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    Initiatives to Force Change

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    How can you get changes to existing law in your local Government?

    Twenty four States have the Referendum and Initiative Process that puts power in The People’s hands.

    If your State does not have it perhaps you should try to get it.

    In any event those who now have this option should use it.

    Rob Taylor joins us tonight to tell us about what Initiatives and Referendums are and how effective they can be.

    Then a few thoughts from the Host on who our enemies are.

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    Associate Executive Director peter Pizzolongo on the new initiatives and the upcoming National Conference

    Presented by WALDEN UNIVERSITY

    www.walden.edu @waldenu

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    Life for MJ Prisoner Speaks Out & Don Duncan On Failure of MMJ Initiatives

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    In 1986 Randy Lanier won a sports car championship and shattered an Andretti record to become the Indy 500 rookie of the year. What most people didn't know is he paid for his racing dreams by smuggling massive quantities of marijuana.


    At the height of the Reagan-era War on Drugs, federal prosecutors charged Lanier and his associates with shipping more than 600,000 pounds of marijuana into the U.S. from Colombia. For eight months, he hid as a fugitive in Antigua, but was eventually caught, arrested, prosecuted and a few days before Christmas 1988 was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.


    Under mysterious circumstances that remain sealed by a court order, he was released on Oct. 15, 2014 and is living in a halfway house in Florida. As our first guest, Randy reveals what he is allowed to about his case, speaks out on the necessity of freeing the multitude of people serving life sentences in prison for marijuana prohibition offenses and takes a look at a world that has changed considerably in three decades,


    Local initiatives in California communities to allow for patient cultivation and to reverse bans and enact ordinances­­ to allow medical marijuana collectives did not fare well in the November 2014 elections. On the other hand, initiatives to impose taxes on medical marijuana sales did very well. Our 2nd guest is Don Duncan, one of the founders of Americans for Safe Access and currently serving on their Board of Directors, has been up to his neck in alligators on this issue for over a decade.


    As the chief lobbyist for ASA, Don has come to learn the intricacies of local and state government and will discuss why the mmj collective and patient cultivation initiatives failed, why taxing marijuana was so popular and what options are available to address the continuing problem of patient access to mmj on the state and local level.

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    How to Measure and Maximize Alignment in Your Change Initiatives

    in Business

    Ever wonder if people in your organization are really on the same page when it comes to change? In this episode, Michael Taylor of SchellingPoint shares a way to measure and maximize alignment in your change initiatives. We'll discuss why alignment is important, who needs to be aligned, how to tell if you have alignment or not, and what you can do when you need better alignment.

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    Steve Machat shares his life lessons and latest initiatives

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons welcomes STEVEN MACHAT, RENOWNED ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY, sharing his life lessons and going back to community roots with his latest initiatives. 

    Steven Machat, American entertainment attorney and entrepreneur, is excited to announce his latest endeavors, being the founder of LegalizePot.us and starting The Wheel Party. Machat has worked in the entertainment industry with clients in the music industry including Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Spector, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, and more.


    His book, Gods, Gangsters, and Honour, gained a lot of publicity and interest after it was released in the UK as it described the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the entertainment world and industry leaders. Working with top tier musicians and handling the backend of the glamorous lives we depict to be each and every day, Machat’s first-hand experience inspired him to embrace a political system that goes back to the roots of Man.


    Machat created The Wheel Party in 2011 using his second book, Man, Community & Living the American Dream as a foundation – focusing on a non-political people movement whose goal is to bring America back in line with the principles of the United States Declaration of Independence. He lectures throughout numerous universities across Europe and aims to reinvent the political system and bring it back to its roots.



