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    Hillary is incompetent and Bill is a sex addict

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    Hillary is incompetent and Bill is a sex addict.  Can we trust them to run America?

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    John Carver Show - The Kill Switch (Og Mandino)

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    Augustine (Og) Mandino was down on his luck and ready to end his life but chose to read a book instead of shooting himself.  Later in life he told many audiences, "I am certain that only a few of you realize we have a "kill switch" [i.e. referring to the ability to shut down all functions of a car upon exiting as a block against theft]. It gets pushed whenever someone puts us down or harshly criticizes our best efforts or makes fun of us...ridicule, scorn, slights, insults....they all hurt and often their toll is so great that the little confidence we had managed to build up disappears until we finally stop trying to do better.....Just don' let it happen to you anymore. Don't push any more kill switches when you are with your kids and never, never let anyone push yours....Never again give anyone permission to rain on your parade." 

    On this show you will hear the late Og Mandino, in his slow soft voice, share some of the keys in you keep moving forward regardless of the hard times in your life.

    I love his wisdom.  In one of his books he writes:

    “How do I change? 
    If I feel depressed I will sing. 
    If I feel sad I will laugh. 
    If I feel ill I will double my labor. 
    If I feel fear I will plunge ahead. 
    If I feel inferior I will wear new garments. 
    If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice. 
    If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come. 
    If I feel incompetent I will think of past success. 
    If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals. 
    Today I will be the master of my emotions.”

    You can get more information about Mr. Mandino at http://intentionalcreation.com/about-og-mandino/

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Obama - Incompetent Or Malevolent?

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    From ebola to ISIS to Ukraine to a stock-market wipeout—there’s nowhere to hide from the Obama Doctrine; When it comes to ebola, it’s becoming clear that government “everywhere putting its hands to new undertakings” isn’t working out all that well; New ebola czar Ron Klaine is a long-time lobbyist and Donk capo; The threat of Ebola is real, and the threat of government malevolence is even worse; Americans are shaken by government’s ability to function in ways it should not; and will the sabotaged ebola response poke a hole in liberals’ theory of infallible government?  No!  It!  Won't!

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    End of Life Decisions Protect Elders Prevent Family Feuds with Stephanie Payne

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    According to today's special guest Stephanie Payne, R.N., 1 in 3 senior citizens will suffer some form of elder abuse. That abuse may come from caregivers, but more often than we might believe it comes from their very own families.

    Stephanie Payne, a practicing RN, author of The Sandbox Wars, and coproducer of the documentary Legacy Decisions End of Life Decisions The Most Important Gift To Your Family, is here to explain why end of life decisions are the most important gift we give ourselves and our families - why each of us must protect ourselves and our families (while we are of sound mind) through legacy planning.

    We have all heard stories about families who fall apart after bitter feuding over their parents' estates. We have also heard stories of children or family members who steal from their elderly parents, change their parents' wills when they become mentally incompetent, or swindle them out of their life savings.

    Stephanie Payne is on a mission to prevent these tragedies from happening by creating awareness of the issues and teaching others how to make irrevocable end of life decisions.

    Everyone will benefit from the information Stephanie will share today. Save the date and be sure to listen.

    To learn more about Stephanie Payne, R.N. please visit http://www.thesandboxwars.com and http://www.legacydecisions.com


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    Are You Establishing Leaders or Sending Them Away?

    in Business

    Join us on Monday Moring at 11 AM as Joann discussess Establishing Leaders.

    Leaders are a key component in your business. With great leaders, your organization can grow.

    Incompetent leaders can destroy your business.

    What are you doing to find and grow your leaders?

    Do you have leaders in place to set the example?

    YPI P.E.A.K. "Radio over the E.D.G.E." will spotlight human resources, workforce preparation, and topics relating to management and leadership.  The show's core focus is on the recognition, understanding and development of human potential.  Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia.

