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    What influences African Americans

    in Motivation

    Join us as we discuss what influences African American trends, behavior, and achievements Thursday May 14 at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio

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    Negative Influences Around You!

    in Christianity

    We often have to fight off or ignore negative influences even when they come from those who are close to us.

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    Dealing With Influences

    in Lifestyle

    There are times in Life where we deal with many Influences and Distraction. Rodney is going to talk with us on how we should deal with the various influences in our life. 

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    Exposing Satanic Practices and Influences Episode 1 Part 3

    in Christianity

    You're listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio. Welcome to our program "Where the truth is spoken and eyes are open". Tonight we will be continuing and finishing our discussion on satanic practices and influences concerning part 1 the demonic realm, part 2 aleister crowley and part 3 for tonight anton lavey. As we have spoken about the demonic and satanic realm that is abound on this earth and it's influences, we have discussed how not inviting Jesus in your life can be detremental to you and how vulnerable you leave yourself when you reject Him. In a recap part 2 of our series we showed how it doesn't take ritual sacrifices, witchcraft and spells to only envoke this dark dominion in your life but your actual life choices and rejecting the one and only savior will lead you down a path of destruction. We are talking about your eternal soul. What exactly is satanism? Take a listen to today's broadcast.

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    Who Influences You?

    in Family

    Psychologists would say that our earliest and most lasting influences come from our families and caretakers. If we are fortunate to be raised by loving and attentive people, we internalize values and develop the capacity for connection and intimate attachments, and we construct psychological defenses to provide just the right amount of protection against negative outside influences.

    In adolescence we are very much influenced by our peers. Everyone wants to be a part of the “in-group,” accepted and admired. Looking back, which group did you aspire to - the jocks, the greasers, the stompers, prom queens, homemakers, nerds, motorcycle molls, prepies? And how long did it take to get over their influence? Or have you?

    On one of the intelligence assessments for children there’s a question about staying away from “bad” people. The correct answers suggest that even at an early age we can know that some people might have a hurtful influence on us and others a positive influence. As we mature, our self-esteem dictates that we choose friends and mentors who influence us to be our most expressive, creative and loving. And of course, conscious choice becomes more possible in adulthood. Choice then is the key word.

    I would say that the spiritual connection should be the most prominent influence in my life.

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    Exposing Satanic Practices and Influences Part 2 Episode 1

    in Christianity

    In this Part 2 discussing of Satanic Practices and Influences we dive into the world of Music Entertainment. DISCRETION IS ADVISED. We will be talking about adult material.  You will be hearing a sound bite from Good Fight Ministries Pastor Joe Schimmel as well Jared from youtubes Puritan Pictures and Puritan Pictures 2. Open your eyes to hear the truth on influences from the music industry and how it can affect you. We will discuss Aleister Crowley and his stake on western culture. Stay tuned and join us next Saturday at 8pm for part 3 discussion of Anton Levy. God bless.

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    Earths Retreat Radio: The outward influences on relationships

    in Relationships

    Today is June 26, 2014, our Transformation, Transition Thursday. Today EmpressAh'malah with Allah Son Bey will discuss those outward influences on relationships. I am thankful for you all showing interest in what is share here on Earths Retreat Radio. Please support our work by tuning in, sharing our page, giving generous monetary offerings via our website. We give 100% of service to you first. Our reward is that you are able to take something from here that will help you to help yourself and others. Through visualizing what you want, all your dreams and desires can come true.

    At Earths Retreat©®™, our Empowerment Coach and Humanity Wellness Doc, Ah'malah is guided by the supreme creator/creatress within, highly favored by many for her endless servant leadership to people worldwide over the past 15 years. Her goal is to inspire, encourage, uplift or empower you in every area of your life. Ah'malah's personal gift to you if you will accept is: #BEAM each and every day. B.e Love/E.mpower Others/A.ffirm Greatness/M.otivate Self. This virtual internet radio show is a support and guide not the solution! Continue to study self and do the work!

    Our show today will address outward influences on relationships. We all at some point experience those unexpected outward influences in our relationships. Today we want to build on empowerment and encouragement on how to sail through the rocky sea of those influences. Empress Ah'malah with Allah Son Bey will answer your questions and share insight. We should all invest in the first business, which is family. Think about your questions for our class discussion. Come join us and share your methods, advice, or ideas. See you all on our show hosted by Empress Ah'malah & Guest Monday-Friday at 12noon EST (646-649-0119).

    Peace & Love Your Empowerment Coach, Empress Ah'malah 

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    How Prison Influences the Urban Fiction Genre

    in Writing

    Your favorite Urban Fiction hosts K.C. Baylor and Santiago discussing how much of a role prison plays in the urban fiction genre. Some of the pages are ripped straight out of real life situations. This weeks topic calls you to think of where the genre originated. Don't forget to give us a call, comment or shoutout @ 347-989-0235. Follow us We make Publishing Sexy!

    Hit the Follow button to get more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources. If you'd like to be interviewed or spotlighted or an artist looking to get some airplay visit www.urbanfictionnews@yahoo.com

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    The Prosperous Leader - How Gratefulness Influences Success

    in Entrepreneur

    The Prosperous Leader Radio Show - one gold-thought, one gold-gram at a time...

    Today's guest Jessica Peterson will share her top two insights on gratefulness to create long-term business preservation for your team members, clients, family and self. Join one of Blog Talk Radio's top "entrepreneur" hosts Christine to begin your week with a clear focus on inspiring yourself and your team.

    This show is brought to you by http://karatGroupteam.com

    To connect with the show host or any of the guests, email ckmoyp@gmail.com



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    How Website Security Influences Your Website's Rankings and Performance

    in Marketing

    Can website security influence your website’s rankings? Website security is as essential as you locking the front door of your brick and mortar business. Just not as visible as this. Many think, because their website is not huge yet or they are not famous, that nobody would try to hack into their sites.

    Listen to this SEO podcast where One-Of-A-Kind SEO expert, SEO coach and Elite Business Strategist Dagmar Gatell speaks about devastating website security issues – from 22,200 faked pages on your website to becoming a sex site - and how to prevent them.

    P.S. Gain FREE access to our SEO premium content, including the 7 fatal SEO mistakes successful entrepreneurs make when building their autority online.

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