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    CAROL AND RENE  WELCOME CHARLES KACPROWICZ AND KELLI GORDON TO THE SHOW. As Founder and National Director of Citizen Initiatives, Charles & his Directors work to advance Article V "Single Issue" Amendment Conventions through State Legislatures, bypassing Congress, Courts and Executive Branch. He's been an Article V advocate for 41 years. Focusing the last 7 years to convene "Single Issue" Amendment Conventions to restore America's Constitutional Republic and heritage. Citizen Initiatives secures "Applications" from State Legislatures directing Congress to convene the Countermand Amendment Convention. Charles authored and published: 1) multiple position papers, 2) The Unborn Child Amendment 3) The Eleventh Nation, and 4) Reclaiming America through Single Issue Federal Conventions.  He hosts a weekly radio broadcast http://newsninja2012.com/radiolive, and the guest speaker on hundreds of radio/TV shows & local/regional special events. He's lobbied Congress twice to override President Clinton's two vetoes of the Late Term Abortion Bill, and has received support from U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives & State Legislators. ?He's served in the Church as Preacher, Lay Pastor, Elder, Deacon, Teacher, Jail Ministry Director and Youth Director. Married to his first love for 49 years, with 2 sons and 7 grandchildren. A graduate of California State (Government/Political Science) & has 3 1/2 years of post graduate work at Loyola Law School & Moody Bible Extension Studies. A Veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Navy. http://www.countermandit.us

    Kelli, a Texan and Patriot, has worked with Charles for 2 years. She supports the Militia defending our border & meets with the border Sheriffs and Public Servants reminding them of their Oath to the Constitution. http://kellidgordonlibertyblog.wordpress.com


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    Healthcare Reform initiatives.

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    Steve Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of ELAP Services LLC, a healthcare cost management and employee advocacy services firm. Founded in 2003, ELAP’s innovative approach to bring rationality to the price of heath services anticipated the future of healthcare years ahead of current ...Healthcare Reform initiatives.

    Mr. Kelly is a recognized expert in the insurance, employee benefits and risk management industry, possessing over 25 years of experience in solving his clients’ healthcare challenges. Since the formation of ELAP, Mr. Kelly has helped hundreds of employers increase their profits by empowering them to take control of their healthcare cost using ELAP’s groundbreaking approach.

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    STE(A)M Initiatives: BDPA Chapter Roll Call and Rally #ChapterCheckIn

    in Technology

    Last year,  Technology Expresso collaborated with the BDPA Columbia Chapter and Triange Chapter to kick of their HSCC enrollment as we broadcast the event live on the internet radio.  This year we are expanding the format to include ALL Chapters that want to call in, announce their HSCC enrollment dates and promote their chapter events.

    Listen to Last Years Collaboration - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/techexpressocafe/2013/12/07/jamesetta-james-the-2014-hscc-registration-live-meet-the-future-participants

    Check Back As We Add Chapters to the List and then Listen in to find out what programming BDPA provides across the nation as well in your local area.  Join the Twitter Chatter!

    Confirmed Participants:

    @BDPACola @BDPA @BDPAMidwestRG @BDPASouthReg (Southern Region) @AtlantaBDPA @JuliusClark @BDPAToday @ATL_Teresa @InspiredYouth @BDPACincinnat @iGotEMApp


    ..... More to Come



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    Dwight Forbes Talks about the Innovative Initiatives Performed by HP

    in Business

    Mr. Forbes Enlightens Technology Expresso with all the New Innovative Initiatives that are being implemented by Hewlett Packard. HP is currently a platinum sponsor for BDPA.

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    India & Nepal's Pashupatinath, Kashmir's Shiva Mace, Vedic Learning Initiatives

    in Culture

    In this episode a brief India news roundup, India's stalled Pashupatinath Guest House, in Kashmir Shiva's Mace visits Shankacharya Temple and Durga, details on new Vedic Learning Initiatives by Tirupati reestablishing the ancient Vedic Gurukula system, PraiseMoves - a 'Christian alternative' to Yoga, Bill Clinton serves Prasadam at an Indian Sanskrit School

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    Malik Yusef uses the Power of G.O.OD MUSIC to save his community!!!

    in Music

    Today we welcome Mr. Malik Yusef to Needle on the Record.  This G.O.O.D Music artist has written,produced and preformed with and for Kanye,Common and many others. His hard work has garned 5 Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, a Tony award and ASCAP AWARDS. 

    As stated on his Wikipedia.He is a revolutionary, one that has remained steadfast as an advocate of urban revitalization and extensive social reforms. In the local Chicago community he has established initiatives such as ‘For Yourself Foundation,’ a program designed to help combat illiteracy. ‘Girl Power’ a non-profit aimed towards uplifting and empowering young females and the ‘Drop Squad,’ consisting of a team who work to clean trash and debris off neighborhood streets. He is devoted to the principles and values of Islam but studies a global array of culture, history and religions. He maintains personal ties and friendships with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Raheem Devaughn, Common, Carl Thomas and Lupe Fiasco.

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