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    An Inside Job: Mastery Conversations with Leah Young

    in Women

    Join An Inside Job host Author & Master Teacher Leah Young for a power-filled conversation with Bianca Alexander. Bianca Alexander, Esq. is a healthy living advocate and the dynamic anchor and host of Conscious Living TV, a news magazine show about the latest in eco-friendly, green living, and The Soul of Green, a TV program highlighting untold stories about people of color in the green and environmental justice movements.

    A licensed attorney with degrees from Princeton and The University of Virginia Law School, Bianca translated her background in justice to empower mainstream consumers to live healthier, more eco-conscious lives. She is now a broadcast journalism fellow of U.S.C.’s Annenberg School of Communications and an ethnic media fellow of the Association of Health Journalists, where she recently completed a mini-documentary on disparities in health and the rising urban organic farming movement.

    She appears regularly as an expert on ABC, NBC and WGN news shows around the country, and also serves as a green columnist for Extra. Before becoming a conscious advocate, Bianca hosted inspirational TV shows on networks like Lifetime, TV ONE, and the TV Guide Channel. Bianca is also a yoga instructor, and was featured in hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' Yoga Live! video series. Recently she appeared on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine for her cutting-edge work in green media. Bianca is a member of the Social Venture Network and Green America, and her green production company, Conscious Planet Media, is a B Corp.

    Bianca relocated to Chicago last year to launch a green production studio at the Green Exchange, a Platinum-L.E.E.D. building project in Logan Square. When not on-camera, she loves to snowboard, paint abstract art with eco-materials and cut it up on the salsa floor with her husband Michael. Stay up to date on their latest adventures by watching www.ConsciousLivingTV.com.

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    An Inside Job: Mastery Conversations with Leah Young Premier Week

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    Join An Inside Job host Author & Master Teacher Leah Young for a power-filled conversation with Money, Marketing & Soul™ business coach Laurie Polinski CEO of Spinning Gold Productions. Laurie Polinski has never had any trouble finding where her puzzle piece fits. With big visions, a fascination for ideas, hard work, lifelong learning and applying her own particular skills, this serial entrepreneur is an accomplished Business Advisor, Personal Coach and Virtual Assistant who compliments her business acumen with her study and passion of metaphysics and holistic practices. Laurie is also known as a “connector,” always finding ways to make things happen and bringing new perspectives to familiar challenges. “When can we start?” is one of her mantras.

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    Happiness is an Inside Job

    in Lifestyle

    Join me with pecial guest Shirin Dalaki as we talk about how she learned that happiness comes from inside, not from our environment or the people around us. Her passion is to help professional women live their very best life. She believes that Love is the Answer to creating the life we want. Learn the tecniques of "Feeling Better" and how the words you speak can begin to transform your life into one of joy, love and fulfillment. At the second half of the show you can call in with your questions or comment. 

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    Church of Reality 67: 911 Was An Inside Job

    in Music

    When hundreds of engineers and architects along with tons of experts and facts point to 911 being an inside job, makes you wonder why the American sheeple for the most part still think otherwise. 

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    Joy is an Inside Job! with Amanda Gore

    in Self Help

    TWEET if you like. Get Sister Jenna's OFF to WORK CD. 

    Listen in as Amanda Gore joins Sister Jenna to discuss how to find your inner joy - and lots more!

    Amanda Gore is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and author in the fields of joy, resilience and leadership. She blends modern scientific research with ancient wisdom to create amazing joy filled experiences for her audiences. A frequent radio and TV expert interviewed for her comments, her YouTube channel has had over one million views.

    Founder of The Joy Project, an international organization dedicated to eradicating fear and helping people rediscover their joy, Amanda wrote, “Joy Is An Inside Job” as the basis of The Joy Project. Her previous book, “You CAN Be Happy,” was translated into 10 languages and was the precursor to her current passion - The Joy Project - helping one million people become walking joy spots!

    She has won several awards for her speaking and is one to only three non-USA individuals inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. Visit www.thejoyproject.com and www.amandagore.com.

