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    Innovation Women With Bobbie Carlton

    in Entrepreneur

    Innovation Women is an online speakers bureau for entrepreneurial and technical women that help women get visibility for themselves, their careers and companies. We help event managers gender-balance the speakers at their conferences, trade shows and events. Founder Bobbie Carlton will discuss the importance of elevating the voice of women in innovation and business.

    Bobbie will also discuss Innovation Nights, which started just outside of Boston as Mass Innovation Nights (“MIN” -- supporting Massachusetts companies), and has launched more than 650 new products; she will share that every month 10 companies launch new products at a local event and the social media community comes out to support their local entrepreneurs and more! Please join Renee, Wanda, and Lea as we put Bobbie in the Innovaiton hotseat! 

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    Are You Fit To Lead? With Ashley Tappan and Jessica Pfennig

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    Ashley Tappan and Jessica Pfennig will share their insights and personal stories on the importance of being fit to lead and the relationship to being an effective leader.  Both Jessica and Ashley are influential through both net and sweat working, but neither randomly decided to get in shape; they both took charge and became leaders...and now influence others to do the same.  They set SMART goals, develop programs, and, manage to run triathlons. Please join us as we connet the dots between leadership, innovation, and fitness. 

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    Innovation And Education - Big Picture Learning With Carlos Moreno

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    Big Picture Learning has a purpose. They walk the talk - their mission is the education of a nation, one student at a time.  This week we will interview Executive Director and storyteller, Carlos Moreno who will share the impact, passion, and what is really behind the success of BPL. As a non-profit organization dedicated to a fundamental redesign of education in the United States, their vision is to catalyze vital changes in K-Adult education by generating and sustaining innovative, personalized learning environments that work in tandem with the real world of their greater community.   At the core of Big Picture Learning’s mission is a commitment to equity for all students, especially underserved urban students, and the expectation that these students can achieve success. Join us as we put Carlos in the innovation hotseat! Dial 914-338-0796 to join this dynamic conversation. 


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    Innovate from what you know with Among Friends Baking Company

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    Suzie and Lizann started Among Friends over a cup of coffee and a cookie. Their goal is simple they want to help people fill their kitchens fresh from the oven baked goods made from the best ingredients. Their mixes make baking easy for people on the days when treats from scratch are impractical or impossible and what I loved most about their products is that each of their mixes is handcrafted and named someone they loved.

    Tell us a little bit about both of you and Among Friends Baking Company.
    The business started as a natural outgrowth of spending time together raising young children. For the first time we were out of the conventional workplace. We were doing quite different projects such as decorating all of the tables for some event or designing birth announcements, children's bedrooms, just so much fun. As the kids were getting older they were starting to want more treats that had sugar in them and so I found this great oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe that was so easy and loaded with oats and I made some and took them to the lake and the kids just gobbled them up. From there Luzan really started tinkering around with the recipe and making them whole grain, getting rid the white flour and that's really what we're all about is creating whole grains for everybody that are so easy to make and are delicious.

    Read more here at nicoleculverblog.com

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    Best Practices for Building Your Mobile Friendly Site

    in Jobs

    Claudia Hernandez is the President of Innovate, an Online Marketing Group based in New York City.  The Innovate Group offers businesses web based solutions for creating a powerful online presence. Claudia is savvy about best practices, leveraging technology and online marketing strategies to help businesses gain more visibility and make more money online. Her expertise includes creating e-commerce websites, portfolio driven websites for architects and general contractors and helping law firms create websites that are educational, engaging and profitable. 

    Claudia also supports solo and small law firms through her engagement with the Small Law Firm Committee in NYC.  She conducts workshops at the City Bar through the SLFC and was a panel presenter on best online marketing practices at the annual SLFC symposium in 2013 - 2015. The Innovate Online Marketing group is an official vendor for the New York Daily News Digital. 


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    Talking Motorcycles with Gordon McCall of "The Quail" Motorcycle Gathering

    in Sports


    As a Class judge at the Pebble Beach Concour’s d’Elegance and Field Coordinator for more than 25 years, Gordon currently is the Co-Founder and Motorsports Director for the world-renowned “The Quail” A Motorsports Gathering and the latest addition “The Quail” A Motorcycle Gathering, with close friend Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel Group.

    Gordon McCall’s professional affiliations continue to evolve around his motorsports, motorcycle, and bicycling interests. Board of Director appointments include: Member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Laguna Seca Raceway, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus for the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club, and Member of the Board of Directors for the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation which assists widows and orphans of CHP officers killed in the line of duty.

    McCall continues to innovate and support other automotive and motorcycle endeavors- Most recently, Gordon contributed to the feature film "Why We Ride", a documentary on the spirit and community behind the sport and pleasure of motorcycling.

    Gordon joins us LIVE to discuss the 8th Quail Motorcycle Gathering where over 350 vintage and classic motorcycles will be assembled in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable this May on the 14th. In all probability you will see motorcycles that you didn't even know existed. The sights and sounds will resonate as the machines are fired and displayed on the grass. 

    Bryan Carroll of "Why We Ride" films will also join us in the episode of Talking Motorcycles powered by Crosley Brands to inform us all about the special award they will present and tell us all about The Ride to the Quail!



    Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

    Dunlop Motorcycle Tire

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    A Tribute To The - "PRINCE" 4 - 2016

    in Pop Culture

    TGIF Everyone!  Hope ya'll survived the grind..

