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    Should Parents Pay Fines When Children Misbehave In School?

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    As adults, we learn that mistakes cost money - whether it's late fees for forgetting to pay a bill on time or traffic ticket fees for failing to stop at a stop light. When children misbehave in school, the price is often suspension - meaning they have to stay home from school. Is that really punishment for a child, or is it a vacation day?  Many teachers feel that failure to train a child to behave properly is an infraction committed by parents for which they should be fined. Is that fair? Or will that encourage parents to take more responsibility for their child's behavior? How much should a parent be fined when a child repeatedly disrupts the class while the teacher is teaching? How much for bullying other students? How much for when a child starts a fight? If fines are not paid, should the parent have to do community service at the school in order to work off the debt?  Should the parent have to attend a parenting class after receiving a certain number of fines? Based on your ideas, we will present this as a proposal to school boards as an alternative to suspension, which takes a child out of school, prevents learning, and does not correct the behavioral problem caused by a lack of parenting skills.

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    Abrogate Prohibiton Michigan 2016 Podcast

    in Elections

    The goal of this group would be nothing less than Full and Total Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition in Michigan. No Felony, No Misdemeanor, No Civil Infraction of even 1.00. No Arrests, No Jail, No Courts, No Government Authority over your bodies Endocannabinoid System.

    A Constitutional Amendment to Abrogate Prohibition and remove Cannabis crime and penalty from the Mi CSA, PHC, and MCL in perpetuity. The State will get its 2 lbs of flesh with 6% Sales Tax on all no Food, Medical, Agricultural, or Religious Sales, and Regulation on any Retail Products like Rope, Hemp Crete and Blocks, Cloth, Textiles, Plastics ect...

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    Earnestly Speaking Radio Show: 8/7/15

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    •Gee Steeeeeel is BACK!! And in honor of that we open today's show talking......POLITICS!!! Because the election is only 14 months away. Urgency!!!!


    •Aldon Smith's nine lives have officially been used up as the San Francisco 49ers officially release him in Reaction to his recent infraction Is Ray Rice's NFL career O-V-E-R?

    •Wil Reeve Jr of The All Weather Fan Podcast joins us to talk NFL storylines and Kobe Bryant.

    •There's probably no other coach in the NFL under more scrutiny and pressure than Chip Kelly of the Eagles. But is it warranted? 

    •THE HOT FIVE: Kobe Bryant, Dave Dembrowski, James Harden, Ronda Rousey, Arian Foster

    •Big Jim Neis of Tuesday Time Out and 3 Count Thursday joins to discuss the recent deaths of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and the Hulk Hogan controversy. 

    Unfortunately due to technical issues the  show had to come to an abrupt end. Really sucks!!! 

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    POLICE TALK with Mike Thompson and SCOTT BORDEN August 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm

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    Wednesday 2:00 August 5, 2015   POLICE-TALK with Mike Thompson featuring Scott Broden, URG / RGCC Campus Police. Chief Borden and his campus security force keep students, faculty and administration safe. Scott comes to the University of Rio Grande with much experience working in the Ohio Highway Patrol. Scott will be on hand to discuss what are some of the do’s and don’ts one should consider when pulled over for minor driving infraction.  Recently, our society has seen circumstances that ended tragically but could have been avoided when being stopped by the police.  He will share practical and common sense ways in keeping an inconvenient stop from becoming a catastrophic situation.

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    After being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction Sandra Bland was unlawfully arrested and made to go to jail. While in custody she died under very suspicious circumstances. All signs point to murder and the people want more then answers, they demand action! Will we sit by and let another outspoken person in our community become yet another hashtag? Law enforcement says they will give us justice but is it to late for that? If this was an isolated incident we can pretend it was a crooked cop, a bad apple, a rogue officer that ended Sandy's life but incidents such as this happens to often. This is secret policy. There is a war going on and it is quite clear that ?#‎AMERICA? KILLED ?#‎SANDRABLAND?. Next ?#‎2RAW4TV? we talk about the case, what's next, and WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! tune in


    11PM EST


    CALL IN 3234100036

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    Formula One Rock Star Lewis Hamilton Wins Grand Prix Du Canada

    in Sports

    Two-time record setting champion Lewis Hamilton won his fourth Formula One Grand Prix since the start of the season. Seven races in, Hamilton has turned in nothing short of excellent drives for the Mercedes AMG team giving them a comfortable lead towards their second, Team Constructors Championship.

    Crossing the finish line second was Nico Rosberg, to complete a Mercedes one-two, Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini third, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel both with Ferrari fourth and fifth, respectively.  Vettel started in 18th because he received a red flag infraction grid penalty, but skillfully worked his way up to, fifth. Rounding out the action on the track and in the points were, sixth place Felipe Massa who started 15th, Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado in his best showing in the last two years coming in seventh, Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg, Red Bull Daniil Kvyat, and Frenchman Romain Grosjean who qualified fifth, finished tenth.

    Pole sitter, Lewis Hamilton, got off to a great start in the Formula One Grand Prix in Canada at, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a street circuit on the city's Ile Notre-Dame.  His Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg had to fight for second at the starting line with Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen trying to squeeze him out. Rosberg held his position and Raikkonen fell in behind Rosberg at third.

    It was a bad day for the McLaren team when exhaust problems ended the race for Fernando Alonso, and shortly thereafter, a drive thru penalty on Jenson Button lead to his early retirement.  Sauber’s Marcus Ericcson had a challenge for fourteenth with Max Verstappen finishing 15th and Sauber’s Felipe Nasr, was 16th.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone News and Sports.  Next Race, Austria.

