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    Savannah very own Lethal live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    Lethal Corleone is a Southern born rapper hailing from the streets of Savannah, Georgia. Although Lethal was born in Charleston, South Carolina he has spent the vast majority of his life in Georgia. These southern roots mixed with a universal sound, has given this artist a deadly combination. This combination gave partiality to his name, and Lethal was created.

    Lethal wrote his first rap at the age of 12, and began recording in studios at the age of 16. This early beginning has molded him into a seasoned artist. Lethal started with a group made up of family members and close friends known as C.E.P. His first underground release came at the age of 18, and gained him significant notoriety from his peers on the local scene. After a long awaited interval between his follow up, Lethal seems to be more focused than ever. His sophomore mix tape entitled Time Served enjoyed only relative success, but after being gone for so long he seems to be regaining his form. Lethal recently teamed up to begin a label called Mob Life Entertainment with his fellow C.E.P. group mate Nino Black.

    You may have seen him on YouTube videos of various local artists in Savannah called the C-Port ciphers. On these videos Lethal clearly demonstrates versatility and a ferocious flow. He also shot his first video for his highly anticipated single “Take Off”. Now trying to capitalize off of the momentum gained, he is working to release a project that will ensure him a top slot as one of the best. The future seems to be much more promising for the Savannah native.

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    We have in the studio today ACTOR GLENN PLUMMER live on Dagrahyndmusic radio

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    Glenn E. Plummer (born August 18, 1961)[1] is an American film and television actor.Plummer was born in Richmond, California. He has appeared in numerous films and television series, primarily in supporting roles or small bit parts, such as High Top in Colors. His prominent roles came in the films Menace II Society, Speed, Bones, Showgirls, South Central, The Day After Tomorrow, The Salton Sea and Saw II. He was offered the role of Jesse in Riding the Bus with My Sister. In 2014, he produced and was a collaborating writer of the horror thriller film

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    t has been many moons since we’ve last heard from this guy, but the latest release from R&B musical group ReSurface only proves once again, that some things just get better with time. With the arrival of this new project after so long a hiatus – an effort that may ever so cleverly be called “Resurface” - this phenomenal group rises like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of its quietude to reclaim its rightful place in the spotlight. And, one might add, to the profound delight of their many legions of fans the world over




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    We will have the legendary lenny william live on Dagrahyndmusic.co

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    Lenny Williams

    The ultimate soul crooner, Oakland, California native Lenny Williams possesses one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music.  With his rich, passionate vocal style, he is rightfully regarded as one of R & B's most influential soul men.  Williams began his musical career making records that have subsequently become R & B and Pop classics, tunes like the mega-hit "Cause I Love You" (recorded on his solo album) and "So Very Hard To Go," which he recorded as the lead singer for Tower of Power.  Lenny Williams' style has transcended into the new millennium, influencing many of today's newest R & B and Pop vocalists.  LENNY WILLIAMS - BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (Official Video) HD (RE-MASTERED) 1978 Cause I Love You

    www.LennyWilliams.com - www.Facebook.com/OhOhOhLenny - Twitter - @LennyWilliams   @Dagrahynd_radio



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    Today we will have the lovely Ms Tara Rain live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    Tara Rain was indeed nothing short of a miracle, dying in her first few minutes of birth and coming back to life ready with a glow.  Born in a town called Lima Ohio. Tara Rain would listen to her father play guitar and sing to her when he would come and visit. He would tell her” your going to be a star on day sweet-pea” and she began her quest to make her mark singing in school, talent shows and church, were she lead the choir for years. At fifteen Tara Rain won the Miss Black Expo pageants of Fort Wayne Indiana were she won the talent division and rained queen. She went on to be involved in a dance group called Flavor Girls and traveled across the Midwest and preformed in many city’s. While dancing, writing her own songs and writing poetry, she discovered she could rap, and from then on she became “Poettess” one of the hottest female rappers in her city. Tara  Rain  preformed every were and her stage presence took over the crowed bringing them to their feet every time she hit the stage, Tara Rain has opened for many celebrity artist including  one of her icons 2pac.

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    We will have artist L-Smooth live on the radio DAGRAHYND RADIO

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    In the world of hip hop most artist are recognized as having a very disgtinguished image that identifies with their street life but not for  L-Smooth.He doesnt fit the usual profile of an artist in the hip hop nation...

    His smooth style of productio approaches the new millennium in an effort to bring substance originality. and underlying energy to the city street.L-Smooth is able to share his daily life experiences and be the voice of his peers through sharp lyrical story telling such as with his forthcoming new single Pillow Cases..

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    We have live on the radio Penny the MC....

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    Who Is Penny the MC?

    In this day and age, the hunger and thirst of inspiring music is what led to the concept and production of his music.  Journey with Penny the MC, born in the boogie down Bronx, New York, who for the last 9 years has been living in Phoenix, Arizona.  Recording and performing throughout the local hip hop circuit as a member of the Writers Guild, Penny the MC brings a unique blend of social, street and political insights through melodic productions from Slopfunkdust and Merk Haze.  

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    We have NY very Dacor Capone from Booted Out Ent #MarriedToMyHustle #RRMG

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                                                                           DACOR  CAPONE

    Dacor has been progresslbely working towards that #GoldenTicket since his mixtape #MarriedToMyHustleVol-1 flooded the streets of NY, January 18th 2014 he partner up with the lovely Miss Irie,the CEO of Blood Out Ent and now apparel is certainly making a lot of Noise with 5 #ASMA Nominations!

    Be on the look out for there next mixtape dropping #MarriedToMyHustleVol-2 ESPECTED RELEASE 11/20/14

                                           #RRMG #INDUSTRYBOSSES #MUSIC #DAGRAHYND




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    We will have Live Alvin and Calvin the Godsons to LEGENDARTY JAMES BROWN

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    We will be speaking with the Godsons of the legendary James Brown.Alvin and Calvin will be live on Dagrahyndmusic.co..Speaking about there music career past and presents..and a little bit on JAMES BROWN and being in his presents



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    We will have the lovely Dionn Warwick live on the show

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    Dionne Warwick sang in a gospel trio before recording her first hit songs, including "Walk on By" and "I Say a Little Prayer." After a lull in her career in the 1970s, her album Dionne (1979) sold a million copies. She went on to release the albums Heartbreaker (1982) and How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye? (1983). In 2012, Warwick celebrated her 50th anniversary in the music business with the album Now. She filed for bankruptcy the following year.

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    We have Mr Hinton Battle 3 time Tony Awards Winner #RRMG

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    Three-time Tony Awards winner Hinton Battle is recognized as one of Broadway’s most respected musical stars. He began his career on stage at the age of 15, as the Scarecrow in the Broadway production of The Wiz.

    He has since gone on to build an impressive portfolio of work, dazzling audiences across the country and around the world for over three decades, starring in some of the most memorable musicals ever, including Dancin, Dreamgirls, Sophisticated Ladies, Chicago (Billy Flynn), Ragtime (Coalhouse Walker Jr.), Miss Saigon and The Tap Dance Kid.

    He is the recipient of numerous awards honoring his versatility as an entertainer, among them the NAACP Image Awards, Midtown International Theatre Festival Award, Fred Astaire Awards, Ira Aldridge Awards, the Choreographer Media Honors, Planet Connection Award, the 2012 Champion of the Arts Award from Big Boi’s“Antwan Patten” Big Kidz Foundation, and the Amas 2014 Rosie Award for lifetime achievement in recognition of extraordinary accomplishment in theatrical arts. Hinton has easily crossed from stage to television and film.

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