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    Industrial Hemp & Black-town revival movement update

    in Politics

    Do you know the difference between Hemp & Marijuana? The history behind the prohibition of both? There are 10’s of thousands of uses for Hemp, thousands of benefits and historically hemp has been used to build in Greek, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations.

    Now Marijuana has been delegalized for consumption in states around the U.S, but why is it still classified as a schedule 1 substance?

     “Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.”

    Also in this show we will go into the Black town revival movement.  Updates, timeline, goals & tangible steps to make it happen.

    Please join in if you have any questions or anything to contribute to the conversation or just to listen.



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    Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis | What’s the Difference

    in History

    On this Hempisode you will learn the difference between Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp and some History!

    With the three very special guests us on this show including, Linda Delair, Lea Walters & Anna Owen of Hempstead Project Heart you'll receive clear insights and facts about the benefits and values of Cannabis Hemp and how it differs from Medical Cannabis. Education is key. Know the Truth and the Truth Shall set you Free. If we have the Solution to FOOD | SHELTER | CLOTHING then we can experience much deeper connection and harmony with each other and our environment.

    These are Solutionaries! A trio and Hempdudcational awesomeness!

    Let's Connect and Spread the Word about Hemp!

    Let's Connect!

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    Transforming Our Planet through Hemp & Economics | A Bamboo & Hemp Board Game

    in Entrepreneur

    If you like hemp, games and money then this hempisode is for YOU! Meet Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Speaker, Manufacturing Expert and Earth Steward Eric Stevens with The Foundation For a BioEconomy and see how you can actively participate in the greatest Wealth Transfer ever! Not only has Eric and his team created a fabulous Board Game out of hemp and bamboo they need your assistance to bring it to fruition! On this broadcast, we will get into the foundational philosophy of the Foundation for a BioEconomy and then we will discuss the details about the game and how you can get your own board game!

    Discover more about The Foundation for a BioEconomy
    Get Your Hemp Bamboo Game & so much more!http://www.gofundme.com/bioeconomy & Sign the Petition

    What do you want to hear on HempAware Radio: 805-410-4367
    Discover more at: www.HempAware.com

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    Building Hemp Structures with the California Hemp Alliance

    in Entrepreneur

    On this awesome hempisode of HempAware Radio you will discover the fun and successful story of how Beate Kirmse built an addition onto her home, in Southern California made with Hemp hurds! Discover how she did it, what her plans are to help others and what she's up to with the California Hemp Alliance!

    Discover more about Beate and the California Hemp Alliance here: www.caHemp.org

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  • Cocamo Hemp Crete - Innovations in Building with Hemp

    in Entrepreneur

    Cocamo Idaho is home of a new cutting-edge Hempcrete and Hemp building company called Cocamo Idaho Hemp. Enjoy this hempisode as we dive deeper into the benefits and value of hemp as a building material for many applications with special guest Marcus Cocamo!

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    Hemp it's not for smoking

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we talk about the many uses for the Hemp plant that have nothiung to do with smoking it.

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    Intro to Industrial Hemp Joy Beckerman Maher

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us today as Ms. Joy Beckerman Maher gives us an introdution to Industrial Help a bit of us past with our Founder Fathers role in winning WW II and step to a rebirth!

    Will try to get a few of my questions answered. 

    I have the bests guests!

  • The Hemptopia Business Model with Hemp Entrepreneur Tyler Frank

    in Entrepreneur

    In this awesome Hempisode, with Hemp Entrepreneur Tyler Frank, you will not only learn more about the benefits of hemp for food, clothing and other lifestyle products, but you will also discover the success principles that Hemptopia is implementing to spearhead some amazing, contemporary-styled hemp products! This Southern California based hemp company has been charging ahead since 2005 offering awesome exhemples from several amazing hemp companies around the world. If you near Solvang stop by to get some hemp gear - or visit them online: www.Hemptopia.com

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  • Poland, Hemp and Health with Mike Klepacz

    in Health

    On this hempisode you will meet and learn more about Mike Klepacz as we dive deep into the benefits and values of hemp for your health! Mike, although born in the U.S. has Polish blood and has some great knowledge and info to share with you about Poland's Hemp History and current hemp trends! Learn more about this Hemptrepreneur living in Poland on his awesome hemp wick website: www.PocketWick.com

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    LET MY PEOPLE GROW ( Episode 27 )

    in Culture

    LIVE from the #BUDCAVE, It's that SAME BUD time, Same BUD Channel. With your host, Dusty Bowlz, every Wednesday night from 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm Pacific (UTC-8)

    We're keeping you in the KNOW, is why we do the Show!

    Do you have questions about the #CCHI2016 campaign or initiative? Have a specific question in regards to cannabis cultivation, or a specific question you want answered in regards to cannabis hemp legalization? Want to discuss strains, concentrates, events, products, current news, or other topics with the host? Are you a Volunteer with the initiative? Have questions or need help? CALL US DURING THE LIVE SHOW (917) 889 - 8298. 

    We will be discussing News, Events, Grow Tips and Tricks, and playing awesome music by musicians who truly support and appreciate the only grassroots movement to truly Re-Legalize cannabis hemp in California. The People’s Initiative and Jack Herer Initiative, but officially, The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2016. cchi2016.org

    Musical features - #Ancestree, #Nomalakadoja, #PerroBravo, #TheFrogmanExperience, #GiGANTiS, and #BURNT Check these artists out @ bandcamp.com - reverbnation.com - and on all social media sites, check out their websites. Most importantly, purchase their music and show them the same love they show us over the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2016.

    Instagram - @LetMyPeopleGrow Twitter - @DustyBowlz  Facebook - Let My People Grow Show  



  • Hemp and Law - The Cannabis Legalization Journey with Patrick Goggin

    in US Government

    Patrick Goggin, Hemp Advocate, California Legal Counsel for organizations and folks such as Vote Hemp and David Bronner brings us leading edge knowledge and information on the hemp and cannabis legal front. What Bills are currently moving through the house? Who are several political or legal hemp leaders who are currently out there spreading awareness about the industrial hemp movement!

    Discover more about Patrick and his supportive work to raise awareness about and defend our rights to benefit from and share the value of Cannabis and Hemp for FOOD | SHELTER | CLOTHING and so much more!!! www.patrickdgoggin.com

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