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    In Short Order -- Jerry Anderson -- VieLight

    in Health

    Is it possible to be well with something as simple as light? Once you understand how light behaves on our cells, your answer will be YES!

    Novel approach of using light to signal the body to correct vascular imbalances concludes the world’s first published double blind-study.  Researchers reported that placing a small red light in the sinus cavity makes:

    Improvements in blood viscosity, and red blood cell aggregation (associated with many diseases including diabetes)
    Improvements of blood lipid metabolite including decreased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol.
    Study conclusion (intranasal) light therapy may improve blood lipid and hemorheologic behavior in patient with Coronary Heart Disease or Cerebral-Infraction

    The sinus cavity is easy access to deliver light to the “command center” of the body, the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands.  This area is saturated with photo receptors which respond to light. 

    Imagine a device the size of a few stacked credit cards, which may improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes: a universal adaptogenic remedy to reverse the effects of degenerative diseases (aging).   

    A medical breakthrough in self-healthcare which is a small light inserted into 1 nostril for 25 minutes per day during almost any other activity including driving, watching TV, exercising.

    There is a large body of evidence from over 50 years of international studies on “blood irradiation” which has many names from blood photo-luminesce to photo oxidation. 

    This emerging new science is called PBM (Photo Bio-Modulation). 


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    Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta - Mar 9, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Scott Walker hired pretty women. But he didn't put them in binders, so that has to count for something, right?


    Hillary had a private email account. She might have used it to smear Netanyahu. She definitely fired an ambassador for the same infraction. But that doesn't matter...


    Also, the relevance of the timing of the vaccination mandate fear-mongering.


    Plus, a long-awaited CPAC wrap-up.



    Join us in the chat room, or call and be part of the show live! 646-716-7039

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    Back In To Society - The Lenny Singleton/Vandy Hill Story.. Unconditional Love

    in Current Events

     “Love Conquers All”

    The story you are about to hear is word for word, heart to heart true.. 

    Lenny Singleton and Vandy Hill lost contact with each other after high school only to be reunited 28 years later, this is where it all begins! After high school Lenny went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Business.  After college he joined the Navy where his addiction took over his life.  In a 13 day period he robbed 8 stores while under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine.  For this he received 2 Life Sentences plus 100 years. He did not kill or even hurt anyone.  He did not have a gun during any of the incidents.  There is not one victim impact statement made against him.  In total he stole approximately $350.  This was his first felony offense.  In Lenny’s case the Virginia General Assembly recommended 11-18 years.  The judge disregarded these guidelines and without any explanation to the court, Lenny or his family, sentenced Lenny to more time than rapists, child molesters, and murderers.  To date, Lenny has served over 19 years.  His time while incarcerated stands testament to his reformed nature.  He works every day in a position of authority at Virginia Correctional Enterprises.  He lives in the Honor’s Dormitory.  He has never received an infraction for anything during his entire incarceration. 

    I began writing everyone I could think of to bring this situation to light to the American public.  I also began writing Lenny.  Through the act of writing and catching Lenny up over the past 28 years, I began to see what bad shape I was in.  I was horribly overweight.   “Vandy,  You have a tumor, to be continued, listen in to find out the rest of the story..

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    Talking in Circles: Martinsville Preview; Qualifying Changes

    in Sports

    On tonight's episode of Talking in Circles, we discuss the changes taking place in qualifying in the Xfinity/Nationwide Series for 2015 and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as well. The top-25/30 rule is now gone ,and qualifying will be similar to that of the Sprint Cup Series. We'll talk about whether or not this is a good move for these series, and the other things that will go into these changes as well.

    Stewart-Haas Racing will make a crew chief swap between the number 10 and the number 41 teams. Tony Gibson, current crew chief of Danica Patrick will be moving to Kurt Busch following this weekend's race in Martinsville. Daniel Knost, Kurt Busch's current cc will move to the 10 of Danica as well. We'll discuss what this means for both drivers, and Stewart-Haas Racing as a whole. 

    Penalties we NOT handed down Tuesday as we all originally thought, with the number 31 team at Richard Childress Racing and driver Ryan Newman. It was sort of strange from the beginning as Newman's team didn't really have a reason to cheat, but still got caught with an infraction. We'll talk about why the team wasn't handed a penalty, and how much of a relief this is for RCR. 

    Cheez-It has resigned with Roush Fenway Racing and will sponsor the number 16 car with Greg Biffle in 2015. Roush has sold a lot of sponsorship so far, and we'll discuss how important that is for their team. 

    Also, as always on our Wednesday show, we have this week in NASCAR history as we once again go back 25 years, to October 22, 1989 as Mark Martin wins his first career race for Roush Racing, and it was the first win for Roush as a team owner as well. We'll discuss the siginifcane of this win, and how it propelled Roush. 

    Also, our picks to make it through this round of the chase, and into the Championship race at Homestead.

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    Special Episode: The Todd Gurley Fallout

    in Football

    Georgia running back and Heisman hopeful Todd Gurley has been suspended indefinitely for a serious NCAA infraction. How will this affect Georgia's chances in the SEC East? How long should he be suspended? Should players be paid? What about corporate sponsorships? Should Johnny Manziel come to his aid? We'll go over all this, AND MORE, in our special edition of The Sports Talk Guys!