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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Sexycise with Jahari

    in Women

    Inez Bracy, Speaker, Transformational Coach and host of the show interviews Wanda Jahari Winston creator of Sexycise and owner of Jahari's Wellness and Sexycise.  Jahari  belives that every woman has an inner goddess!

    As a role model for minority women in business, Jahari spends a considerable amount of time speaking to groups and consulting. And just when it appeared that Winston reached her peak, she, again, recreated herself and found Jahari’s Wellness and Sexycise Dance Fitness. With the belief that every woman has an inner goddess, Jahari provides the ultimate escape from the ordinary fitness routine. Despite challenges and obstacles presented in her life, Jahari’s goal is not just to make it, but to make a difference.


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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Learning to Let Go

    in Women

    On this Encore Presentation of Living Smart & Well, host Inez Bracy shares tips on the benefits of letting go.  There is power in knowing when to let go to allow something 'new' to sufrace.  The 'new' opportunities that surface sometimes come disguised and challenges.

    Inez' tips show how you can delve into the disguised challenges to find the gift of the new opportunity. Be sure to listen to this show to get started on letting go of the old and making way for the new.

    Inez also brings you her latest adventures as she travels around the world in her "Where in the World is Inez?" segment.

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    The Best of Inez Bracy: What Father's Want

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    On this Encore Presentation of Living Smart & Well, host Inez Bracy talks about the intangibles that fathers want!  Those things that are ‘free’.  She will share information from Dr. Philip Valentine and chat with Leon McAllister.

    Is it just a tie, iPad or some other electronic?  Or does it go deeper than material things?  Yes, material things are nice…but what about the love, respect, intimacy and other intangibles?

    Could it be that in our quest to purchase the next ‘it’ item for our father that we forget the most important.  We forget to spend time, even if it is on Skype, forget to share our lives (because we’re so busy), and forget to even say “I love you.” .

    What are you doing this Father’s Day to show you your father that you care?

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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Soul Recovery with Ester Nicholson

    in Women

    In this Encore Presentation of Living Smart & Well, Inez Bracy interviews author Ester Nicholson who has written the marvelous book Soul Recovery; 12 Keys to Healing Addiction.  This book was birthed from her journey and discovery that healing comes from looking in the mirror and facing the truth.

    Twenty five years ago, when Ester Nicholson looked in the mirror, she saw a broken young woman a teenaged mom hopelessly addicted to crack, food, abusive relationships, anything to bury her shame and self -hatred. Today, Ester is an acclaimed healer with a breakthrough spiritual approach to the 12-Step recovery process that’s proven more effective because of its integration with empowering divinity-within principles.

    With her book Soul Recovery-12 Keys to Healing Addiction she tells her profoundly inspiring story and systematically reveals the spiritually transforming process she used to liberate herself from crippling addiction. “  Soul Recovery yields quick and demonstrable results because it gets deep into the Structural center of the problem that perpetuates the cycle of self-destruction—people have experienced 5 years of recovery progress in 6 months. Soul Recovery releases the reader from the obsession of dependence by taking the integrity and accountability of AA's 12 Step process, and fusing it with 12 key metaphysical principles and practices.

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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Creating Your Own Prosperity

    in Women

    On this Encore Presentation of Living Smart & Well, Inez Bracy talks about prosperity in any economy.  Are you feeling disconnected with your prosperity? In the current economic state many believers are suffering and lack abundance.

    Because they have no knowledge about what God says about prospering. God delights in the prosperity of his people. It is His good pleasure to give to you the kingdom. The Lord gives us power to get wealth. Standing on, believing in and knowing that you are promised prosperity helps to break the chains that keep you from fulfilling your promise.

    Inez also brings you the latest update on "Where in the World is Inez?" and her FANTABULOUS Worldwide Adventure!

    Be sure to listen and learn how you can create your own FANTABULOUS life with prosperity in every aspect of your life!


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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Bringing Balance to your Mind, Body & Spirit

    in Women

    In this encore presentation, Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Strategist, Transformational Coach, Award Winning Author and host of the show discusses how you can bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

    Also, you will hear the latest from Inez on her around the world adventures in the "Where in the World is Inez?" segment.

    Be sure to listen to this inspiring and informative episode of Living Smart & Well: The Best of Inez Bracy.

