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    Independent Everything: LIVE with M2M New Artists - R&B /Hip-Hop Duo ~ Kyramari

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    Not your typical girl group!!

    Said to have a TLC flow, mixed with a John Legend sound, and the swagger of Beyoncé' ...this Texas duo is set to take the Indie Artists scene by storm.

    Straight out of Arlington,Texas, these rising Seniors are not only smart, gifted, multi talented, and ca-ute...but they have a true passion for the music industry and are very excited about their careers with Metal 2 Music Records. 

    ~Kyramari~ as they will be known to their fans is an R&B/HipHop duo, that sing, rap, dance, and write their own music. The duo was formed from friendship. Kyra Howard and Imari McCarty have been tighter than sisters for over 12 years. They share a bond that most people will never get the opportunity to experience. A true #SISTERHOOD.

    Kyra, a Sagitarrius, is the shy friendly extrovert. She writes their lyrics and sings the vocals. Imari, a Pisces, is the comical extrovert. She, too, writes their lyrics, sings the vocals, and raps. They write music that embraces everyday life, from a message delivered by one's Pastor to the hurt of an unbalanced relationship. Wise beyond their years, they have thoroughly researched the industry, are ready to learn the ins and outs, and begin to develop their careers as music artists. 

    ~Kyramari~ shares a true passion for music. Full of determination, ambition, and lots of support...these young ladies are ready to take their sound and style to the next level. Tune in LIVE and help us welcome this dynamic, talented duo to the Metal 2 Music Family!

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    POWER 105's DJ CLUE SCAMMIN Independent Artists For Features with Fab

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    Ernesto Shaw, DJ Clue is one of hip hop's most influential Djs. Known for producing and hosting mixtapes, he got his start putting together compilations that featured some of New York's hottest rappers. The former Hot 97 personality dropped his debut album in '98 under Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, which went on to be a platinum-selling LP and the first of a successful trilogy. Clue currently hosts a segment on New York's Power 105 and is also CEO of Dessert Storm Records, which has propelled the careers of talents like Fabolous and Joe Budden on the date of Dec ,11,2014 DJ CLUE Had Reached out to Chill Gizzy Host of 1ST FAM RADIO a Internet radio show based out of Trenton NJ DJ Clue had initially spoken with me after a FaceBook friend request from Ernesto he sent in which I sent a message to see if it was of course the real DJ CLUE in which I inboxed him and asked him if he was available for interviews in which he replied as long as we book him I then asked for booking prices he said to me that he talks biz on the phone (Then it Goes Haywire with Suspicous contracts,Invoices and emails)

    TUNE IN TONITE (10:30pm til 12:30amEastern) 7:30pm til 9:30pm PST) www.blogtalkradio.com/theuntouchable1stfamradio www.1stfamradio.com   (Call in we wanna speak to Independent Artists (917)889-8297 AS WE BRING YOU THE REAL FOR ALL INDEPENDENT ARTISTS TRYING TO BREAK IN THE INDUSTRY IN SEARCH OF A RECORD DEAL FEATURE ETC.DON'T BE QUICK TO RUSH AND JUMP INTO THESE SITUATIONS WITHOUT DOING YOUR HOME WORK  

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    Is Blogging Still an Important Marketing Tool for Artists?

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by September co-host Mary Maxam. Today’s show addresses the importance of blogging. Because of the emergence of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, it seems that a fair number of artists are questioning the importance of having a blog. Tune in today to find out if blogging is a thing of the past or something you should do!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Poetic Hip-Hop Artist ~ C.Priest

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    C.Priest (c-preest) is a hip hop artist from Canton, Ohio, known for his poetic wordplay and extraordinary concepts.
    He began his passion with writing music at the age of 11.
    Only After graduating high school, at the age of 17, did he start recording professionally.
    Inspired by many artists from different genres, from different times, the Canton artist developed his own sound of hip hop music, separating him from the rest of the crowd.

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    ACCESS To ARISING ARTISTS Show - Bringing The GOSPEL for The Holidays

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    Every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm EST.  the Access to Arising Artists Show Radio Host Tracey Chantel & Co-Host Trish features independent recording artists from around the world. The show playlist includes R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel and Reggae music.  The listening audience are part of the show as Co-Host and Votes which song played on the air should be "Let It Ride" or  "Pass It By".  The Artist song with the most  "Let It Ride" Votes is featured on the Access To Arising Artists Website for site visitors of over 35,000 per week to hear.  That Artist is also given the title ARTIST of the WEEK with the WOW Factor receiving worldwide recognition and exposure.

    GUEST: Arising Artist Today: NONE

    NEW SEGMENTS: SALUTE A YOUTH - Giving recognition to Youths who are doing Good Things in Their Lives

                                 CHEAP CHEETAH CORNER - Saving Money Tips by Roxie Hill

    LISTEN LIVE at (718) 766-4864     Follow Us on TWITTER @arisingartists & Visit @; www.AccessToArisingArtists.com

    Follow Our Sponsor Team MASHN Distribution on TWITTER @searchtoptalent

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with an Eclectic Musical Genius ~ Dashi ~

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    Emerging from Long Island N.Y, singer, songwriter, musician, quasi-producer Dashi stands poised, polished, and prepared to establish her eclectic musical styling's within the music industry. She has already been making her mark through out the streets of NY and her town knows her as "The female Kanye West," with her controversial personality and her genius in music and art. She has opened up for artists such as Young Jeezy, Chrisette Michelle, and Styles P... just to name a few. She has performed at many places such as The Roxy, McDonald's Gospel Fest, The Underground, The Supper Club, and for many charity organizations. She has a wonderful imagination and a wonderful heart. Her fusion of styles makes her a talent extaordinaire. She knows her journey will never stop and music is what she breathes. Welcome to the world of Dashi....    

