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    NextWave: Incubator, Accelerator & BOOT - What Differentiates Them From Others?

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    Are you or someone you know looking for a business incubator that assists startups or early-stage companies by providing resources such as office space, managerial experience, and/or help with business basics? Incubators do all of that and more!

    Join Michigan Mobile Musings host, Melissa Birnie and her guests, Amjad Hussain and Jason Kummerl of NextWave in Troy, MI as they discuss business incubators and accelerators.

    NextWave is a hands-on world class technology incubator based in Metro Detroit offering three key programs: Incubator, Accelerator and BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer). Learn what types of products and/or services are a good fit for this program and understand how NextWave’s “sprints” help start-ups gain invaluable market feedback and graduate from one incubation 'sprint' to the next. Last but not least, find out how NextWave sets itself apart from other incubators, and what these differentiators mean to the startups they work with. Also learn about some of the interesting businesses that have been a part of NextWave, many of them mobile/wireless tech firms.

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    Interview with Traxpay and main incubator

    in Entrepreneur

    Interview with Traxpay and main incubator

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    Ep 131: Nicole Pouchet on Annie's Defiance

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    Join Angela Lauria as the interviews author Nicole Pouchet on the publishing of her book, Annie's Defiance. 

    Annie's Defiance is the third book of Nicole's Elemental Myths series, so the topic was pretty set even before she started writing the book. She simply focused on the motivations of her characters and the story tells itself, as she put it. 

    Inspired by ancient Incan culture, the book is a paranormal romance involving a prophecy and powers over the elements. She equates the time she devoted to writing the book to life energy spent wisely since being an author is her passion, first and foremost. For Nicole, there's this thrill in finishing a book, even when there's a system or structure to the process. "Maybe I’m a type-A person to thrive with structure," she said, "but I couldn’t write a book without deadlines, editorial rules, etc." 

    She credits Difference Press for giving her lifelong habits that help to ensure that she can finish every book that she starts. 

    Read more and download the transcript here: Nicole Pouchet on The Author Incubator

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    The Food Business School: Changing the World Through Food

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    Today, we will be talking to William Rosenzweig, Dean and Executive Director of The Food Business School, about what The Food Business School (FBS) is and what aspirations and goals they envision FBS to be. 

    William B. Rosenzweig has spent more than twenty-five years integrating the practices and perspectives of an entrepreneur, venture investor, and educator. He is regarded internationally as an expert in cultivating and transforming impactful ideas into thriving enterprises.

    Will was founding CEO (and Minister of Progress) of The Republic of Tea, an award-winning specialty tea company that is credited with creating the premium tea category in the United States. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has been involved in Odwalla, Stonyfield Farms, Trinity Springs, Winetasting.com and Brand New Brands, a functional food incubator he founded in 2003.

    In November 2014, Will joined forces with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to launch The Food Business School (FBS), the CIA’s new center for executive and graduate education. As dean and executive director of The Food Business School, Will is working with industry experts to create specialized programs that enable and empower entrepreneurs to design, deliver, and lead transformative innovations that address the world’s most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities.


    A little about FBS's mission

    The Food Business School enables and empowers entrepreneurial leaders to design, deliver and lead transformative innovations that address the world’s most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities

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    Ep 130: Michelle Mazur on Speaking Up for Your Business

    in Books

    Join Dr. Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator as she interviews author, Dr. Michelle Mazur on the publishing of her book, Speak Up for Your Business: Presentation Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ready to Tell, Sell, and Compel.

    Michelle sees herself as a communication rebel - a kind "leader of the rebellion" or an agent of change - someone who changes lives and the world. For her, being a rebel means someone who isn't simply like everyone else and blazes his or her own path for others to follow. As a rebel of the spoken work, she is the person who makes an impact on people who need to hear her message most and writing this book is one way she's making that impact a lot more noticeable and memorable. "Public speaking is my area of expertise," she said. "I have a Ph.D. in communication so it wasn't hard to focus." 

    Read more and download the transcript here: Michelle Mazur on The Author Incubator

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    Ep 129: Patty Lennon on Successful Crowdfunding

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    Join Angela Lauria of Book Journeys Radio as she interviews Patricia Lennon on the publishing of her book, The Crowdfunding Book. 

    Patty decided to write The Crowdfunding Book, because, as a business coach and crowdfunding expert, she kept receiving requests from people asking for help in their corwdfunding campaigns and she realized that she had been giving the same answers over and over. Getting a book out that can answer common questions was the perfect solution. "The book was a natural extension to the speaking and consulting I was doing," said Patty.

