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    The Rob Zicari Show

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    5m0k3r 5p3ci41 - The Guy Show

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    Relationships. Is there any word in the English language that can have more diverse meaning? Depends who you ask. Depends when you ask. Depends who does the asking.

    One sentence, one laugh, one look, one missed call, one text. Seems like that's all it takes to derail things. Whether it be days or years invested. What happens for all that emotional investment to be thrown away in an instant. Is it an inevitability? Is it a waste of time? Is it simply too much work?

    This show as always welcomes calls from both genders on this subject. But tonight we hear the perspective from the male side of things.

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    Nikita – Inevitability

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    Last on Nikita we saw Amanda capture Alex and Nikita had to trade her for Ari who was later shot. This week we see team Nikita having to take out a President, is this the start of division having to go back to the old ways and how will Amanda's interference affect the success of the mission?Join Nadia and Amanda as they recap Nikita 'Inevitability' Saturday 12pm EST

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    Milling About with David Crosby

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    It appears to be a long time since David Crosby released a solo album; 20 years and counting. Croz, named for what his friends call him, is 11 tracks, some of which he wrote with his son James Raymond.   It's the amalgamation of the inevitability of time passing. Crosby tells host Robin Milling that time is a theme that has run in his songs throughout his life.

    He also reflects on how his near death experience has impacted his life since, and where he is headed. He says, 'I think your time here on the planet is the most valuable resource you have. I came to that from having wasted a great deal of it. I wasted years and years of time just getting loaded or just getting laid or just being a crazy man.'

    In this candid, outspoken, provocative and blatantly honest conversation, Croz talks about debunking song myths, what drove CSNY to break up, his Woodstock memories, and where he currently stands with Neil Young to name a few topics. His rants on Twitter exemplify his need to tell it like it is which he says might be a Leo trait he's always had.

    No matter how much he may get in trouble for speaking his mind, the music has always been his essential means of communication which he describes as a 'lifting force on the human race.'

    For more information on David Crosby visit his website www.davidcrosby.com

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    UGP Radio #317 A Look Into The Mythos Of Muslim Inevitability

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    There is a mythos today that the Mohammedans are going to win, that it is inevitable. So let’s just roll over and give up. 


    Tonight’s show will explore why we have more than 15 years to deal with the problem that is the cult of Mohammad.  This is a number often presented as an explanation to our doom.  Therefore, we will look at this and see if it hold true or if a counter argument may have greater weight…

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    "Game Over", with Melanie Beres

    in Current Events

    Have you noticed the decline in society, while there is an increase in laws?  How about the imbalance in social and family stability, the economy, entitlements in various areas, ideas for a better life...?

    In this program, Melanie Beres and I will be discussing the fall of societies worldwide, from observations, what is covered in the news, little known and information most speculate on, prophecies  and what we feel is the inevitability of our fall.

    This is not a doom-and-gloom program, rather, we hope a "wake-up" call for everyone and what each of us should be doing.

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    Mediation: A vital tool for HR Professionals

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    Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but Toxic, difficult workplaces are not. Mediation is a tool that can help. And sadly, most HR professionals don’t know this. They think mediation is not for them, when in fact they are effectively mediating all the time. Come learn why mediation is vital for your career and also your workplace!

    John Ford is the founder of the HR Mediation Academy and author of Peace at Work: The HR Manager’s Guide to Workplace Mediation. He mediates; trains; and consults to organizations that have accepted the inevitability of conflict and are seeking to approach it with greater clarity and confidence. He was the managing editor of Mediate.com from 1999 to 2011, and is a past president of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California.

    More Information:  John Ford

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    The Interpersonal Connection ~ Spiritual Enrichment

    in Spirituality

    Inspirational and Encouraging Words of Wisdom, Spirit and Life. Joy rises in our hearts as we help others succeed and achieve. Jesus knew this as He told believers to make disciples everywhere. St. Matthew 28:19-20. If your life has been rather mundane. Start walking with Jesus Christ and your future wont be what it used to be. Everyone wants to be happy and joyful, but the truth is that trials and difficulties are unavoidable. Jesus knows that inevitability, but He encourages us, saying: "In the world you will have tribulation, but cheer up, I have overcome the world." St. John 16:33. Joy is based on a state of contentment and satisfaction, and the assurance that all is well despite immediate circumstances. Happiness is based on a happening. Satisfaction comes when we finally accept who and what we are without demand for change.

    HAPPINESS is only a temporary and emotionally unstable state. Such feelings depend on my attitudes and circumstances. They ebb and flow like the tide, never lasting long. JOY is a spiritually attained state that never fails. It comes from knowing God, understanding that He loves us and that He has a wonderful plan for your life that is in your best interest. SATISFACTION comes when we finally accept who and what we are without demand for change. We can do that because we are made in God’s image and we are freely allowed to share His JOY by His GRACE and MERCY. 

    You Stay Connected & You Be Encouraged 



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    Ms. Clinton

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    After the election, more mistakes. At a Nov. 21 black-tie gala in New York, Mrs. Clinton endorsed Mr. Obama’s executive order on immigration by suggesting the events’ servers and food preparers were in the country illegally, as were most construction workers.The next presidential election is in 23 months. But no amount of time is likely to be enough for Mrs. Clinton to make herself a much better candidate. She is who she is and cannot change. In 2008 she could not articulate a compelling purpose for her run and stressed only her inevitability and entitlement. So far, it looks like Hillary 2.0 will have at least as many problems as Hillary 1.0.Uncle Karl Rove

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    If The World Ended Tomorrow

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    Imagine this.  You receive the news that today will be your last day on earth.  Your last day anywhere.  How would you populate the final hours of your life?  What people would you see?  What foods would you eat?  What things would you do?  Would you react with fear and panic, or would you bask in the warm glow of inevitability?

    This show allows us to think about what we might do if we realized that our finite lives were approaching the final ticks of the clock. What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?

    Christmas video "Christmas: Behind the Curtain:  http://youtu.be/kenbgMjRvlY

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Obama's "Dear Ayatollah" Letter

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    ....or what The One no doubt thinks of as his brilliant feat of Kissingerian jiu jitsu; You don’t have to be Jewish to know that Barack Obama having secret correspondence with Ayatollah Khamenei is obscene; The "Obama majority" has undergone "significant shrinkage"; The Left's "historical inevitability" dogma is shot through with enough holes to make a Swiss cheese look like Hoover Dam; Midterm exit polls: 75% reject illegal Executive amnesty, 80% don't want foreign workers taking American jobs; The American Left: "Is the filibuster good?  Only when the GOP runs the Senate"; Speaking of which, undoing Harry (G)Reid’s nuke — and once again requiring sixty votes to confirm judges — will spur civil war on the Right; and while Ben Carson is a good and accomplished man, why should he be president?