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    Diabetes Late Nite inspired by Mark Ronson

    in Health

    June’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast is inspired by Mark Ronson, an English musician, DJ, singer, and record producer. 

    Tonight we're talking about different strategies to help you get out of a 'food, fitness and diabetes' funk. 

    Mark's latest album, “Uptown Special” is considered to be his most inventive and vibrant work to date. The album is inspired by his musical beginnings as a teenager growing up in New York City in the early 1990’s and features the hit song, “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars.

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres performed a dance routine to the song with help from the So You Think You Can Dance all-star team on Ellen’s TV Show to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign. "We’re asking folks all across the country to #GimmeFive ways their leading a healthy life," Obama said.

    The album was written and produced with GRAMMY® -winning producer Jeff Bhasker. The majority of the album's lyrics were written by Pulitzer-winning American novelist Michael Chabon. Mark Ronson's favorite living author, Chabon became a part of the songwriting process early on and was fully immersed in the album's narrative creation, often working with Ronson and the vocalists in the recording studio.

    Tonight's guests include the Charlie's Angels of Outreach, Chef Robert Lewis, Mama Rose Marie, Dr. Lori L. Shemek PhD and Author Trisha Porretti, RN, BSN, CDE. Throughout the broadcast Mr. Divabetic will be playing selected tracks from Mark Ronson's "Uptown Special" album courtesy of SONY MUSIC.  

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    Dr. Daniel Twogood Author of " Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days"

    in Health

    Dr. Dan Twogood began practicing in 1983 at the International Sports Medicine Institute in West Los Angeles where he treated athletes in the 1984 Olympics.In 1985 he opened a private practice in Apple Valley, California where he lives with his wife, and office manager Willy.He discovered the diet/pain connection for himself in 1985 and wrote his first book, No Milk in 1992.

    Dr. Twogood has written two books since the, How to Rid Your Body of Pain in 1996, and MSG is Everywhere in 1997.In the last ten years he has discovered more about chronic pain, what causes it, and how to eliminate chronic pain in a reasonable period of time. His newest book, Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days will be out in July of 2011.

    This new book includes the 10 steps necessary to eliminate chronic pain. danieltwogood.com

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    Harvey Diamond:Overcoming Chronic Pain

    in Finance

    Classic episode from Living Wealthy Radio.  www.livingwealthyradio.com

    NY Times bestselling author and natural healing advocate Harvey Diamond joined Teresa for a discussion about pain and why it's not necessarily inevitable as we age.

    Diamond talks about his own #fibromyalgia and how he used diet and nutrition to alleviate his suffering.  Harvey Diamond believes poor gut health is a major contributor to chronic pain and provides information about the use of digestive enzymes to help combat pain and inflamation.

    Harvey Diamond is the bestselling author of Fit for Life and Living Without Pain and a regular guest on television and radio programs across the country.

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    Managing stress and preventing yourself from allergy this fall.

    in Lifestyle

    Are you aware that 2/3 of our doctor’s visit is stress related? Did you know that allergies affect more than 35 million of Americans and weeds and molds are the biggest culprits for fall allergies? Not managing your stress can lead to bone loss, depression, inflamation, heart problems, weight gain and so many. Allergies can prevent you from spending quality time with your family and completing projects at work.

    Tune in to learn surefire tips to manage your stress, keep your stress level down and get the best natural remedies to relieve allergy symptoms.

    WOLB 1010AM station, online on blogtalkradio.com/gfem-radio, phone 347-989-1700. 5pm ET. Follow on twitter:http://www.twitter.com/gfemradio

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    Mind-Body-Spirit: Living a Holistic Life - Supplements and Food Allergies

    in Health

    Dr. Rene will be discussing eating smart, the correct way to take supplements and food allergies. Our food is getting bigger, but the same amount of nutrients are in a small piece as a big piece, how can we eat more nutritiously? We hear that supplements do not work or a waste of money, but are we taking them the right way? Are the foods you eat the cause of inflamation in your body? Find out this and more listening to Mind-Body-Spirit: Living a Holistic Life.


    SuIn this show we will be covering models of healing coming from a broad range of disciplines, integrating the best of modern science with the best of the healing wisdom that has been transmitted to us from the most ancient cultures.


    Dr. Renè David Alkalay is a life-long student of meditation, Yoga science, Kabbalah, and the religious and philosophical texts of the East and West, and is the author of numerous articles and books. In private practice as a naturopathic practitioner since 1980, he provides holistic services at the Genesis Tree of Life Wellness Center offering help with nutrition, weight management, pain and illnesses, fitness and holistic treatment for cancer patients. Genesis Society (501 c3) is the not-for-profit organization Dr. Renè David Alkalay offers help to veterans and yoga classes for children with cancer.

