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    Parenting without labels

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      Brandi Jordan, MSW, IBCLC For the past decade, Brandi has been helping new families grow, adjust, and find balance. Brandi is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Newborn Care Specialist and a Certified Postpartum Doula. She holds a BA in Child Development and a Master's of Social Work from USC.  In 2009, she opened The Cradle Company Parenting Center and Boutique, a Los Angeles resource center for parents. Brandi's work as a consultant, group leader, and in-home practitioner has lead her to to develop a unique philosophy of parenting, fondly named Practical Parenting™, a pragmatic, practical and healthy approach for the "whole" family

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    Tales From The Crib

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    On this episode of Tales From the Crib, our host, Windy Lou Hoo is going to be sharing what happens when you get drunk and get on top of a roof. She shares her story about breaking both of her feet on the same night! Yikes! This episode is funny because it is true! Sit back and enjoy the ride....

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    Birthing While Black Episode 3 - With Bold Doula and Sherry Payne

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    Please join Denise Bolds - Bold Doula and her special guest Sherry Payne as the discussion of birthing while black continues. Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula in New York and MSW is the producer and host of Black Motherhood Empowerment. This series: Birthing While Black is the result of the awareness and need for birth justice. Have a pen and paper ready, you will be inspired and empowered!  

    Sherry L. Payne has a bachelors of nursing received from Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO, and a masters in nursing education from Research College of Nursing. She is in doctoral studies at Walden University in nursing education. She is also currently a student of midwifery, completing requirements for the CPM credential. She is an internationally board certified lactation consultant and a certified nurse educator. Ms. Payne founded Uzazi Village, a nonprofit dedicated to decreasing health disparities in the urban core. She is an editor for Clinical Lactation Journal, and sits on the board of the National Association for Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color. She also sits on her local FIMR Board (fetal infant mor-tality review). She presents nationally on perinatal health disparities in birth and breastfeeding. She is the creator of the Chocolate Milk Café (TM) and the Sister Doula Perinatal Community Health Worker Program (TM) She is the author of the popular blog, Urban Village Midwife. Ms. Payne resides in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, MO with her husband and nine children.  

    Sherry Payne can be reached at  http://www.uzazivillage.com she is also on Facebook.  Denise Bolds can be reached at http://www.BoldDoula.com she is also on Facebook.



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    Relationship Chronicles "Can Your Child Choose Who You Date?"

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    "Relationship Chronicles"

    7pm CST


    "Can Your Child Choose Who You Date?"

    Cherylrese L Henry was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan the oldest of three siblings.  During her lifetime of service in the U.S. Air Force, Administration, Community Outreach and Ministry she has encountered many situations where she was able to observe women and men from all walks of life become people that mask and conceal pain, equating to unforgiveness. Her desire to see lives transformed through the power of love and forgiveness birthed her Broken Tour. A global movement for women and men that have been affected by emotional, physical and spiritual pain to empower, inspire and encourage them to forgive and transform into their best self. Cherylrese is also a creative, loving writer who embraces the characters of her latest short novel Broken Vessels.. Cherylrese entangles herself with each personality to seize the moments of brokenness, mending, healing and restoration. A love for poetry and expressing the power of healing and deliverance induced Peace In A World Of Thunder, a daily devotional (River Flow Publishing, 1997). Her second book entitled The Handmaiden, (River Flow Publishing, 2008) was released to admonish women to serve God's people and submit under leadership without selfish gain. She believes to be transparent is to be free, you don't have to hide from the wounds of your past.

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    Live From The Auction Floor-We Buy A House For $4000! Episode 44

    in Finance

    We're on the auction floor watching loads of properties get sold for way below market value. Finally, my old friend Robbie takes the plunge and we buy a house for $4000. It's amazing, we on a total natural auction induced high. It can't be beat and the potential profit is huge!

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    Mindful Parenting a discussion with Abby Bordner

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    Mindful parenting can start in your pregnancy. Join us today as we discuss what it means to be mindful and how being mindful can affect your parenting and your relationships with others. 
    My guest is Abby Bordner. I am excited to have Abby on the show, I've been a big fan for years. 

    Abby’s background is in medical settings, community education and entrepreneurship. She currently has many online and in person projects for the non profit sector and her private business.