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    Women Warriors - The Way Out is In -- It's an Inside Job

    in Women

    This week on Women Warriors, Wed at Noon ET on Jul 23rd, our special guest is Jane Koegh.   Jane will be discussing the topic of “The Way Out is In -- It's an Inside Job. ”   Join us on Women Warriors to find out how.

    Jane Keogh has owned and run her own businesses since 1991 when she vowed never to be employed again, after a legal dispute with her then employers.  After a full and interesting life peppered with challenges, Jane realises how much easier life would have been had she not stressed and worried so much (easy to say in hindsight) and that armed with the right tools there is an easier way.  She relentlessly pursued further knowledge and training in life planning, goal setting, mind mapping, Silva, behavioral profiling and NLP; all of which are great tools, yet Jane still felt there must be something else.

    Returning from a two year stint in Zambia at the end of 2012, Jane found herself at yet another set of crossroads.  After a mental battle with herself, she decided to hang up her entrepreneurial shoes and take some time out. Freeing her mind generated a feeling that something fundamental was missing but she wasn’t quite sure what…By chance she was invited to a two day event in London, which she nearly didn’t attend.  The result led Jane to Zurich, where she trained as a Human Software Engineer under Tom Stone, the founder of this work, whom she had met at that event. She was amazed at how simple but effective the tools are.  And so her new company, Naked Soul was born. Quite simply, Jane’s mission is to help others get more of what they want.   To find out more about Jane and her company visit http://www.nakedsoul.co.uk/ . 

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    Episode #124 - 9/11 Was An Inside Job w/Guests Walter Bosley & Derrick Broze

    in News

    We're sorry for the late start time. Blogtalkradio had system-wide tech issues, but they seem to have fixed it. We're live! Enjoy the show!

    Tonight we will be joined by author/researcher Walter Bosley and activist/journalist Derrick Broze. Phone lines will be open throughout the night, call in! We'll also be playing 9/11 related hip hop on our breaks. We brought on two guest because not only are they a couple of our favorites, but they have similar yet sort of different takes on the 9/11 topic. 

    Walter Bosley is a world traveling author and explorer of extraordinary phenomena. He has served as a counterintelligence specialist during the final years of the Cold War for the FBI and served as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations running counterespionage operations. For the past seven years, Walter has been a personal security and anti-terrorism consultant for corporate and private clients around the world. In addition, he founded The Lost Continent Library Publishing Company, a small press that specializes in classic adventure fiction, including his own works under the pseudonym 'E.A.Guest.'

    Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist, community activist, gardener and promoter from Houston, Texas. He is the founder of The Houston Free Thinkers, and The Conscious Resistance Network. Broze also hosts a weekly podcast under the name the Conscious Resistance Live. His writing can be found on TheConsciousResistance.com , The Liberty Beat, the Anti-Media, Activist Post, and Ben Swann.com

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    Parenting is an Inside Job with Jyude Allbright

    in Family

    The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff,  welcomes Jyude Allbright to the program. The topic of the program is ,Parenting is an Inside Job.  Jyude shares this about the program:  Yes, you love your baby, your children.  But, did you know that you can only love them to the extent that you love yourself?  You can't give what you don't have. This will be an experiential program with Jyude offering some some useful and practical NLP exercises.  Jyude Allbright and I will share awarenesses on how to love yourself.  In addition, she'll have a handout for listeners, called, "Heart Powered Parenting", fostering love and harmony.  To receive it just contact me through my website, SharonAnnWikoff.com 

    As a Keeper of the Truth, Jyude's priority is to spread consciousness to those ready to accept it, especially in the addiction recovery community.? She loves her life as an author, speaker,  a Recovery Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Prevention Professional, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, spiritual messenger and teacher. Her book, Soul Steps, revisits the original 12 steps of AA and re-writes them for 21st century consciousness revealing that we are powerful beings as opposed to the traditional AA view of powerlessness! 

