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    InnerSpace LIVE! Author Interviews: Exploring Your Depths

    in Writing

    Innerspace Author Interviews reveal the inner life of the author. This is the introductory episode of the weekly series beginning in January. If you are an author with a book in print, or if you know of an author who would like to participate, download this show for instructions.

    I am known as The Story Lady, and each week I interview an author willing to let us touch their InnerSpace.

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    Crowbar Radio - Episode 033 - Calgary A Go Go! CCEE Wrapup!

    in Pop Culture

    This episode of Crowbar Radio features a one hour wrap on everything that was Calgary. The road trip, the con, the hotel, and the trip home. 

    The guests, the events, the costumes, THE PHOTOS!!!This one should be a great listen for anyone who attended or wished they could have gone!!!

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Dr. Joseph Michelli, Jeff Berner and guests

    in Business

    Jamie Beckland VP of marketing and customer success for Janrain, a Portland Oregon based Customer Profile Management platform.  Janrain helps companies build a unified view of customers across their devices by collecting their profile data to power personalized marketing.  Janrain powers customer profile management for brands like Universal Music Group, Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, Mattel and Dr. Pepper

    Peter Brown professor at McGill University in Montreal.  He is the Director the a new initiative called “Economics for the Anthropocene: Re-grounding the human/Earth Relationship,” which is a partnership involving McGill, the University of Vermont and York University in Toronto.   The partnership is centered around the idea that the economy must be designed to respect the Earth and be designed and operated in a way that restores and enables a flourishing Earth

    Jeff Berner has been an active fine art, portrait, editorial and multimedia photographer since 1968. His work includes hot-air ballooning, portrait assignments, ocean-going yacht racing, open-heart surgery, book and magazine illustration, and travel photography. Berner is the author of numerous books, including The Photographic Experience,The Nikon Touch Photography Guide; The Holography Book  and The Innerspace Project

    Dr. Joseph Michelli internationally sought-after public speaker, organizational consultant, and a  #1 New York Times bestselling business author who has worked with and written about customer-centric organizations such as Starbucks, Zappos, UCLA Health System, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington

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    Bert Martinez talks with Jeff Berner, Paul Kirchoff and guests

    in Business

    Arjuna Ardagh Awakening Coach, writer and public speaker. He has trained more than 1300 people to become facilitators of awakening.  He is the author of eight books national bestseller The Translucent Revolution, featured in “O” magazine. His new book, Better than Sex the complete introduction to Awakening Coaching

    Brent N. Hunter author, IT professional with certifications in knowledge management and project management.  He is a social media pioneer founded the first internet based global community called The Park. His latest award winning book, The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace two NY Times best selling authors and numerous other prestigious luminaries

    Jeff Berner active fine art, portrait, editorial and multimedia photographer. He is the author of numerous books, including The Photographic Experience,The Nikon Touch Photography Guide; The Holography Book  and The Innerspace Project

    Noah Blumenthal bestselling author and the Founder of Leading Principles, an executive coaching company, and SavvyRoo.com, a social media website for sharing facts. His book, Be The Hero, Wall Street Journal bestseller and has been ranked #1 on Amazon. He was named by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the world’s Top 100 Minds in Personal Development

    Paul Kirchoff serves as SaleAMP's Chief Executive Officer. His inventiveness in both business and technology has been responsible for billions of dollars in sales.Paul founded his own marketing technology company that he eventually sold to the largest NASDAQ player in the industry. He has served as Chief Marketing Officer for several large and venture-backed firms and has extensive experience in cutting-edge demand generation, product marketing, outsourcing and all aspects of business management

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    Joe Dante's THE 'BURBS (1989): Fear & Paranoia On Laughing Gas!

    in Film

    With credits incl. THE HOWLING, GREMLINS (and it's sequel), INNERSPACE, MATINEE, SMALL SOLDIERS and the recent THE HOLE, some find it odd that Joe Dante's 1989 humorous "fear and paranoia" treatise THE 'BURBS (not a critical darling upon release) would emerge as his "testament" film: that single work best encapsulating said film maker's entire cinematic - thematic oeuvre.  Part Hitchcockian homage, part MAD magazine social-satire, and part live action Looney Tunes epic, Dante's THE BURBS would be a seminal 80's film for numerous reasons. 1) It was a fulcrum point in Tom Hanks’s career - the first time he’d portray an older family man / parent.  2) It was the first feature produced by Ron Howard & Brian Grazer’s newly formed Imagine Ent. Co.  3) It would be one of only two times during the 80s in which Dante would direct a feature outside the Spielberg / Amblin banner.  And as such it would 4) signal the "from then on" advent of a more personal style / stamp on the remainder of the director's film and television work - it becoming more socio-politically aware.  Join us and guest commentator / illustrator Chris Heady for a 25th Anniversy "look back" on the long hidden genius of Joe Dante's THE 'BURBS. You'll never look at your neighborhood in quite the same way again.


    * More from illustrator Chris Heady @ http://www.atomicotton.com/

    * Joe Dante chats with Rue Morgue about THE 'BURBS (complete) @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDbK7CbF_Es 

    * More from Craig Jamison @ www.GullCottageOnline.com

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    Best of MGU: Quaid, Pullman, Palminteri

    in Movies

    In this collection of a few of the most memorable conversations from our archives, we replay our interviews with actors Dennis Quaid (Innerspace), Bill Pullman (Independence Day) and Chazz Palminteri (A Bronx Tale).

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    #10 Grainger Hines/Fathers & Sins (1x10)

    in Entertainment

    Hosts: Kinte @indshowcase11 & Yardley @militant_marker Engineer: Kinte Show: Grainger Hines Fathers and Sins (3x09) Voice Mail Number: (323) 596-7469 Live Call in Number: (347) 326-9541 press 1 to enter the host queue email Talkinghellonwheels@gmail.com website http://indyshowcase.org/talkinghellonwheels itunes download https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/talking-hell-on-wheels/id689687310?mt=2   Synopsis   Grainger Hines He starred in numerous television shows - True Blood, Boston Legal, Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Las Vegas, Saving Grace, Ghost Whisperer, In the Heat of the Night, Airwolf, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hell on Wheels among others. He also has appeared in many films such as Lincoln, Protocol, Innerspace, Rocky II, False Identity, Abuse of Power, Thicker Than Water, Amber Waves, Summer School Teachers, and others. Hines also appeared in the miniseries War and Remembrance and The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory.    Fathers and Sins  With General Grant's deadline only two days away, a gang of riders attacks Cheyenne while Cullen and Elam pay Durant a visit.

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    Tonight - We talk about "SPACES"

    in Lifestyle

    His Space her space, my space your space. In your space, in your face. Barren waste, cherished place, waterfalls, garden walls, tiny treasure keepers,  canyons, valleys, one room sleepers. Hoarding, hiding.... losing, finding...
    ....Tonight's show is all about....                SPACE

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    InnerSpace LIVE Author Interviews: Meet David Grant

    in Books

    Jerk-offs, ex-cons, new cons, pranksters, one hit wonders, and homeless entrepreneurs are the EMOTIONLESS SOULS that populate the twenty stories in this collection by David S. Grant (author of Corporate Porn and The Last Breakfast).