    Certified Labor Doula and Lactation Educator (CAPPA): Abby works with families in pregnancy education, labor support, birth advocacy and postpartum. She provides home visits, as well as teaches to groups, to assist in childbirth preparation and breastfeeding.

    Certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA): Abby teaches childbirth preparation in a relatable, intelligent way. She provides information and inspires transformation for all who experience her presentation.


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    The Call For Freedom, Chemotherapy and Roger Stones Controversial Expose

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    Bill Martinez Commentary-Price of freedom, is America ready to pay the price once again?  The country is heading to lawlessness and that generally follows full blown anarchy.  Why are we not seeing the signs?  It's time to stand up for your self, your family and your country.

    Scott Soefje & Mary Van Dyke-Medical Expert and patient discusses results of National Survey revealing patients are suffering needlessly from Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.  

    Roger Stone-The Clintons' war on women- The Definitive Expose of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as told by an American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party. Stone is currently a member of the Libertarian Party.         

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    Infant Sleep, What's Normal? What's not? With Meg Nagel of The MILK MEG

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    Sleep. It's the number one concern with new parents, and they get some crazy advice. From our culture to friends, parents hear it all, but what's true and what's fable? Join Meg Nagle, and I as we discuss sleep and your baby. 

    Meg has a degree in Psychology and was a La Leche League Leader (breastfeeding counsellor) for seven years before becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She an incredibly successful blogger, and has published articles in, “Nurture Parenting Magazine”. 

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    VETO don't MANDATE Meningitis (E.coli) Vaccine 10/23 ~ Dr. Carley & Host Elkordy

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    Vaccine Excipients: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf  

    Guest Dr. Rebecca Carley of http://ReversingVIDS.com

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy of OCTOBER ~ International Vaccine Injury Awareness

    Blog http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.com
    Bill http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015

  • Overselling Breast-Feeding

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    My guest today is Kimberly Durdin IBCLC, SMW. She has been supporting families as a La Leche League Leader and Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for the WIC program in Brooklyn, NY over 23 years ago and as a doula. She was part of the BLESS Project (Breastfeeding Lactation Education Support Services) at historic Howard University Hospital in creating their first ever lactation clinic providing 24 hour lactation services free of charge for HUH families. Before leaving D.C., Kimberly was named one of the Top Lactation Consultants in the area by Washington Families Magazine.

    Kimberly worked as a LC for the Watts Healthcare Corporation 5 site WIC Program after moving to Los Angeles, where she trained staff, oversaw breastfeeding peer counselors, and provided one on one LC care for families throughout South LA. In 2009, She joined the groundbreaking company The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, and acted as the Director of Lactation Services and created The Sanctuary New Moms Group, a popular and powerful community space for new mothers that she has lead weekly, as well as conducting childbirth education curriculum for out of hospital birthing families. She taught this class twice a week as well as a program for hospital birthing families she created entitled Enhanced Pregnancy. She has been an LC for twelve years and has begun teaching a 45-hour Lactation Consultant Exam Prep Course, as well as mentoring IBCLC candidates.

    Kimberly recently stepped out on her own, attending births as a Student Midwife and Doula, expanding her role as a birth and breastfeeding advocate, speaker and organizer. She has recently signed on to be the “Expecting and New Parent Expert” at WellBaby Center which hosts her weekly Mom’s support group The Mama Tent.

    The topic we will be broaching today is the New York Times article by Eleanor Davis: Over Selling Breast-Feeding. 

  • Unlikeable Hillary, Saving Christians In Iraq & The Latest Box Office News

    in Politics

    Ed Klein-Klein exposes how Hillary Clinton’s arrogant, nasty, untrustworthy, and calculating character that could derail her bid for the White House

    Vernon Brewer-The founder of World Help discusses saving Christians in Iraq-From Tents to Abandoned Malls: Hiding From ISIS.

    Steve Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions. 

    Brendan Bordelon-Lawsuit: Obama Administration Withholding Draft of Clinton Whitewater Indictment & Jim Webb Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race, Hints at Independent Run says Brendan Bordelon, political reporter with National Review.     

    Scott Soefje & Mary Van Dyke-Medical Expert and patient discusses results of National Survey revealing patients are suffering needlessly from Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.  

    Roger Stone-The Clintons' war on women- The Definitive Expose of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as told by an American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party. Stone is currently a member of the Libertarian Party.