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    Inez Bracy interviews Andrea Feinberg

    in Self Help

    Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Transitions Coach, interviews Andrea Feinberg, President of Coaching Insight, LLC on how she helps business owners move from the daily grind & towards their big picture opportunities where they’ll find a better run business, more money, a happier life and the time to enjoy it all.
    She has been profiled, interviewed and published in many newspapers and online magazines and blogs, including The New York Times. Recently Long Island Business News named her winner, '50 Most Influential Women in Business, 2011'.
    This month she was added to ‘Who’s Who; 101 Women in E-Commerce.’ She's published 2 books, “The Essential Coaching Book” and “Time Junkie – 101 Ways for Business Owners to Break the Habit and Get More Free Time NOW!”  
    Tonight she’ll help us unload 7 common, costly sins of business leadership and point us in a healthier, more profitable direction.

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    The Best of Inez Bracy: How to Keep your Cool in the Heat

    in Women

    In this Encore Presentation of Living Smart & Well, Lifestyle Transitions Coach, Author and host Inez Bracy shares tips on keeping your cool in the heat.  Summer time often brings flaring tempers simply because it's so hot!  Listen as Inez shares tips on keeping your cool, both inside and out.  The tips shared by Inez provides you with immediate ways to stay cool and handle any situation.

    Inez is also back with her weekly segment "Where in the World is Inez?" where she shares weekly stories from her on-going fantabulous world adventure.


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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Using Essential Oils to Reduce Stress

    in Women

    With the advent of spring & summer many of us face additional stress!  Stress from the heat, visitors and so much more.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system to help handle or eliminate stress?

    Today on the show, Inez Bracy in joined by Cj Sugita-Jackson to discuss tips on using Essential Oils to reduce stress.

    Stress is the body’s normal reaction to abnormal situations either in the outside environment or internal physical or emotional changes. 

    Stress is not always negative, sometimes external stressors require unusual responses and stress describes the body’s ability to make emergency changes.  Scientifically a model used to describe stress includes 3 stages:

    Stage 1: Alarm.  When the stressor is first sensed the body will produce adrenaline (and other hormones) producing the fight-or-flight response.

    Stage 2: Resistance.  If the stressor continues the body tries to adapt to the stressor.

    Stage 3: Exhaustion.  As the body tries to adapt to the cause of the stress it may eventually not be able to cope with the demands placed on it.

    The long term effects of Stage 3 can result in physical and emotional/mental disorders.  Digestive system problems, ulcers, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, depression, sleeping disorders, and other emotional situations can all be related to stress.  The various body systems call all be affected: Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Endocrine System, Gastro-intestinal System, Muscular System, Reproductive System and Respiratory System.

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    The Best of Inez Bracy: Kick your Fat in the Nuts with Tony Hale

    in Women

    In this encore presentation, Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Strategist and host of the show interviews natural health expert T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale). Tony began his career in stand-up comedy. Touring professionally as a comic for nearly a decade, he never envisioned that he would one day teach the world how to sleep, poop, and even lose weight. 

    On Valentine's Day, 2004, Tony lost his voice and it didn't come back. After twenty-three doctors couldn't figure out the problem, Tony decided it was time to dig for his own answers. Eight years later, not only did Tony figure out his own issues, he also happened upon hidden information about how to improve countless other health problems. 

    Beyond working with many celebrity clients, Tony is on the executive board of The Coalition For Health Education and teaches monthly webinars about nutrition to doctors, nutritionists and other health care professionals from more than thirty-five countries. 

    You can also find Tony producing documentaries like Why Am I So Fat?, a film that teaches the truth about weight loss. The Kick It In The Nuts series believes in a healthier you. Tony says, "we think it's lame that so many people believe that they are stuck with the issues that plague them." This series teaches the reader how to look at their specific body chemistry and gain a better of understanding of how their body is operating.

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    Purposeful Living with Inez Bracy

    in Business

    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her guest Inez Bracy on Women in Business Radio on Friday 6th at 12: 00  pm EST where they will be talking about Purposeful Living. The year is coming to an end, and for many of us are disatisfied with our progress. Some of us also feel  like a failure because there were so many things that we wanted to achieve and have not. This show will enable the change that you need to become whole again with a spirit that soars for the new year.

    Inez Bracy, is a coach, an author and an entrepreneur. She is "the voice for business and executive women’s mind, body and spirit success." Inez is the founder and CEO of Inez Bracy International, LLC. She has created a "dynamic enterprise devoted to empowering business and executive women around the world."  "Inez’s coaching combines powerful metaphysical teachings with practical hands on information to change your life and your business.  Inez’ book Rejuvenate Your Life: Feel like a Woman Again, is an easy read with exercises to support women on their journey to rediscovering who they are."

     Inez will also be sharing her 7 Tips to Rejuvernating Your Life.

    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle

    E-mail: drccottle@gmail.com

    Guest: Inez Bracy

    Sponsor: Crafted Spaces