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    Where, Oh Where Have The Separation Of Church & Staties Got Gone To?

    in Politics Conservative

    Doc's formula is your 1st dose every Wednesday and then a necessary booster innoculation every Friday evening at 8 PM - THE roundtable.  For six extremely arduous years, America's "Not on the taxpayer's dime," are nowhere to be found when it comes to Barack Obama's quoting the Bible on national television at least twice per year.

    You cannot have it both ways Lib Dims.

    Henceforth, you owe U.S. at least 6 years of governance according to the (((((contextual))))))) word of God. 

    Notice that I am not at this time, nor have I ever called upon Lib Dims to cease and desist where governance and religion is concerned.

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    Schizophrenics & Freedom Of Speech

    in Politics Conservative

    The same administration that saw to the arrest of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, AND, for all practical purposes blamed actual savagery on an indepdendent film, gave THE INTERVIEW a hall pass.  Interesting.  Very.

    I'll succinctly lay the groundwork for Friday evening's, 8PM program unless I've calls to field.

    Much fun.  Join me, Dakota Lonestar for our 1st ever, roundtable.


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  • The Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

    in Politics

    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    The Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

    in Politics

    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    Learn some "Family Values" with Jayson Bernard

    in Film

    Join us Wednesday, January 21st with guest Jayson Bernard as we learn some "Family Values" while are forwarned about some "Blackwood Prophecies"  Jayson Bernard is an American actor, producer and writer. Based out of Chicago and L.A., Owner of J&R Productions home of "Family Values: The Series, Orphans of God, The Blackwood Prophecies and co-producer of Halloweed the movie.  Tune in as it should be a great show!

    Shriek Speak - Screaming the voice of independents loud enough to be heard
    HOSTED by Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown

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    WKPJB Radio Presents an Open Mic Forum to Discuss ... Politics, #SOTU

    in Poetry

    There were several subjects that I wanted to discuss but this one just wouldn't let go. I actually almost dismissed this one because I didn't think many watched the The State of the Union address from last night. However, I was reminded that we have an intelligent, diverse audience. I believe you won't let me down. I won't tolerate anyone being disrespected. I want all political views to be expressed. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Please gives us your view and share at will. Let's talk about the taboo subject that denied at the dinner table. I want to have a mature, fact-ridden discussion. Please help me make that happen.

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    The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    The Decoding Society introduces its newest Decoder, Author Troy Johnson, to discuss his book The Lighter Side of Darkness. We will also,talk about Boko Harem and the rising number voters identifying themselves as independents.  The show starts at 1:30p EST. The call in number is 347-857-1436.

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    Why Is Internet Radio Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Music Independents?

    in Music

    Host & CEO: PoeEtiq


    Co Host/ Music Director: Raw Dawg

    Co Host: John Lowe

    Co Host: Butter

    DeeJay: Doctor A.T.

    Magazine Editor & Chief : Myra MO


    To call: 213-559-2995

    We now air 7 DAYS a week at 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst   

    24/7 access www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio 


    Sunday: Ministry Of Motivation with John Lowe


    Mon.| Wed.| Fri. Conference Call  (Industry Focused) Raw Dawg & PoeEtiq

    Tue.| Thurs.| Sat. In The Mix With Doctor A.T.


    As a token of appreciation, for you tuning in, you or anyone you are connected with that does music we are offering FREE Airplay 


    Yes, Get free Airplay today! It is as simple as 123 upload your radio ready MP3 @ www.hiphopnationalradio.com maximize your exposure now. Help us lift up & build up the unsigned music community by having 100 your fans request your music on twitter @hiphopnational or #hiphopnational 


    "Taking Music From the Studio To the Bank!"

    Hip Hop National is Marketing and Management firm that is assisting Music Artist with preseting a professional presentation and portfolio to the Industry Inside Circle Of The Music Business


    We aim to educate will you help?


    Contact; 954.461.3398 for Booking and Details

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio/2014/08/20/experience-vs-trial-and-error#ixzz3BRMSpa2T

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    Step into "This House" with Ameila Cotter

    in Film

    Join us Wednesday, January 14th with guest Ameila Cotter\ as we step into "This House" and enjoy soem "R.I.P. Files". Amelia Cotter – Author, Storyteller & Cast Member/Investigator on The R.I.P. Files: Amelia Cotter is an author and storyteller with a special interest in the supernatural, history, and folklore. Her books include This House: The True Story of a Girl and a Ghost and Maryland Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State. She is also a cast member and investigator on the show The R.I.P. Files.

    Shriek Speak - Screaming the voice of independents loud enough to be heard
    HOSTED by Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown

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    Creatively Speaking (TM) On The Air

    in Culture

    Hosted By:

    Michelle Materre, The Grande Dame of Black Whole

    Co-Host Sabrina Schmidt Gordon is currently the co-director of The Black Documentary Collective, an organization founded by renowned documentary filmmaker, St. Clair Bourne. Sabrina is a film editor and producer who made her editing debut with an Emmy-winning episode of WGBH’s Greater Boston Arts series. She is the co-producer and editor of HIP-HOP: BEYOND BEATS AND RHYMES, a documentary about manhood and gender politics in mainstream HipHop that premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on PBS' Independent Lens. 

    Jessica Green is the Cinema Director of Maysles’ Cinema, host of the upcoming series on Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck. She is also associate producing an adaptation of Henry James' The Beast In the Jungle and producing a documentary on Graffiti titled Anything You Can Get Away With. She got her new media sea legs as the executive editor of BET.com from 2000 independent hip hop magazine Stress (1994-2001). 

    Jake Perlin is currently the Programmer at Large for The Film Society of Lincoln Center, host of the upcoming series “Tell It Like it Is: Black Independents in NYC 1968-1986” opening on February 6th. He is the Executive Director of Artists Public Domain, a nonprofit film production and consultation organization that includes Cinema Conservancy, which preserves and releases works of American independent cinema. From 2003 to 2011, he was the Associate Film Curator at BAMcinématek and in 2013, he co-programmed the New Yawk New Wave series with Bruce Goldstein at Film Forum.


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