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Jose Corea ~ Musician & Marketing Specialist

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    Jose Corea is the Founder of Continuous Entertainment. He is a Musician & Marketing Specialist and he loves to see those who work hard succeed in their business!

    He has worked with top producers and major recording artists, both on their production & marketing.
    His qualifications include being an independent top producer, SEO product branding, and he has many production
    credits listed.

    Continuous Entertainment has released 14 albums since it first established itself working with a collective of 17 artists within New York City. The original releases included 9 albums in 2003.

    In 2007, the company took a different approach and Continuous Entertainment's producer established his brand Beat Monstarrs which started to release instrumental albums, these sample base production albums inspire and empower artists worldwide.

    Continuous Entertainment's producer also established Musicsplice.com, an online social community of artists, producers and managers. Where knowledge and results of accomplishments within the music industry are shared so anyone can gain knowledge and skills from others who have had personal success.

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    Independent Everything: Q & A Session with Fans

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    On today's episode, we are answering all of YOUR "Inquiring Minds" questions!!

    We encoureage all of the listeners, followers, fans and supporters of Erecnis Entertainment Enterprise, Metal 2 Music Records, Metal 2  Music Entertaiment Management, Metal 2 Music artists, Hybrid Fashions, Ates Advertising Agency, http://AllThingzFranz.com Radio, ~N~ Motion Events, and The B.A.R.S. Crew to join in LIVE with Franz The Hybrid One, the grlNmotion, and Delshun Mays, to call in and get up close and personal with all of the many wonderful events we have going on.

           (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234  (646) 668-2234

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with R&B/Pop Singer/Producer/Songwriter ~ Karma

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    As soon as you hear the music of singer & songwriter Karma who is based out of Los Angeles, CA; you will quickly realize that not all Karma is bad. Karma describes her style as R&B sprinkled with a twist of Hip Hop and Soul. Since the age of 7, Karma who was born Paula Renee Joseph absorbed every ounce of music she heard which eventually led her to
    embark on her own music career. Appreciating music from artists who may not be number one on the charts all the time, Karma notes artists such as Teedra Moses & Aaliyah as influences in addition to legends such as Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Lauryn Hill & of course Aretha Franklin just to name a few. Karma learned at an early age that being versatile with music would lead to a well rounded career so she immersed herself in to Jazz, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop plus Pop music to help cultivate a unique style all her own.

    With the goal to create music that doesn’t have an expiration date & to become a brand that people can relate to more so than just an artist, Karma jumped feet first in to writing, singing & production. Not only has Karma been the back-up singer for several artists including Sharon Maree, Steve Harris, Brooke Taylor, Sheena Player, Minh & Amber Melody, which has allowed her to tour opening up for the likes of the Isley Bros and Maze Frankie Beverly; Karma has also written songs for several artists exclusively under Heat Pharm Productions.

    Karma is now back working on her new project tentatively titled “Karma is A…”

    To find out more about Karma visit www.karmatheartist.com

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    The Independent Minute - Episode 2

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    Episode 2 of The Independent Minute.

    Valentina talks to Jeff London and Mel England about their new film "Best Day Ever". The LGBT film tells the story of a gay man going through a "middle-age crisis".  This film will be released in December. Listen to this fun and informative interview and you will see that life and love in LGBT isn't that different after all! Release date 12/9/2014



    Lamont Wheat graces our show and talks about his career in music and the arts. Valentina gets the "real" from Lamont about using Independent music to raise awareness about LGBT and under-privileged communities. Lamont raises awarness about the LGBT community through the non-profit The Lavender Effect.


    Bleyaert is back with a Vengence! Guy Bleyaert is in production with his new independent feature "Transit 17". Valentina gets the scoop and behind the scenes of this highly anticipated film. Guy takes independent action filmmaking to a whole new level. Transit 17 is slated to be an exciting European action packed feature. If you love, blazing guns, stunning effects and martial arts...well...you better get your ticket now and get on to "TRANSIT 17".

    Enjoy them


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with ~Young Soul~ of #CME & 3US

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    Was sup, I am Jimmie “Young Soul” Webster. I am ¼ of the group 3 Unborn Soulz. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I got into music to release frustration and anger. I had found out that I can sing when I was at school goofing off making fun of somebody. My favorite genre of music is music with soul in it such as R&B and Gospel. Nobody inspired me to do music when I realized I can sing I just start doing it I know I can dance but my music is poetry so what better thing can I do. Living in the city I live it its more bad things than the good things so I set out to make something positive about me, the group, and my city. I feel the modern day music now a day is fake unreal not touching like the music back in day it’s just a hustle the artists now a days are putting up a front instead of being who they really are. My dreaming collab would be August Alsina but I would feature with anybody. My message in music is everybody does not have the same story it’s kind of a like but it’s not the same, everybody have a song but it is how you sing your song. In five years I/m trying to have five albums with the group, have our name more than what it is have music that the elderly and the young people can listen to together and it speaks to both, and I would like the venture off and do a few solo projects.

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