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    The Influential

    in Comedy

    "No man is an island" but very few rise to the occasion to become legendary! Tonight we pay homage to the greatest influences on the men you now affectionately call the SHOW! 

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    The Influential Leader with Rebel Brown

    in Motivation

    The Influential Leader with Rebel Brown. 

    Your mind didn’t come with a manual, which is why human thinking and behavior can be so darned confusing. Download the book here>> http://ow.ly/rd88k

    What if you had a manual for your mind, with explanations about what makes humans tick? A manual that answered questions including:

    Why intelligent people make illogical decisions, 
    Why we avoid change, 
    Why we like some people in an instant and dislike others just as quickly, 
    Why we so like patterns and habits, 
    Why a seemingly simple communication can be so misunderstood?

    The Influential Leader is just that manual. A guide that shares the intricacies of how we think, decide and behave based on the powerful discoveries of neuroscience, the study of the technology of our minds.  You'll learn proven techniques to positively influence your mind and the minds of your teams. Written for leaders, the manual applies in business, education, non-profits and life in general.  

    We can all create excellence  - in everything we do. The power is all in your mind! 


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    You & Other Influential Leaders

    in Business

    'Tis not your rank or title, but the raw material within that holds your ability to generate influence beyond what you might imagine.  Host Bart Jackson invites guest Dale Caldwell, serial CEO, business and social entrepreneur, educator, renoned consultant, and author of "Intelligent Influence" to discuss how to cultivate your influential self.  Whether you seek to boost sales, your career, or just make your ideas strike home with a greater force, this show is laden with applicable tools.


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    How To Attract And Get Influential People And Celebrities To Attend Your Event

    in Lifestyle

    On this week's episode of Y-CLAD CHAT, we're so excited to be chatting it up with Rolise Rachel. Rolise is known for her exquisite and extravagant Hampton's events like the St. Barth's in the Hamptons Gala. She has had celebrities like Brook Shields and Molly Sims hosting her events and her events have attracted the likes of New York City socialites, infamous housewives and the who's who of New York City.

    We'll pick Rolise's brain and find out how we too can create events that influentials and elitists would want to attend.

    Additionally, we'll touch on the infamous ENK/Accessories show. ENK is a forum for new and existing designers to showcase their collections for retailers. It's an opportunity for retailers to locate amazing new finds for their boutiques, stores and/or ecommerce sites.  We'll touch on the new designers that exhibited this year and who Y-Clad has chosen to add to their already robust collection of jewels.

    And as usual, we'll bring you guys up to speed on up and coming events in your areas, as well as, the designer feature of the week - The Majestic Necklace by Kanupriya Khurani. The Majestic Necklace is an 18kt Plated webbed shaped necklace with blue agate, blue chalcedony, chalcedony, amethyst and cubic zirconia stones set in an 18kt-plated base with 18kt gold links. It's simply stunning and is available on www.y-clad.com.

    Don't miss it! Broadcasting live to you on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 7 pm EST on BlogTalkRadio is Y-CLAD CHAT.


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    Priestess View Influential Witch's Spotlight on High Priest & Psychic Brian Cain

    in Spirituality

    Coming Up On The Priestess View Radio Show Influential Witch’s Spotlight

    The Renowned Psychic Medium, Alexandrian High Priest and Teacher Brian Cain!

    Join us as we discuss British Traditional Witchcraft, Glamour Magic and Psychic Mediumship

    Please join us as he shares his wisdom and experience.

    Our Priestesses

    Priestess Goddess Rhonda Azjua Metaphysical and Henna Artist Serviceswww.healinghennagoddess.com

    Rev. Priestess Starr  www.charmedbystarr.com  www.wiccanfamilytemple.org,

    Priestess Yvette www.motownwitch.com

    Priestess Shari www.rootmojo.com

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    Black Influential Greeks Part 3

    in Entertainment

    Part 3 of THE DEVINE NINE, Black Influential Greeks! Meet T C Carson, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc., Felicia D. Blakeney Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., Steve Bayne Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and neophyte Brianna Baker of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.Meet these movers and shakers as they share their personal lives and their involvment in their organizarions. 

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    1 Most Influential Book in My Life

    in Business

    Big dreams. Goals. Resolutions. Even the most cynical amongst us sets one or two in the back of our mind at this time of year. I don’t blame you. Each year I would sit down and create a laundry list of goals and milestones that I wanted to achieve in the upcoming fresh calendar year. I still do, although I narrow my goal setting down to just 4 big goals, one in each of Mark Ford’s top categories: Health, Wealth, Social Self, and Personal Enrichment.