    Well ya'll, once again, we've lost another highly talented and influential musician, who took many of us by storm!  Yes, it has been confirmed that "Prince" - producer, pop/superstar, songwriter, musician - passed away yesterday at his minnesota home.  His death brought back so many memories, as I vivdly remember my brother, cousin, and I going to see the movie Purple Rain, and boy were the theatre's jammed packed and everybody seemed so decked out in there purple attire! 

    Prince was definitely at the height of his career during this time and continued to create and innovate, all while pioneering his way through the tough and fickle music industry. His talent and eccentric image garnered him lots of attention and fans too!  So, I invite you to join me as "we" pay our own personal respect and tribute to the " Prince of Purple Rain   ." RIP

    Take Care,


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    GRACEbreak Radio | Be Prepared to Take Risk & Innovate

    in Business

    When you are prepared to imagine, innovate, and risk within your gift set you are no longer living within the set standard of average! ~ Tracy Worley

    Who are you inviting to the dance floor to innovate, collaborate, and have fun?

    We all have risk and either we embrace it or do everything in our power to avoid it. Imagine the playground where a group of children are jumping off the top of the monkey bars and then there are the few who stand at the edge pacing waiting for the school bell to ring so they do not have to jump.

    I want to encourage you to JUMP! Not in the sense of physical, mental, or spiritual harm but to really jump back into a childlike state and use your imagination, create, and innovate right where you stand. Ken Robinson states the risk of imagination eloquently, be prepared to be wrong. When you are prepared to risk, be wrong, and basically stand there looking like an idiot you are onto something!

    The risk takers are the ones you watch rise to the next level, the risk takers are the ones who are creating original ideas. 

    What You Learned
    Expectations | Client & Team
    Leading Creativity and Value

    "To create sustained innovation excellence..it is necessary to create innovation platforms and netowkrs of individuals within them where the selected innovative individuals can share with each other, be lead, and GROW." ~ Davila, Epstein, Shelton

    You are meant to have a life and career of significance so embrace your natural gifts, talents, wisdom, and knowledge to create original ideas.

    Look UP & OUT!

    Tracy Worley


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    Talk with Trinity

    in Spirituality

    Romans 15:1 We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.  

    Galatians 5:14 For the whole law is fulfilled in one word:  "You shall love your neighbor as yourself".  

    Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 

    Stressors are anything, anyone or any situation about which you experience pressure and tension. 

    In light of the different movements including #BlackLivesMatter, we would like to discuss how individuals deal with the deaths of their children and loved ones.  Dealing with death and grief is not a new phenomena, however the media has given the perspective of the emotions that are experienced when someone dies as the result of violence. 

    We will be sharing with LaTonya Summers, Executive Director of Life Skills Counseling www.lifeskillsccgroup.com with a topic called “Dear Black Mothers”.  We will be highlighting an organization that has been working in the community since 1993 helping mothers and families of murder victims through encouragement, resources and information www.momocares.org

    Mothers of Murdered Offspring has historically had two principle goals (1) to be the primary resource by which mothers and families of murder victims are supported and directed to appropriate resources, information and aid in their time of need as well as being the network by which survivors are brought together in which to support and encourage one another (2) to develop new and innovate violence prevention and substance abuse awareness strategies through youth programs and education, gun violence prevention, relationship violence prevention and anti-drug and substance abuse campaigns and education. 

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    Mikayla .. Rock Singer/Songwriter

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Rock Singer/Songwriter Mikayla back to the show! 


    “My goal is to write songs for the future…songs that will stand the test of time…the type of songs that will immediately take you back to that ‘feel good’ emotion you had when you first heard it…and you will want to listen to it over and over,” says Mikayla.
    As Mikayla continues to earn a frenzied fan-base, V2D Records is releasing a new single every 45 days to 2 months. Unlike most record labels, V2D concentrates on releasing hit singles, rather than albums, their motto is: INNOVATE, DON’T EMULATE. Mikayla’s music is being heard in 195 countries around the world…she is a guest on some of the biggest talk shows on the planet.

    Media Inquiries:
    Vision to Destiniy Records Llc.

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    Innovate Your Brain: Chris Steely of BizKickers

    in Entrepreneur

    So how do you prepare for this new economy?  It is high-tech and evolving quickly.  It is also low wage for workers and low margin for businesses.  The key to success appears to be innovation.  But not just technological innovation -- but mind innovation.  It’s something I have heard Chris Steely talk about for years now.  Chris is a business consultant and trainer.  His site is www.bizkickers.com.  He explains how to innovate your mind.  He also cites some good books.

    3:40-6:08 So when we talk about innovation… how do you innovate yourself? … deploy like never done before… innovate how we think… how we deliver a solution… new economy … in this new economy.”

    How do you innovate your brain for this new economy?

    It’s really the metaphor of sharpening the edge… Stephen Covey… Quantum Warrior by John Kehoe… leaders are readers… Success leaves clues: Jim Rone … getting out in community… what you don’t know … science of programming language of your brain … we are all Einstein to some extent … we all get to heed it.”

    I think awareness is the key… Secret cliché… Secret doesn’t talk about taking effective action… systems of leadership … track your business… read… seminars… to get results.”

    My take-away from this one:  It is not easy out there.  This is a new economy.  And you need to understand the new economy and then know the rules or if you are innovative enough recreate the rules.  That’s informed not inflamed.  Catch you next time.