    Contact YPI Consontants - 631-320-0217 / info@ypiconsultants.com

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1030

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    Tonight's special guest is Juliet Cameron from Northern California, a survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse that began in infancy, and author of new book “Falling Upward,” an intense look into Juliet's life journey. The survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse that began in infancy, her first sixteen years of life brought increased severity at the hands of an alcoholic and drug addicted stepfather and a mother with psychosis. At the age of eleven, Juliet left home and was placed in foster care. She was returned to her mother through an incompetent justice system only to be placed in foster care again several years later. Throughout her teen years and into her adulthood she dealt with severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and major depression. Both resulted in her own battle with alcohol and drug addiction. After fifteen years of therapy, medication and intermittent hospitalization without success, Juliet discovered total recovery not from therapy or western medicine but from ancient wisdom which she currently teaches at healing workshops. Her book "Falling Upward" tells the tale of Juliet's life and the journey she took to break free from the stress and trauma. She hopes is will be an inspiration to all who have suffered abuse in some form or another.

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    The Return of Tyr: Welcome to the Cesspool

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    Join me for an impromptu broadcast where I will discuss the cesspool that has become of the world at the hands of psychopaths, jewish supremacists, incompetent loons, willing dupes, and ignorant pawns.

    The phone lines will be open, so feel free to call in at any time during the show.

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    How To Destroy Your Primary Relationships--The Easy Way

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    People often claim they want a quality relationship. However, if the truth were told, many do not even know where to begin. If they think the do they are relying upon old wives/husbands tales that have nothing to do with the WORD of GOD. So, listen in as Dr. Mike explains the relationship topic from an interesting view point. Asks Dr. Mike, “If you want to destroy yourself and the relationship you claim you desire, here’s how to do it!”

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    Is the president of the United States Dangerously Incompetent or does he really know what he is doing? Why does he seem to put America's domestic and foreign enemies ahead of America's best interests?; Obama's birth certificate investigation may be heading to congress - Does the Republican congress have the guts to bring it up?; Will Obama sign the UN's Gun Control treaty against the will of the American people this week? Why has Obama invited the Chinese Navy to participate in naval execises with the U.S. Navy?  - This is right after Chinese hackers stole very sensitive secrets for our state-of-the-art weapons systems; Bombshell at the IRS Congressional hearings - one or more IRS employees has comitted a felony; Not only are dead people voting throughout the country but many of them have now been found to be collecting welfare; an Update on the US Senate Amnesty Bill; The US development of Robotic Weapons is troubling some othe communists at the United Nations; Why are the Bees dying off - could it be the GMO insecticides and herbicides?; Senator Diane Feinstein - the most corrupt Senator in the U.S. Senate; if you diss a Muslim on Facebook, the US Dept of Justice says they might come after you - dissing Christians and Jews is still OK; Remember the Alamo and the Second Amendment - would Davy Crockett and Will Travis surrender their guns to President Obama or Gov. Cuomo and more.  

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    An Overview of Overcoming Addition with David Cowdrey

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    On today's episode of Getting Social with Miriam,  I will be interviewing author David Cowdrey who has found a Higher Power to help him overcome addiction. He wrote Ockhams' Razor Revisited: A Simple Solution to Freedom from All Addictions. This book is  is a blazingly candid memoir/recovery guide within a spiritual context. It is a deeply moving, intensely caring, intimate portrayal of a gay man's journey through abysmal depression, manic episodes, extreme indulgence and sexual addiction. He eventually discovered the power of the simple solution and enjoys enduring sobriety. 

    Unlike many self help books, it speaks from the heart as one who's been there and back too many times. It offers a simple, do-able plan that can lead to a safe harbor for addicts, and people on the brink of disaster. It is a valuable source of information and inspiration for manic depressives, addicts, their supporters, co-dependents and professionals in the field gift-wrapped in a literate and fascinating read. 

    Twenty-six years of practicing, studying, rising above and sinking to the depths, recommitment, regret, disillusionment with incompetent professionals, 12-step commitments and lapses, confirms the author as an expert on the subject with a workable solution. 

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    Nov 24th “Middle of Nowhere: Benghazi Report and Failed Foreign Policy"

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    Monday Night Show!

    When: 11p ET

    Where: www.blogtalkradio.com/BeadWindowRadio

    Call-in: 347-989-8743

    Topic: “Middle of Nowhere: Benghazi Report and Failed Foreign Policy" w/ Mark Lijek

    We're in the "Middle of Nowhere" again. Last week we pondered going back to war in the Middle East. Today Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel resigned. Or did he? Was he not playing nice with Obama's inner circle or was he incompetent as has been leaked by the White House. Also the Benghazi Report just came out before the holidays. Hmmm?


    Tune-in, listen and learn, or be a putz…


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