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    Faith and Finace: "Kingdom Building and Expansion Requires Capital."

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    Where Faith & Finance goes hand in hand to enhance Kingdom Building & Expanding the Gospel.  With your Host K. Dwayne Rahman and Special Guess Host, Nicole E. Smith GEMS For The Journey.  Today they will discuss the " WHO, WHAT, & WHY" of GEMS and it's Kingdom Solution for ALL Ministries. 

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    My King's TV Network Arch Bishop Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv

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    Arch-Bishop Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv., the "Stop N Listen show," now broadcasting  at 7 PM (EST) - Tonight we will be interviewing Evangelist Dustin Fields & Rev. Dr. Robert Grant with My King's TV Network and our upcoming trip to the Holy Land January 12th 2015.

    Evangelist Dustin Fields, my wife Evangelist Montell Fields we are Field's Family ministries. Ministry is an outreach ministry, we love sharing God's love all around the world to people that are hurting needing hope, there is no better way than that through God's love! 

    I was not blessed in being raised in a family that was God fearing, and loving. I was brought up in a world full of lies, deceit and addictions. Both my parents were drug addicts. 

    From an early age that’s all I was ever taught. I was taught ography was a normal thing at an early age along with being sexually assaulted in my child hood being told to keep it quiet due to it being a family member. In order to deal with the pain and void of not having loving parents constantly longing for affection I never received, like them I turned to drugs and ography at an early age, it became implanted in me and overcame me it was my coping mechanism!! 

    Dr. Robert Grant - Holy Lands: experience & insight leading groups to Jerusalem, Nazareth, Ephesus, Corinth in-depth knowledge history {Jews & early Christians}.

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    Revival nov13 Revival nov 14

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    word  ministry to night @ 7:30 1547 RussellSt. org. s.c 29115.Host Pastors Joseph & Evang.Shirley Oliver.Come hear a word from the woman of GOD. You will be Blessed!( Prophetess) Dorothy Jett Last DAY   full Gospel Apostolic Ministry Hinesville, Georgia

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    The Purpose of our Ministry.. ' is it for Jesus Christ "

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    WHERE IS YOUR MINISTRY? The answer to that question is plainly seen when we examine Jesus Christ's purpose in ministry. ......Whether a believer is a minister, a housewife, a young adult or even a brand-new born again believer, every     believer is called as an “Ambassador  for Christ“.     
    (2 Cor.5:20).......

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    America's Last Option

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    Here comes an American pastor captured in Africa, put in a cage, watched as they dug his grave to burry him alive all because he brought the message of Jesus.

    God released him from captivity by confusing the rebels who captured him and they began shooting and killing each other – allowing him to escape.

    He and his father pioneered a ministry from seven people and grew to 15,000.

    Became Ambassador of Israel to represent peace between them
    and the United States of America.

    International ministry based in Sacramento, CA--president/founder
    Latter Glory World Mission 

    Produced/Directed a DVD documentary “America’s Last Option”.



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