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    BeSimply...FoodAlchemy {Janet Adams}

    in Health

    Connect to your roots. The Alchemy of Food and Art as Medicine. Janet Adams will share her passion and gift for the arts. Her story of how she discovered that food is medicine and how food saved her life.

    These segments will shine a light on your beauty and lift you UP. Reconnecting to how you relate to self, soil and community.

    Shining a Light on Janet Adams Art & Food is Medicine

    Reference Book. Inflamation Free Diet by Monica Reinagel

    Music by: The Wind by Kitaro

    Food Alchemy with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

    Bare Naked Bliss

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    Conquer Inflammation

    in Health




    Do you want to find out how to extinguish the hidden fires behind arthritis, intestinal disorders, heart disease, obesity, mental decline, cancer and diabetes? This Wednesday at noon Pacfic/3pm Eastern while I chat with Julie Daniluk about her book Meals That Heal Inflammation as we cover what causes inflammation & pain. Julie believes there is no “one diet fits all” approach. While inflammation is a natural process that has ensured our survival through generations, the relentless assaults of today’s environment—stress, pollution, poor nutrition and sleep, to name just a few—may be triggering endless inflammatory responses that can harm your body,eventually leading to illness. Through proper nutrition you can greatly reduce the inflammation you experience on a daily basis.


    Julie Daniluk hosts The Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show that highlights the ongoing battle of taste versus nutrition with unique groups. As a nutritional expert, Julie has appeared in over 300 TV and radio segments including City TV’s Perfect Fit, The Gill Deacon Show on the CBC, CTV’s Balance and Three Takes on Slice Network. She is most recognized by television viewers from her “busted” segments in The Right Fit (W Network), acting as a nutrition encyclopedia by examining what foods people need to purchase and grading healthy choices on restaurant menus. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Julie became Co-Operative owner of one of Canada’s largest health food stores, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market. As the W Network’s official online nutritionist and one of the nutritionists for The Big Carrot, she continues to answer diet and nutrition questions from viewers across Canada.







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    Launching a new show ..** State Your Business ** w/guest Sis.Tamorah S.Muhammad

    in Culture

    ASA~ Family, I am very excited to launch a new show strictly for those who desire to advertise their Business, Teach on how tostart,maintain,promote, and grow your business. It's time to DO FOR SELF !!!  My guest for the first Advertisement show is Sister Tamorah Shareef Muhammad:    Wife, Mother and Business Woman and has been apart of the Nation of Islam for 17 years she is a lover of Truth and has been apart of Soul Purpose Life Style company for 4 years she is currently Executive Marketing Director and CEO Qualified. Soul Purpose is a direct selling company offering an exquisite line of high quality nature-based personal care products including shea butter body balms, body custards, shower gels, solid scent perfumes, body lotions, soy candles, sugar scrubs, foot/hand care and much more. These products are available in the following unique scents: Haitian Vetivert Pepper, Zanzibar Girls' Club, Hawaiian Tuberose, Australian Sandalwood, Caribbean Ginger, Brazilian Jackfruit, Hollywood Fresh, and Malaysian Mango, and Ghanaian Brown Sugar, Lovely Day..    Soul Purpose seeks to be the leader in the field of healthy, natural and eco-friendly products. We cannot say enough about the cancer fighting benefits of vitamin D and the superior antioxidant blend of our exclusive extract blend which includes Acai berry, Oregon grape, red wine and green tea. The benefits of Acai berry, Oregon grape, and red wine polyphenols are related to reducing inflamation which is the key to anti-aging, and lowering levels of free radicals.  Becoming a Consultant with Soul Purpose costs only $35. This will enable you to earn extra income by purchasing wholesale and selling retail, hosting home parties, as well as earn commissions/­residuals from recruiting other consultants and much more.          Call in @ 347-857-4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Trunews 5/12/14 - "The Disease Delusion" w/ Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD

    in News

    After Rick reports on the latest world news he will be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD who will be discussing his new book, “The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life.” For decades, Dr. Bland has been on the cutting edge of Functional Medicine, which seeks to pinpoint and prevent the cause of illness, rather than treat its symptoms.

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    Healing Pain & Injury: Dr. Maud Nerman

    in Self Help

    Understanding that there is always a cause for traumatic pain, renowned physician Dr. Maud H.Nerman helps those who have gone from doctor to doctor desperately trying to banish the unrelenting pain from their lives. Most important, she gives the patient hope, stressing that no matter how serious the injury that damaged your health, you can get better.

    A wonderful show highlighting healings and miracle recoveries is in store for us today. Dr. Maud Nerman is my guest today. For more information visit www.healingpainandinjury.com