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    Release your Inner Genius: Derek Mills

    in Self Help

    Derek Mills has found out how to create lasting success. And he shares this secret with me and you my listeners today on "It's All About You".
    Derek is author of the New Book "The 10 Second Philosophy: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius."
    These are some of the things that we will consider.
    Understand and experience how lasting change can happen in seconds.
    Use the words, thoughts, questions, and phrases we encounter in our everday lives to access your inner genius, your true self.
    Find the courage to become who you truly are and fulfill your potential while remaing fully connected to the natural flow of the world around you. And much more...
    For more information visit www.dereck-mills.com

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    The High-Altitude Mentorship Show: Your Inner Genius

    in Entrepreneur

    Total transparency here: I've got voices in my head, and when I listen to them, they guide me and keep me on my path. Those voices are the Inner Genius we all have, and most high-performing entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders listen to tose voices to help them reach their peak performance daily. Sadly, too many folks ignore the voices of their Inner Genius, and if they would just plug into it, they'd unlock levels of untapped potential they never knew they had. Join me today at 10:30 am EST as I share some simple strategies with you to help YOU tune into the voices in your head that are waiting to help you accomplish your mission!

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    Helping Business People Unlock Their Inner Genius

    in Business

    Most people agree that for businesses to compete globally in the 21st century, we must be innovative. We must be creative. Yet, most of today’s workers continue to be trapped by left brain thinking, or logical thinking, that fails to get the results they want.
    Our guest is thought leader, strategist and author Bill Donius. Bill’s first book, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius, debuted last year by making all the major best-seller lists, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and Nielsen. Bill has an extensive social media network, writes for the Huffington Post and is also working on a second book.
    Thought Revolution begins where other books in the field end, offering a proven, easy method for finding your creativity by tapping into your right brain. Still not convinced that you work in an industry where right brain thinking could make a difference? The former CEO and chair of a midwestern bank, Bill was able to engage his creative mind and expand the bank into new geographic markets after devising and implenting this process. And in 2008, he was appointed to a two-year term on the Banker Council that advised the Federal Reserve Board and Ben Bernanke in the midst of the financial crisis.
    Bill is here today to talk about how following his process can disrupt complacency and conventional thinking in the business world.

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    Motivational Speaker, Derek Mills on Releasing Your Inner Genius

    in Self Help

    Derek Mills is an international motivational speaker and coach as well as a senior partner in one of the UK's leading wealth management organizations.  He is regularly invited to speak, sharing his philosophy for success and happiness with others.  Derek also starred in the film “Keeper of the Keys,” alongside Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff, along with 11 other exceptionally talented authors, coaches and teachers.  Derek is also the author of the book entitled, “The 10-Second Philosophy - A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius.”  Today, Derek joins us to discuss how to use the power of living as 'TRUE SELF' and the utilization of standards, instead of goals, to achieve TRUE happiness and success.  Visit his website at www.derek-mills.com

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    Guest: Ruby Corbin, owner of Ruby Corbin International

    in Spirituality

    Ruby Corbin, owner of Ruby Corbin International, a boutique coaching, business strategy, and personal transformation company, draws upon her Wharton School of Business MBA, Fortune 500 marketing expertise and highly focused intuition to inspire her clients to achieve miracles

    Ruby believes everyone has within them an inner genius just waiting to shine through, serve the world and express their divine gifts. It’s her joy to extract the inner genius from her clients and harness it achieve their dreams - to lead a movement, a business, or a life that inspires and serves. 

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    JOAH Unleash Your Hidden Genius

    in Spirituality

    Curious about how unresolved conflicts from other incarnations could possibly affect your life? Tune in with your questions. In this series Mary Blake, author of JOURNALS OF A HEALER, addresses the discrepancies between who we are and how we are working, living, coping with society. Discussion of questions about the sessions features in JOAH. Interviews with people who are living their dream, who have discovered their true calling after complying with advisors, family, etc and others who have worked through karmic issues from other lifetimes. 

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    The Mystery of your Inner Genius

    in Lifestyle

    Your Inner Genius is a wonderful companion that creates powerful synergy in your life.

