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    First Contact Radio 12/1/14

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    First Contact Radio 12/1/14 Show #1274 hosted by Joshua Poet



    Highlights of Tarot

    Tree of Life

    Moon Phase

    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, Nov. 28 – Dec. 6

    Dreamspell Oracle


    Jewish Calendar

    UFO News
    Double Dome City Found On Mars, Dec 1, 2014

    Structure on Mars Seen In Infrared Nov 30, 2014

    Google Earth Captures A Saucer-Shaped UFO Image Over A Victorian Coast

    Witness Takes UFO Photo 35 Stories Up Over Toronto Canada

    UFO Engulfs Witness In White Beam of Light

    Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2014

    Daily Stories
    Chapter Nineteen Igniting the Internal Flame

    Who Is Guiding You?

    Hilarion November 30- December 7, 2014

    Weekly Positive Affirmations Wallpaper

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Oct 27 ~ Charlotte View: Energetically YOU! Living in a Blue Zone ~Carol Calvert

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    Calling from The Light Retreat in Charlotte, Carol L. Calvert presents Energetically YOU! on Charlotte View Internet Radio

    Carol interviews Dr. Michael Smith, ND and Debby, his wife, a visionary Carolinas couple who are making a difference! They are the co-founders of Carolinas Natural Health Center. Dr. Michael Smith is a practicing naturopathic physician trained as a primary care doctor.  He is an expert in natural medicine, with advanced training in Classical Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition. Debby Smith is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. She is certified in Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy and extensive training in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Thai Yoga massage.

    During this interview Carol and her guest will talk about Blue Zones Projects: A community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks:

    Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica: Life in a Blue Zone, happening February 8-13, 2015 (maximum of 14 people).
    What's A Blue Zone?  A Longevity Hot Spot of the World Where People Live to Be an Average of 120 Years Old
    Where are the first 5 Blue Zones of the World
    People Who Live in Blue Zones Are Committed in Living Healthier Lives in  9 Ways.

    Carol Calvert

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    Kennon Wesley Mason Shares The Goods On Life-Health & Vitality

    in Self Help

    Kennon Wesley Mason - co host with his mom, Louise Hicks, of Aimed 2 Purpose, the radio show, joins Brenda Pearce on this weeks E Factor Radio.  Kenon is a Reiki practioner, broadcaster and so much more. Kennon brings his charm and sense of humour to this interesting broadcast as together we explore the richness of alternatives as part of a comprehensive life practice of vitality and longevity

    You can catch Aimed 2 Purpose weekly on Mondays at 8pm Eastern .http://gvbradio.com/aimed2purpose

    In 2002, Kennon stepped into the realm of natural health & wellness by studying Massage Therapy as a vocational trade. From that point forward upon graduating from Bryman Career College and earning a national certification in Massage Therapy through the National Certification Board Of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, he started on a quest to learn more about natural and unconventional ways to keep the health of the spirit, the mind, and the body at an optimal level. In 2010, he attained certifications as a Personal Fitness Trainer, and a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant through the AFPA, which is American Fitness Professionals & Associates. He also has a second certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a certification in Sports Nutrition through ExpertRating.com. His back-to-basics approach explains fundamental aspects of health that is universal, and gives health information, which will render the awareness that there are better options to attain better health. In early 2011, he became a Board Certified Holistic Psychology Practitioner through the American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness. He says every human being on the planet is designed to use the energetic forces of the universe to their advantage under any and all circumstances…………


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    Into The Black Hole - Ep#7 - Halloween Eve Special w/ Theresa Argie & Eric Olsen

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal journalist Eric Olsen and paranormal investigator Theresa Argie from America's Most Haunted joins us to shared stories from their delving into hauntings and the paranormal, and the terror surrounding some of the nation's most haunted sites. Olsen will share with how he had intense paranormal experiences early in life, and then sought to "turn them off" for decades, while Argie, nicknamed the "Haunted Housewife," has devoted herself to studying the paranormal, investigations, and ghosthunting for many years. Among the tools she and her investigative partner Cathi Weber use are digital recorders, cameras that record the infrared spectrum, dowsing rods, crystals, and even a Ouija board on occasion.

    Locations they have been to include:
    The Stanley Hotel ( From the book & movie The Shining)
    Willoughby Coal and Garden Center 
    The Villisca Axe Murder House 
    Wavery Hills Sanatorium
    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 
    Lemp Mansion 
    The Queen Mary 
    The Knickerbocker Hotel 
    Ohio State Reformatory
    Bobby Mackey's Music World 



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    Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Dr. Sabrina Quinene, Tiffany Friedman and Adrienne Slaughter.

    Dr. Sabrina Quinene is a Chiropractor who recently opened up her own private practice in Redondo Beach. Her passion is providing the South Bay community with the best Chiropractic care with an emphasis on Family Wellness and Women's Health issues. In addition to Chiropractic, she has a Breast Thermography Clinic that focuses on safe early breast cancer detection.

