fulfilling relationships.

    Special guest: Jill Warhol

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ~ Gandhi
    I teach because my Grandfather told me once, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." Teaching allows me to surround myself with others who desire to grow, learn, experience, explore and be challenged. Through higher education, I have met people from such vast diverse backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and needs, who all seem to have one thing in common. They all have a desire to live well or simply live better. Through hosting my monthly meet-ups in Claremont, CA, I create a platform for open dialogue on personal growth and development. As a personal, professional and relationship coach, I focus on self-reflection and self-correction. In my spare time, I am passionate about traveling, food, music, singing, song writing, people, learning and life, remembering that I am a work in progress!

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