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    The Inner Consciousness Presents: How To Accomplish Anything You Want In Life

    in Self Help

    Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get everything they want almost effortlessly?

    What makes them different from you?

    What is their secret?

    Special guest Emir Otto Price III and host Rev Harvey L Bailey will talk about the Law of Attraction, Visualization, Affirmations and other ways to attract what you want.

    Join us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle/2015/08/27/the-inner-consciousness-presents-how-to-accomplish-anything-you-want-in-life

    OR Call 646-929-0630 to listen, press 1 to talk to the host.

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    GYIT! presents Felicia Harlow, The Heart Energy Specialist, w/a Heart Workshop!

    in Spirituality

    Won’t you please join us as we present an impassioned meditative heart specialist in Felicia Harlow. Saturday, August 29, 2015 @ 10:am est. This Calm Heart Coach, workshop facilitator and heart rhythm meditation instructor, will share with REVELATION aka and GodIs L aka, as she’s the founder of Innergistics Life Development, LLC. This is a coaching and consultant company for inner transformation and growth, energetic heart awareness and empowerment. Embracing her heart’s potential to inspire others with theirs, she completed an intensive 2 year Master of Heart Studies program. She will conduct part 1 of a two part Heart Workshop! Part 1 will include the mutative processes of the solar plexus, the human awareness of heart consciousness in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, as the expansive heart energy balances through this major “shift," just to name a few. Felicia’s a former executive of major notoriety, with more than two decades of experience in the healthcare, self care and wellness industries. Her spiritual journey includes a level of sensitivity with compassion unlike any other consummate professional, as she supports women with the implementation and the establishment of lifelong practices of heart centered living to unleash the awesome power of the hearts electromagnetic field. The goal is to empower with clarity, resolve and purpose from the inside out, with the use of a customized creation known as HeartCare™. To learn more about the dynamic services that Felicia offers, please visit http://calmheartcoach.com or http://innergistics.com . The call in is #773-897-6555 pressing #1 to share in this warm, heartfelt workshop and the chat lines will be open at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit

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    Episode 47 SPECIAL EDITION: How To Start Your Own Profitable Fitness Business

    in Fitness

    In this special edition of the Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle Podcast, Jesse releases one of his most popular paid talks for free!

    This Powerful, 60-Minute Program Will Show You:

    Why You Need To Start Your Own Fitness Business, Even If You’ve Never Owned Your Own Business Before.
    How To Choose The Right Business For You—Personal Training, Opening A Studio, Starting A Boot Camp, Buying Into A Franchise, CrossFit Affiliate, Or Licensing Program.
    The 3 Essential Secrets To making $300+ An Hour As A Personal Trainer, Working Only 3-5 Hours Per Week.
    How To Start A Business Without Exposing Yourself To High Risk Deals, Debt, And Stress.
    PLUS: Learn the insider secrets the Big-Box Gyms hope you never discover: How to attract the perfect clients who will pay top dollar, so you can blow the lid off your income ceiling, pick your best clients, and name your price.

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    Peter Mack, the Webspinner, and Published Author of Five Books

    in Writing

    A sample from Peter Mack’s book, AYANA CHERRY & THE TABERNACLE GLORIOUS Includes Rev. Mathias Lovejoy's sermon, "Satan's Whisper"

    An Excerpt:

    Ayana Cherry's education in the power of seduction will be put to the test when she is taken in by Rev. Mathias Lovejoy and given a place to live and work at The Tabernacle Glorious. Her stride of seduction is on full display as she navigates the inner sanctum of a church that is rife with blackmail, sex, secrets and lies, all pitted against a reverend who has plans to build a grand cathedral to rival the biggest in the nation. When Rev. Mathias Lovejoy calls on Ayana's help, she has a perfect opportunity to get her friend, Peaches, released from jail in the process.

    After seducing the reverend, satisfying a judge's request to be sexually dominated, and exposing a thieving, adulterous, blackmailing deacon, Ayana Cherry is a half-a-million dollars richer and on her way to California to find love.

    Peter Mack is the highly acclaimed author of A Neighborly Affair. His follow- up novel, The Seduction of Ayana Cherry, was also met with high praise. Peter Mack was born in Los Angeles, California.