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    Informational Interview: Terry T.

    in Self Help

    This session of Informational Interview, I chat with my buddy Terry T. We discuss my progress in the job search and Terry explains why social media took a back seat when he was going through a similar transition period. 

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    What Should I Use? Informational Interview or Gathering Business Intelligence

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    In this episode of Own Your Career Rod Colon will highlight the diffences between an Informational Interview and Gathering Business Intelligence. Rod will take a step by step approach in how to do both and knowing when to use them as the CEO of Me, Inc.


    As the CEO of Me, Inc., business intelligence is the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.  BI can handle enormous amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities. BI allows for the easy interpretation of volumes of data. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

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    Informational Interview: Everette C.

    in Self Help

    In this episode of Informational Interviews, I talk to my good friend Everette. In the session he discusses how a transition period can be leverage, explains to me what is going on in the twittersphere, and of course mentions Little Rock more than once.

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    Informational Interview: Justin M.

    in Self Help

    In this episode of Informational Interviews we chat with my good friend Justin. I get some great career advice about staying true to my passion. I learn a little bit about the struggles of work/life balance for an attorney in New York. In our "Off Tagent" segment we focus on the Entertainment industry. In particular, Justin and I discuss America's love affair w/ 12 years of slave, the absence of african american involvement, and the correlation between to the two.

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    Informational Interview: John A. (edited)

    in Self Help

    In this session of Informational Interviews I talk to my good buddy, John A who explains to me why listing what you don't like will help you focus during your job search. He also shares why the words "great" and "awesome" aren't so great or awesome, especially when I cut him off the mic.

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    Working The Informational Interview

    in Jobs

    Who says job hunting has to be so hard?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been helping people find work by recruiting, providing great information and coaching without any BS for more than 40 years. He is a LIvePerson job hunting expert.

    You can receive a complimentary subscription to No B. S. Job Search Advice Ezine (a $499 value) at www.Jeff Altman.com.  While you're there, explore the great content and job search tools to help you find work.

    Also, listen to Jeff's other show, Job Search Radio on WebTalkRadio.net or in iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Player.fm, The Blackberry Store and other podcast networks.


    On this show, Jeff will speak about effective and successful informational interviews.

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    Leveraging the Informational Interview as the CEO of Me, Inc.

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    In this episode of Own Your Career, Rod discusses and answers questions on how to create the demand for the CEO of Me, Inc. in leveraging the "Informational Interview".

    An Informational Interview is a meeting in which a potential job seeker seeks advice on their career, the industry, and the corporate culture of a potential future workplace; while an employed professional learns about the job seeker and judges their professional potential and fit to the corporate culture, so building their candidate pool for future hires. 

    In an informational interview, job seekers can be unemployed, or else employed and considering new options. They use the interview to gather information on the field and on specific companies that they might want to work at. They can find employment leads, and expand their professional network. The employed professional from whom the potential candidate seeks advice and information also learns about a new potential colleague or hire and builds their own network through the conversation.

    This differs from a job interview because the conversation is not about hiring and not about a specific job. The potential candidate asks general questions about the nature of the company or the industry, and the "insider" learns his or her professional character at the same time. The information interview helps overcome a problem with most discussions in a recruiting/job-seeking process, where each side is hesitant to talk to the other because they are uncertain about whether they might be wasting their time with an unqualified candidate or unsuitable workplace. In contrast, "the informational interview provides an non-threatening forum" for discussion as the two sides learn about the other.

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    Ice Billion Berg Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ice Billion Berg Interview

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    Young Scrap Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    Young Scrap Interview

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    Photography Interview with Kaylee Larson

    in Photography

    Interview with Photographer Kaylee Hill Larson and just getting started out in Photography.


    Music Infinity by Marco Margna. Check out his music at Jumendo.com

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    Craymer Interview

    in Music

    Taking the name of his miscarried younger brother, the Seattle-based, electro-pop band, Craymer, is led by frontman Jordan Lake, who has had music featured on MTV, E!, Oxygen, and ABC Family, with shows including The Real World and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

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