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    Spiritual Researcher/Author Delfin Espinosa- Indigo Children and Adults

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    Delfin has the gift of dreams. They either warn him or give him information on questions he has. He has also been a sensitive or  empath all his life. He picks up on the vibrations of others and the feelings of other people. He has been intuitive most of his life and has been working on fine tuning this gift. He loves to learn so he has done quite a bit of research on many different topics. However, the spiritual topic has always been his favorites. This is Delfin’s 2nd interview and he will be talking about Indigo Children and Adults.

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    Developing Your Unique Indigo Children Abilities: Beginning Psi Energy Work

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    Welcome, all Indigo Children, Star Seed's and young Crystal's. It is high time we start developing our abilities so that we may get on with the mission at hand. How are we going to change a planet without the skills necessary to do so? Tonight, we will discuss the method's we need to be practicing in order to strengthen our spiritual, psychic, intuitive and ESP abilities. We can not wait a day longer to start making a change in this world and it is going to start with ourselves. It starts this day.

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    Indigo Children Rise The Darkness Is Brought To The Light!

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    Especially, during and after the Vietnam war, many souls were told to come to this planet to help save Mother Earth. An Indigo is someone who is born with a inner truth detector, Bro Metaphysician & Aspiring Shaman Michael Pratt will share his story of his journey, how he and many others were able to use their 6th sense to guide them to the truth. Indigo Children were always on the planet but waves of them came to the planet during the late 70's-80's-90's and then other children were beginning to be born, known as crystal children and rainbow children. The Indigo's in particular are the one's who were born to tear old systems down, so that they can be rebuilt with love and integrity! Join Bro Michael as he helps spread the light and give a better understanding on who we are and why we are here!

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    Indigo Children, Who Are They?

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    Host Arlene Arnold welcomes Kris Gibbs to talk about Indigo Childen.  Kris has worked with these children so she knows the gifts they bring to us and also their challenges.  Along with that are challenges for their parents.  Maybe you are a grown-up Indigo.

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    Astral Projection and Indigo Children

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    Tonight, we talk with Bonnie who is an Indigo Child and she will tell us what it is like to "wake up" and how it is impacting her life and how it could impact everyone around us. She is maintaining a blog that documents her astral projection experiences and her lucid dreams. We will delve into comparisons between the two and discuss health and diet as it relates to astral projection and some tips and how to's regrading the astral projection experience. Read Bonnie's blog here.

    Natural Herbal Soap

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    Indigo Children, Who Are They?

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    Host Arlene Arnold welcomes Kris Gibbs to talk about Indigo Childen.  Kris has worked with these children so she knows the gifts they bring to us and also their challenges.  Along with that are challenges for their parents.  We invite callers to ask Kris questions and to share their experiences.  Maybe you are a grown-up Indigo.

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    Indigo Children

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    Today on "Conscious Parenting" Michelle Brown Stafford and Life Coch Ade will be exploring the phenomena of "Indigo Children".Who they are, if they represent the next phase in human evolution and how to support the parents raising "Indigo Children"

    Our special guest is Sherri Cortland, spiritual growth accelerator and author of "Raising Your Vibration for the New Age"
    Through Automatic Writing, Sherri Cortland channels and shares information communicated by her Guide Groups in her books and workshops with the express intention of providing tools that you can use to:
    Expedite your spiritual growth and complete your “To Do” list for this incarnation with less drama and pain.   Increase your vibrational level and positive energy output to make the completion of the Shift easier for everyone and for our planet. Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade" fan page on Facebook.

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    How to Help Indigo Children Succeed in School & life with Guest Mary Ernsberger

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    Indigo Children often have psychic gifts and a knowing that sets them apart from other children.  They also have to learn to appreciate the gifts that others bring to life that may be different from theirs. They may have trouble within our schools and even their families. Mary Ernsberger joins us with tips for helping these children. Her Learning Connections Center works with schools, parents, churches, and other organizations create learning environments for all children.

    Here is something from her web site you can use:

    Is your child....

    *   Resisting going to school
    *   Struggling with the completion of the daily assignments or tasks
    *   Feeling like no one understands them
    *   Failing tests
    *   Frustrated with an inability to fit in or express themselves in class
    *   Acting out
    *   Taking it out on other family members
    *   Carrying around a label that you feel is causing more harm than good

    Are teacher conferences, tutoring and medications giving less than satisfactory results?

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    Tune in to hear CLAIRCOGNANT KAHLIL SHAW who specializes in Ancient Esoteric Knowledge and Angel Card Readings.

    Do you have the gift (s)? We will discuss the special gifts within & give card readings

    On the table for discussion ~ Tarot Card Readings, Psychics Indigo Children, & The 4 Clairs: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Empaths, Dimensions of the Spirit Realm, Indigo, Crystal , Akashic & Rainbow Children~

     Learn more on the 4 Clairs, Empaths, Indigo Children, & Card Readings.

    Get a reading, ask questions, gain understanding & RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

    Clairvoyance-the usage of the Third Eye           

    Clairaudience- the ability to contact Spirits directly as you can hear “voices” inside your own mind.

    Claircognizance- translates to "clear knowingness".  That feeling of 'you just KNOW it!

    Clairsentience is often called being empathic. One can actually feel the other person’s feelings, picking up on their emotional state quite easily.

    June 12, 2014…….8p CST/9 p EST…..LISTEN/CHAT/CALL~ 347-637-3074

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!                       





    THE LOTUS PLACE       

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    Indigo Children

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    Do you know what what it means to have an Indigo child? Perhaps you are an Indigo child. They say Indigo Children are claimed to possess special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities. Join me with Rabbi Wayne Dosick Sunday 15th Aug at 5pm EST who will discuss everything you ever wanted to know about these special children and more. Call into 1 (877) 404-0793 or listen via internet!

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    Real Metaphysical Advice: " Indigo Children+ FREE READINGS

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    Join Alex( www.advicebyalex.com) and Joan ( www.yourmomknows.com)  as they discuss the topic of Indigo Children, why are they here? What do tthey look like ?  These are among the things that we will be discussing. Call in number is 347-826- 7522 and the chat room is open and active call in or join in live in the chatroom to get a free reading.  Please bring a beverage to share, mine will be a surprise.  

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