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    First Contact Radio 10/23/14

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    First Contact Radio 10/23/14 Show #1256 hosted by Joshua Poet



    Highlights of Tarot

    Tree of Life

    Moon Phase

    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 17 – 25

    Mayan Oracle


    Jewish Calendar

    UFO News
    Three UFOs At Space Station On Oct 21, 2014

    Documents Obtained in 1979 Lawsuit Show CIA Involved In UFO Surveillance

    How Aliens Look May Surprise You...Says Biologist Richard Dawkins

    Alien hunter finds lion's den on Mars

    Mars and Earth have same ancient man rock-engraving: Visitors to both planets?

    Daily Stories
    October 23, 2014 — Partial Solar Eclipse

    Sunset Solar Eclipse

    Bringers of the Dawn - Chapter Fifteen - Earth’s Initation Through Integrity

    The Elohim October-19-2014

    Daily Affirmations 23 October 2014

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Evolve! with Robin White Turtle Lysne

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    Joseph Campbell, renowned storyteller and interpreter of the mythological, has stated about Rites of Passage, “Nature initiates women and society initiates men”. 

    What he means is that women learn through their bodies about being women (menses, childbirth, menopause) and men have to be initiated through the culture. But we have largely forgotten about meaningful rites for boys. Too many men are grown boys until they come to a point in their lives where they must grow up, either through the military, the birth of a child, or some other initiatory activity, like hunting, fishing, or an actual initiation. Women also need to be acknowledged for being who they are, as mothers and in the culture at large. Acknowledgement of being, is one of the most important things we can do for each other, especially the children.

    In my family, we do just that! We acknowledge each child coming up with a ceremony when they turn 13. Originally inspired by a Bar mitzvah and African tribal rites, I created a secular/spiritual ceremony with the help and permission of my sister Kisti and her husband Sid. We call it the Blue Heron Ceremony. It has been in our family since 1982, when Lysne, my niece, turned 13. I carved a bird, a fledgling Heron taking off from it’s perch just for the occasion. Now, a grown woman with her own children, she and her husband Craig, are offering the ceremony to their children. During a summer vacation we gathered in Door County, Wisconsin, we honor another child of the family. Listen to the family describe the ceremony and the effect of it on their lives over the years and may it inspire your family to do something similar.  

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    Writer's Block 10am "The Western" PST/Radio Drama "The Grooming Hour" 11am PST

    in Culture

    Writer's Block “Visualization and The Western”  (From Saturday, April 5th, 2014) - 10am to 11am


    Tim Pylypiuk and co-host Bob Delaney, editor by trade and part of the Naturally Autistic Magazine development team, look at the obstacle of visualization when a reader tries to get a picture of locations fictional and non-fictional from descriptive prose but finds it challenging.  In addition, the Western genre is examined and honored with audio examples and informative supplaments provided.


    Radio Drama "The Grooming Hour" hosted by Tim Pylypiuk - 11am to 12pm PST (LIVE)


    Synopsis:  As part of the initation of new blood into the Radio Drama talent pool, this show will put recent inductees to the test on the spot for your viewing pleasure as they recite selected Radio Drama works and share their own talent as well in the arts.  Today, Tim Pylypiuk puts himself on the line as he reads selected works of Edgar Allan Poe and talks about how art that frightens can also fascinate.

    Starring:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Selected Works Written By:  Edgar Allan Poe

    Music Selection:  Richard Strauss, Henry Purcell & Wendy Carlos

    Audio Selection:  2010 Intro (Property of MGM Studios USA)


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    Carey Stokes, Thursday, 930pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Carey will talk about the following on the Thursday night show: 1. Who and why travel to the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Journey of Peru every summer, visiting ancient sacred sites , site which many are even ” pre Ican in time, from the civilization of the ‘Wari” 2.When did the Q’ero Nation shamans Andean initation Karpay (rites) come forward and to the west, and why , what is the order , connection, and importance of each Karay for personal and global health 3.When is a “despacho ceremony performed, and why are they done 4. What are 4 major archetypes used in the Andeas , and there signifcance in Medicine Wheel Jounrey of Indigenous energy Medicine
    Carey is Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and a recognized Shamanic Teacher in the US and Abroad for children and adults. Native American in Lineage, and with deep respect for the Earth and all her life forms, he was innately drawn to study the ancient indigenous healing ways of living in balance and harmony with all life from Native peoples.

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    LBB Book Study 44

    in Spirituality

    Book study of Living Beyond Belief; How to Ditch the Life Your Mind Created and Start Living the One Your Soul Intended.  Reading and comments by author.  Join in live to comment or ask questions.
    Chapter 4 Initiation; Purification of the Soul.  Into the section "Disease or Symptom?".... what is the role of anti depressants on the spiritual path or in spiritual crisis or initation?  

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    LBB Book Study 45

    in Spirituality

    Book study of Living Beyond Belief; How to Ditch the Life Your Mind Created and Start Living the One Your Soul Intended.  Reading and comments by author.  Join in live to comment or ask questions.
    "Disease of Symptom" from Chapter 4 Initation; Purification of the Soul".  Continuing on with our talk on the limitations of drugs to heal and sustain health, and talking about long term soutions and alternatives.

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    Beautiful Life of Yoruba African Healing Tradition

    in Spirituality

    Our 17th Episode shares the beauty of initiation, studying and living within the Yoruba Culture.

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    Gold Ring Circle of Abundance

    in Spirituality

    Circle of Abundance Initation Ceremony for twin flames Erica "Harmonic Utopia" Boersma and Dwaine "Inner Balance" Hartman. Led by Phireflye and guests.