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    Thrive: A Happiness Incubator

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    Did you know that 40% of your happiness is your choice? That’s right. 50% of your individual level of happiness is determined by your DNA, your “happiness set point”. 10% of your happiness is determined by external factors such as food, water, shelter, basic financial stability. That leaves 40% of your potential individual level of happiness entirely up to YOU, and science tells us that that 40% is your choice.

    Scott Simon and Jen Margolis, the founders of Thrive, join guest host and Thrive volunteer, Deanna Black, for a full hour to help us realize that 40% happiness potential. Thrive is a volunteer group of professionals committed to a single focus: spreading happiness and sharing well-being with people one Thrive experience at a time.  And since we know that happiness is contagious (it’s a science-based fact), when you get happier, so do those around you. Listen and find out how you can impact a community. One happy, thriving person at a time.

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    GCS - Green House Incubator - SolDeSal

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    SolDeSal provides drinking water on a large scale from sea or brackish ground water.  A solar field of one square mile can sustain a city of a population of approximately 150 – 200 thousand.  Since the cost of produced water is low, the fresh water can also be used for irrigation of agricultural land providing a wide base for economic prosperity and growth.  The technology requires no other natural resources but sun and seawater. These resources are most abundant in areas where the population growth is the fastest and where fresh-water resources are the scarcest.

    The SolDeSal solution is based on a unique integration of conventional and new, patented technologies:  High Density Solar Thermal Steam Generator, High Temperature Thermal Storage System, 2D Matrix Multi Effect Distillation Unit, Direct Contact Air Cooled Condenser and Conventional Steam Turbine Generator.

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    The Business Incubator and You

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    Business Incubators and Small Business

    As a full time professional tenant in a business incubator, we at SCM enjoy all of the same services as does any professionally staffed office.  Our working environment even includes built-in networking opportunities!

    Business incubators are formal programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services.  Those services are developed and orchestrated by a management team sponsored by the local community, with the objective of stimulating the local economy.

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    GCS - Green House Incubator - PhytoSynthetix

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    Erico Mattos has just graduated as a Ph.D in Crop and Soil Sciences from the University of Georgia in August 2013. In 2012 Erico graduated from the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University located at NASA Ames Research Center and is now working on several entrepreneurial projects related to new techniques in food production. Erico is an Agricultural Engineer by training and got his degree at University of Sao Paulo in 2008. As an advocate of urban agriculture systems, Mattos sees the intelligent use of exponential technologies as a solution to meet the increasing demand for healthy food based on sustainable, integrated production systems. Erico is also a co founder of PhytoSynthetix, a high-tech horticultural lighting company that combines plant physiology with bioengineering to built the first intelligent illumination system in the world. PhytoSynthetix developed a proprietary biological feedback system that allows the lights to communicate with the plants and maximize energy use efficiency thus increasing biomass production while reducing energy consumption. This solution reduces the cost of indoor cultivation allowing urban fresh food production to become feasible.



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    GCS - Green House Incubator - Bractlet

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    Alec Manfre is a co-founder and CEO of Bractlet—an energy analytics platform that increases efficiency through better data—where he executes Bractlet's vision and leads the development of Bractlet's hardware solution. He believes that energy drives the world's economic engine and can have substantial impact on lifting poverty, but the way energy is used and generated has to be done responsibly.

    He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he majored in Mechanical Engineering and graduated with highest honors. Alec has previously worked with GE Energy in their Gas Turbine and Smart Grid divisions, with Georgia Tech Research Institute where he researched carbon nanotube based photovoltaic cells, and led an energy policy research project analyzing how various stakeholders effect statewide energy policy.

    Alec loves travelling and has been fortunate to have travelled to over 18 countries and 30 cities throughout South East Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa. He also loves to play golf, tennis, and baseball.

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    Becoming An Incubator of Purpose with Dr Lily Jenkins

    in Romance

    Our show features author and coach Dr. Lily Jenkins.  Dr. Jenkins will share tools for self-discovery and personal development specifically for women.  We will discuss ways to become an 'incubator of purpose' through her coaching and membership programs.