    Patty had dedicated the writing of The Crowdfunding Book to her kids because they were her first funders. She had launched an initial funding campaign for the project and throughout the process of writing the book, her children were her insipiration. What kept her going until the book was finished was her thinking of how proud her kids would be to see their names printed on it. 

    Read more and download the transcript here: Patty Lennon on The Author Incubator

  • Ep 128: Susan Hyatt on Creating Your Own Luck

    in Books

    Listen to Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator interview Susan Hyatt on the publishing of her book, Create Your Own Luck.

    Author Susan calls herself "the luck creator." The topic of luck became clear to her for this book after she used what she calls her box system which consists of three fabric-covered photo boxes where she placed book topic ideas. It took a while, but it soon became clear that the topic of luck was not going to let go of her. So, it's those ideas that became the kernels for her book on luck. Susan's work as a speaker on magnetizing luck complements her book 

    Read more and download the transcript here: Susan Hyatt on The Author Incubator

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    Ep 127: Lisa Culhane on Unfriending One's Guilt

    in Books

    Join Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator as she interviews Lisa Culhane, author of Discover the New G Spot (or How to Unfriend Your Guilt).

    Lisa had been blogging about gratitude when the idea for Discover the New G Spot hit her. The topic seemed a good place to begin for her and as a professed bibliophile, writing this book was a milestone though it was less of a vision and more of an idea of how it would be for her to become an author, writing instead of just reading books. 

    Lisa describes Discover the New G Spot as saucy. It's really based on stories from her family's travels and focuses on guilt and gratitude, not the more racy stuff that are usually associated with the term G spot.

    Read more and get the transcript here: Lisa Culhane on The Author Incubator

  • We Are The Change Now Radio Show

    in Lifestyle

    Get Ready Cordele!! Join us this Sunday for the next edition of our "We are the Change Now" Radio Show with MBKC & MSKC, when our topic will be: To Vote or Note to Vote. Voting Rights in Cordele 2015. Our guests will be Dr. Antwion Yowe, former candidate for Chairman of the Cordele City Commission & Patrick Davis, middle Georgia political journalist and blogger, along with the MBKC endorsed candidates for public office: Mochanda Dechelle Davis for City Commissioner in Ward 1 in 2015; Roy Dale for City Commissioner in Ward 4 in 2015, and Ricky B. Redding for Sheriff in Crisp County 2016.

    "We are the Change Now" Radio Show is the new monthly radio show from the Removing the Bandages Radio Network that comes on one Sunday a month, featuring dialogue, ideas, and proven solutions to build unstoppable communities. The show is an extension of the social impact work that members of the grassroots organization, MBKC (My Brother's Keeper-Cordele) & MSKC (My Sister's Keeper- Cordele), are doing in their hometown, Cordele, Georgia, to transform years of socioeconomic decline. Furthermore, the show serves as a gathering place and incubator for change agents who seek to transform communities large and small. We are Cordele, and We are the Change Now!!

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    After Dark Technologies (Daniel Wilson, Founder and CEO)

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    Daniel Wilson is serial inventor and holds numerous patents across a range of industries including high tech and medical devices.  He founded AfterDark Technologies while pursuing his MBA at Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business in Wellesley, MA. He is an alumni of Babson’s intensive incubator program designed to accelerate the development of student entrepreneurial ventures and is a recipient of the school’s Entrepreneurship Award, presented annually to the student demonstrating outstanding scholarship and exemplary entrepreneurial actions, leadership and service to the Babson community. Daniel was also a runner up in The Arthur M. Blank Center For Entrepreneurship B.E.T.A. Challenge in 2013 with AfterDarkTechnologies. He holds a B.S. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University.

    About AfterDark Technologies

    AfterDark Technologies is revolutionizing team sports by enabling play anywhere, anytime. With our innovative, lighted uniforms and equipment, your playing time is no longer limited by daylight or finding a lighted field at night.

    Today, we are focused on putting a modern twist on a fan favorite: flag football.  Our AfterDark Flag Football gear allows players to interact in the dark using fiber optic jerseys lighting the players and flags, LED cones defining the field and end-zones, an LED powered football and interactive technology that provides a visual rush countdown on the quarterback’s jersey eliminating antiquated one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi counts. It’s a modern take on traditional flag football — moving it beyond how it’s been played for the last 75 years.