    Tiffany Friedman is the proprietor of Haute Yogi located in the North End of Manhattan Beach. Given that her mother and grandmother had dance studios, it should come as no surprise that Tiffany was dancing as soon as she could walk. Dancing led to gymnastics which led to a professional career as an entertainer. She discovered Bikram Yoga and found that it facilitated her varied physical pursuits - including triathlons - and helped during rehab when she had injuries.

    Adrienne Slaughter, an active Hermosa Beach resident, is a 2-time cancer survivor and has been an inspirational speaker since she was 16 years old. With an uplifting website, www.adriennespeaking.com, today she speaks professionally and is celebrating her 5th year of being "Breast Cancer Free" and 33 1/2 years of being cured of childhood bone cancer.

    We’ve done a few shows this month focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness and thought we’d squeeze one more in before the month ends and at the same time, showcase a couple of local businesses and the amazing women behind them.


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit

    On Facebook at ...


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    Jahari's Holistic Breast Health Awareness

    in Women

    Jahari's F.L.Y. & Fit Tea Party promises to be a unique and special event, reinventing the Southern Belle Tea Party. This fundraising event  welcomes Central Florida’s professionals, community leaders, and corporate supporters.This year, Jahari’s Institute & Dance Fitness will mark our 3rd anniversary providing local women with Holistic Breast Health Exams, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), Healthy Eating, and Fitness plans.

    The program will feature: Yolanda C. Triplett, Master Of Ceremonies; Virginia  Asada, Orlando's finest  Belly Dancer; Lisa Stren, Orlando finest Belly Dancer  Joanna Hackley Davis, Speaker; Suzy Sharbot, Speaker; Toni Crabtree, Speaker; Kathy B. Riggins,Speaker; Jahari Winston, Delivering her signature Presentation "I Do".

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    Better Infrared Than Dead, Part 3

    in Health

    Topic: Better Infrared Than Dead, Part 3

    Guest: Patient

    Host:  Mike Barbour


    Take a 90 Day Test Drive:


    Prices starting under $3000



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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with Garry Bellenger of Spectrum State

    in Paranormal

    Tonight your host Bill Bachman interviews Garry Bellenger of Spectrum State, maker of the the Spectrumlite. Garry's passion is the Haunted & Paranormal. He considers himself as a skeptic and a very black and white individual; however after several experiences over the years including first hand encounter with an Ectoplasm, Disembodied Voices and Grade A EVP’s nothing has been able to debunk what he has seen, heard or felt, there is NO logical explanation. Garry has been intrigued with the paranormal since he was a child; he started solo investigations around 5 years ago, and then branched out to freelance with ghost hunting teams. Garry found solo investigations to be almost a form of meditation. Sitting in the darkness, peace & quite is a beautiful world for an introvert. Over the years he has used many infrared capable digital cameras & video cameras, one thing he learned very fast is you can never get enough infrared light as most in the paranormal field would agree. Out-laying many dollars on infrared lights Garry decided enough was enough; he started making his own infrared illumination to use with his night vision gear & full spectrum camera. After designing & prototyping he came up with an infrared illuminator that surpassed the Sony IR lights by a long shot, the Spectrumlite! Visit Garry Belllenger's website at www.spectrumstate.com for the best in ghost hunting gear, follow him on Twitter @auparanormal and like him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumState

    To win your own Spectrumlite, listen for the code word at the end of the broadcast and go to our website www.incubiincarnate.com for complete rules.

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    Know ThySelf, Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously with Dr Dean Allen

    in Spirituality


    We are delighted to have Dean G. Allen, PhD as our guest tonight, whose book, and topic, is:  Know ThySelf, Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously.

    Dr. Allen is a Wellness/Consciousness Consultant who uses an infrared science to track and decode human symptoms and problems into organ/gland wisdom messages. When these messages are followed through proper perception and expression of each organ’s function they create ‘elegant solutions’ to our personal challenges. Unconscious trauma memory (our history) of not being safe or able – creates a ‘drag’ on our perceptions and expressions necessary to manifest our divine intent. This ‘drag’ can be measured and tracked by infrared science into the unconscious causes of all our human problems.

    Dr. Allen and his wife, Kristy Knight, began the  Consciousness Party – a political party based on what regenerates human energy systems. To learn more about Dr. Allen visit dgallenphd.com & www.consciousnesssystems.com

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    Infrared or Dead Patient Tells His Story, part 2

    in Health

    Topic: Infrared or Dead Patient Tells His Story 

    Guest: Patient

    Host:  Mike Barbour


    Take a 90 Day Test Drive:


    Prices starting under $3000


    1-888-658-3094, ext 101

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coldlasertoday/2014/08/08/infrared-or-dead-patient-writes-book-on-the-ml830-cold-laser#ixzz3AobkDJeP

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    Carla Garcia, D.O.M. is the primary provider at the Thermography Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been performing thermographic screening for more than 15 years.


    Before becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Carla studied homeopathy, herbs, Western medicine, and European Biological Medicine. She has studied with and trained physicians in the US, Canada, and Germany.

    A safe method of breast screening that does not involve pain or radiation.
    Taking control of your breast health.
    Making sense of mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs.
    What a thermographic scan of the whole body can reveal.

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