    There are many books that can help you with goal setting. I’ve written one myself that is available on Kindle for less than a dollar. There are countless books promising great inspiration and motivation to keep you going through the year. And some help. For business goals, I can’t recommend The Secrets of the Rockefeller Habits enough. If you’re serious about building a 7-figure business and a cohesive team, you need to read it. But there’s one book that has nothing to do with business or goal setting or motivation that you need to read. It is the foundation of my success because it reminds me, at all

    The first is that, physically, we can all handle a lot more than we think. The second is that, mentally, your attitude determines not only your success, but also your well-being. You will find this a surprise book recommendation for motivation, but it inspires me everyday, whether I have to go walk the dog in the rain or whether I have to glue my butt to a chair and write three one-thousand word articles over the next two hours to meet publishing deadlines.

    People who need to listen to this show are entrepreneurs

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    The Priestess View Influential Witch's Spotlight on Warlock Christian Day

    in Spirituality

    ***Note*** Christian was delayed and comes in about 45 minutes into the program.

    Coming Up On The Priestess View Radio Show Influential Witch’s Spotlight

    The Renowned Author,  Warlock and Necromancer Extraordinaire CHRISTIAN DAY!

    Christian is the author of the Witch’s Book of the Dead & Host of BTR’s Hex Education

    We will be talking to him about Witchcraft, Necromancy and the true meaning of the title Warlock.

    Please join us as he shares his wisdom and experience.

    Our panel of Priestesses:

    *Priestess Goddess Rhonda of Azjua Metaphysical and Henna Artist Services 

    *Rev Priestess Starr of Charmed by Starr and Wiccan Family Temple

    *Priestess Yvette of Motown Witch

    *Priestess Shari of RootMojo



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    The Influential Power Of Music and Lyrical Content!

    in Music

    Host & CEO: PoeEtiq


    Co Host/ Music Director: Raw Dawg

    DeeJay: Doctor A.T.

    Magazine Editor & Chief : Myra MO

    Ministry Of Motivation With John Lowe


    To call: 213-559-2995

    We now air 7 DAYS a week at 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst   

    24/7 access www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio 


    Sunday: Ministry Of Motivation With John Lowe

    Mon.| Wed.| Fri. Conference Call  (Industry Focused) Raw Dawg & PoeEtiq

    Tue.| Thurs.| Sat. In The Mix With Doctor A.T.


    As a token of appreciation, for you tuning in, you or anyone you are connected with that does music we are offering FREE Airplay 


    Yes, Get free Airplay today! It is as simple as 123 upload your radio ready MP3 @ www.hiphopnationalradio.com maximize your exposure now. Help us lift up & build up the unsigned music community by having 100 your fans request your music on twitter @hiphopnational or #hiphopnational 


    "Taking Music From the Studio To the Bank!"

    Hip Hop National is Marketing and Management firm that is assisting Music Artist with preseting a professional presentation and portfolio to the Industry Inside Circle Of The Music Business


    We aim to educate will you help?


    Contact; 954.461.3398 for Booking and Details


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    Leadership Lessons To Be A More Effective and Influential Leader

    in Business

    Leadership is Simple…until you add people! Leadership is a very broad topic; one where more books have been written than you could read in your entire life!

    The diverse nature of human interaction is what makes leadership such a complex topic. Tara-Lee Goerlitz believe relationships, both positive and negative, have the ability to influence Business, Family and Community. As Leaders, we have the ability to influence these relationships…what impact do we want to leave at the end of the day?

    Tara-Lee Goerlitz, Partner with NexLevel Challenge, has a compelling desire to make a difference and support others in realizing their potential. Tara-Lee is passionate about building partnerships with her business clients and empowering them to drive and sustain positive change. Tara-Lee will walk you through the 5 key Leadership Lessons. Tips you can incorporate into your own lives, moving ahead as more effective and influential leaders. 

    Read more in Tara-Lee's article in the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.  Learn more about NexLevel Challenge HERE. 

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    Is Music Influential In Today's Society ? (Promo SHOW)

    in Business

    Today we have special guest Boogie AKA Brian Greer speaking about today's hip hop. Does hip hop influence us to do good thing or bad things? Tune in!