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    GCS - Green House Incubator – Evgentech

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    Jackie Hutter, MS, JD is the CEO of Evgentech, a role in which she leads the development and execution of the company’s strategic initiatives, such as developing and managing intellectual property (“IP”) protection efforts, securing of licensing partners and building the team and infrastructure needed for Evgentech to scale from a start up technology venture to a profitable battery charging innovations company.  She has been a part of the company’s management team since 2010 when she was brought on as an IP adviser to the co-founders.  Since she took the helm of Evgentech in mid-2012, Ms. Hutter has effected the transition of Evgentech from a hacker-based venture to a company with PhD validated charging technology protected by strong IP.  Outside of her role at Evgentech, Ms. Hutter is a thought-leader and frequent speaker on innovation and IP topics, and has in each year since 2009 been been named to the elite group of top global IP Strategists by Intellectual Asset Magazine.  Prior to joining Evgentech, Ms. Hutter headed an IP strategy consultancy where she worked closely with business leaders at a variety of companies to maximize intangible asset value. Ms. Hutter was also previously a senior IP and innovation business counselor at a multi-national consumer products and chemical company from 2005-2007 and an attorney at a law firm where she managed a sophisticated U.S and foreign IP practice where she held progressively more senior titles. From 1996-1998, Ms. Hutter gained substantial experience as an IP litigator at a large regional law firm.  She holds a law degree from Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, where she graduated with high honors, a M.S. in from University of Cincinnati and a B.S. in Chemistry from Barry University. She is also a named inventor on a U.S. patent. 

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    NABWIC TALKS: with Jackie Perry, Small Business Management Consultant

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    Jackie Perry is the executive director for Beaver Street Enterprise Center. (BSEC) . She came to the business incubator after a twenty-three year career in operations management and human resource development. She is a member of the board of directors for First Coast Business Alliance; Jacksonville Public Library and the Florida 8A Alliance. A graduate of Blueprint for Leadership, Jackie is also an alumni of Leadership Jacksonville class of 2011. 

     At BSEC, Jackie oversees operations and management for the 25,000 square feet facility which provides business assistance, business support services, as well as office space and infrastructure for new and emerging businesses.

    Jackie and her staff currently support 20 clients who consist of a diverse cluster of service, construction and IT related businesses. Clients have created over 2000 new jobs over the past ten years and have had an economic impact of over $250 million dollars over the past ten years.

     In 2006, Jackie was named Jacksonville’s Advocate of the Year at the National Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week) which recognizes the tremendous contributions of minority business owners toward the continued economic development of our nation.  

    Most recently, she was honored and presented with the keys to the city for her work in helping the city of Palatka with efforts to establish a business incubator in their city.

    Contact information:  Beaver Street Enterprise, 1225 W. Beaver Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

    Phone: 904-866-3828 

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    Mitzi Weinman - Book Journeys Author Interview

    in Books

    Join Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator as she interviews Mitzi Weinman, the founder of TimeFinder and author of It’s About Time! Transforming Chaos into Calm, A to Z

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    GCS - Green House Incubator - BioChar

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    Mr. Christoph Pollatos is a serial entrepreneur. He currently holds the position of President & CEO for BioChar Central Inc., an Eco-Solutions enterprise, founded in March 2011.

    The company transforms biomass waste streams into useful, profitable organic soil building and water purification products. 

    It has developed a proprietary low cost, clean technology which helps sustainably converts wood and agricultural wastes into powerful soil enhancers, boosting crop yields, preventing desertification, all while helping mitigate Climate Change risks.

    Before founding BioChar Central, Mr. Pollatos started Verdant Energy Solutions Inc., an Alternative Energy Fuel Provider.  The company focused on producing “Bio-Coal", a renewable fuel alternative to fossil coal used by electric generating utilities world-wide. Using Bio-Coal instead of fossil coal at electric generating utilities substantially reduces CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gas emissions from Power Plants.

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    The upcoming San Francisco Ed Tech Forum with Dr Karen Billings

    The Innovation Incubator PLUS...

    Presented by MMS EDUCATION

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