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    Just breathe... happiness is an inside job, we promise.

    in Women

    Happiness is an inside job, we promise...

    Welcoming Voice of Grace leader Dee Davidson to Just Breathe.

    The world may try to tell us otherwise, but truthfully, happiness is an inside job.  Within each of us is a very special gift, waiting to be discovered, the sacred voice within.  Join Nancy Feth and Dee Davidson for a few moments of light conversation and a beautiful guided meditation to connect to this simple truth.

    Just Breathe is a retreat for your soul…a beautiful invitation to pause on purpose and connect to your mind, body and spirit.  In the space of stillness and guided meditation we honor our self-care needs and set heart centered intentions for the week. This show features a beautiful centering experience offered to gently create awareness and connection to the abundant grace present in our lives. Meditation is the practice of becoming still, detached from the chatter of our mind. A quiet mind releases dormant energy, increases vitality, strength and clarity…inviting us to be light, creative, joyful and at peace. 

    Life is messy.  It’s how we show up in the mess that matters. The gift of compassionate presence to self allows us to breathe in gratitude and exhale grace, cultivating resiliency and the capacity to be with whatever shows up in the moment. Our weekly practice is a beautiful divine interruption…connecting to our intentions and spirit for guidance, light and love. This is simply grace...

    Join Nancy Feth and Dee Davidson for an opportunity to sit with the present moment. Delight in your very being...

    Simply Grace

    Simply Grace Community

    Simply Soothing Sanctuary

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    An Inside Job: Mastery Conversations featuring The Confidence Doc Valencia Ray, MD

    in Women

    Valencia Ray MD, The Confidence Doc, is a former eye surgeon who with clear intention sold her medical business to now show women entrepreneurs and professionals how to eliminate blind
    spots that they don't even know are limiting not only how they see themselves, but also limits their vision for business success, happy relationships and good health.

    She brings a unique blend of science with success principles to personal growth and development along with her diverse entrepreneurial and life experience. She can show you how to break through the barriers of FEAR -Fictitious Evidence Affecting Reality - that block you from living a life you love!

    She is a professional speaker and the author of “Empower Up and Play Big: Winning at Life from the Inside Out”! Her background includes professional training in neuroscience/neurology,
    psychiatry and she is a professionally trained mindset coach.

    Having been a successful business owner for over two decades of a busy medical practice, she also understands the importance of leadership, marketing, sales and management. It has never been
    more important than in today's world, that entrepreneurs and professionals have the skills and abilities to adapt to our rapidly changing marketplace and at the same time maintain a healthy level of peace of mind and satisfaction within their personal lives as well.

    Living in the Chicago area with her husband and two teenage children and being an entrepreneur and professional herself, Dr. Ray understands the challenges faced by many professionals and
    has the training and expertise to masterfully deal with change, which is why she is so qualified to speak to the needs of those of
    this audience.

    For your free monthly “The Confidence Doc” newsletter, special report or other resources and professional background information, please visit her website at www.ValenciaRay.com

    You can also visit her blog at www.TheConfidenceDoc.com

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    Success is an Inside Job/ Zach's Place

    in Business

    Job hunting can be a little too automated these days. We often relegate our job search to browsing, posting, whisking out e-mails into the cyber ether, and praying for a response.. Does that sound like you? Passion makes the difference, do you have passion?  Tune in this week to hear information that can show you how your success in job searching to improving your current business is a inside job!!

    As we conclude our Non-Profit series, we will hace Renee Isakson, Zach’s Place Program Director as our last half hour co-host to bring incite and great information about their expansion and how this non-profit can change your life if you have special needs children or teens.

    Zach’s Place program was the catalyst for starting Special Kids Special Families. It is a respite center, found near the downtown area of Colorado Springs. It was founded by two mothers who wanted to help other families who are raising children with disabilities. As with many non-profits, there is a story behind its beginnings.

    Check it out

     @ http://www.sksfcolorado.org/SKSF%20Zach's%20Place