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    KIKI SANCHEZ! Band Leader Extraordinaire!

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    VAMOS A BAILAR! The Queen of Fresh, The Gypsy Poet, Poetessa Gitana gets down in her Latin Music Roots and talks to the amazing, witty and ever-so knowledgeable Kiki Sanchez who is this amazing, Producer, Arranger, Educator, Artist & Band Leader and crazy brother on the keys and gives the words, "Solidos De La Calle" a whole, new meaning! Good music, Good times and so much more!

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    Sanchez Tanniehill - GOD DID IT

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    Sanchez was never meant to be onstage singing according to statistics. In fact, he has beat the odds and has done many things he was not “suppose” to be able to accomplish.

    When Sanchez was 6 weeks old, he suffered a stroke. He spent the first three months of his life at Children’s Hospital. The son of James and Victoria Tannehill had the odds stacked against him to walk, talk, and overcome a young, devastating blow to his life. But life and statistics did not underestimate the love and determination of Sanchez or his parents plus they had the one thing on their side that helped them overcome so many of life’s challenges: their faith in God.

    Sanchez, along with his two brothers and a sister grew up in Alabaster, Al. Raised on strong Christian beliefs, he was never treated differently even though small modifications had to be acknowledged and occasional made for him. He attended Thompson High School. His spirit and determination helped him through high school and even won him accolades in local talent events. As he continued to build on his talent, more community leaders and talented musicians began to notice this rising star.

    From opening up CityFest in Alabaster, to performing at the Special Olympics ceremonies, Sanchez continues to bring joy to others through his talents.

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    Gladys De La Mora-Sanchez: Chicago IL - Protecting Your Family And Assets

    in Business

    Gladys De La Mora-Sanchez

    Financial Advisor, Host-Anchor For Chicago Latino TV on Mundo

    and Contributing Author of "The New Face Of America-Latina Book Project"

    shares her insights on Successful Leaders .

    This BIGthinker and founder of DeLamora Insurance Agency will also  go over the types of insurance needed to protect your family and your assets.


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    Listen-Gold Star Wife Kym Sanchez & Army Vet Don Peters w/Not Forgotten Outreach

    in Military

    Listen 24/7 after 7pm MST Jan 15, 2015 to Not Forgotten Outreach organization, a member of www.r4alliance.org :

    Not Forgotten Outreach is dedicated to motivating military veterans and Gold Star families of fallen heroes to participate in recreational and/or therapeutic activities in order to facilitate the healing process. http://notforgottenoutreach.org/

    Listen To: 

    Kym Sanchez, founder and president of Not Forgotten Outreach, served as the Casualty Assistant Non Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) 1st Infantry Division, Divisional Headquarters in Iraq in 2004-2005. Her Husband SGT Timothy was Killed 2007 in Iraq.

    Don Peters, executive director of Not Forgotten Outreach, served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Linguist in Central/South America, until his service connected spinal cord injury in 1996

    More Details will follow on our news site


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    Ines Simpson - The Simpson Protocol of Hypnosis

    in Spirituality

    Ines Simpson - The Simpson Protocol 

    James Esdaile was the first man to discover mental anesthesia and its benefits. Esdaile did work in India and decided to employ mesmerism to help his patients deal with pain.   The method he used required a very long preparation time, sometimes taking ten to twelve days to condition the person to go to what we call the Esdaile State today.
    The Esdaile State has not been used for therapeutic or change work in the past as it was thought the client was in a euphoric state with no motivation for change work.  This advanced training course will teach you all you need to know about this new paradigm shift in hypnosis.  You can now communicate directly with your client's Superconscious mind and direct it to release all the issues that are not in your client's best interest or benefit.   

    Another advantage of working in the Esdaile State using the Simpson Protocol is that through the proper questioning, direction and communication with the Superconscious mind, your client doesn't have to verbalize the issue, if that is their wish.  It is a wonderful tool for clients who are sensitive to the issue that they are working on and are uncomfortable with verbalizing the problems that they want to deal with.  With the Simpson Protocol, you will be able to give the client unprecedented access to the Superconscious mind in order to help with physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing and soul retrieval.  


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    Miguel Sanchez - Golden Entrepreneurial Success Tips!

    in Self Help

    My KICKASS guest this week has become a personal friend. His story is AMAZING! 

    Miguel is the physical manifestation of courage, tenacity, positivity, overcoming obstacles, and he is unwilling to accept anything but success.

    “What stands between where you are now and the success that you desire? To be frank, it is your very own complacency, fears, and even your dependency on others according to Miguel Sanchez’s new book Conquering America. The author’s take on success and how to achieve it is enlightening, yet elegantly simple: take your dream and act upon it with discipline and resilience and your success is guaranteed. What I enjoy most about Conquering America is how Mr. Sanchez is able to distill broad concepts into bite-sized nuggets for action and wraps each with his engaging stories and experiences of challenges and persistence. For Miguel Sanchez there was a physical international border that he attempted to cross multiple times before he finally succeeded on his way to owning his own business. This book will enable you to understand what “borders” are holding you back and guide and inspire you to cross that border. Conquering America is an enthralling handbook for anyone who seeks to achieve the success they have always dreamed of.”


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    grace n peace my bros/sis listen i need u to join dr sanchez n the power of truth family bring ya note book a pen  ya bible n a relentless praise to seal it the scriptur is deut 8-11-18 so join us tonight the call in number 347-826-7007 we hope to see u there bring sum one with u  n tell others about it come n be blessed

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    hello bro/sister join dr sanchez as he teach a word on tonight please bring a relentless praise your note book n a pen the segment is truely going to bless your life bring ya bible psalm 139-16

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    Cinema Files Radio - Michael Preece & Raul Sanchez

    in Film

    Come hear Michael Preece & Raul Sanchez this Sunday at 10am Pacific.

    Join Your Host Steve Pisa on Cinema Files Radio This Sunday as we put another Episode in the Can.

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    Special Episode: Special Guest, Mrs. Margaret Delmont-Sanchez

    in Lifestyle

    This week our special guest is Mrs. Margaret Delmont-Sanchez.  The topic we will be discussing is how to gte young people involved in playing a major role in the ideology of democracy.  This week we will be answering the question of "who's responsibility is it to establish democracy in our world?"

    Mrs. Delmont-Sanchez is CEO of Zambrano Foundation, Inc.  The foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote projects to educate, train and mentor the next generation of leaders of the Americas. 

    Zambrano Foundation presents the Democracy in the Americas Symposium (DITAS), a dynamic gathering of world leaders seeking to preserve democracy by discussing innovative initiatives that transform ideas of equality, freedom and prosperity into action plans for the next generation of leaders, and expand economic opportunities across the hemisphere.

    DITAS is designed to encourage lively dialogue around a variety of topics with a specific goal in mind: Tackle the key issues that threaten democracy in our countries and create attainable solutions that have a positive and lasting impact.

    Their intent is to take a macro approach to this very complex subject and demonstrate the interconnection of the key issues, activities and events present in democracy today. They will match the best minds in the field with the up-and-coming ideas of younger minds.

    "Join us and take your seat at the table. The duty belongs to all and all must have a voice."


    Link: Zambrano Foundation http://zambranofoundation.org

    Link: Democracy in the Americas Symposium 2014 www.ditas.org

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