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    How To Destroy Your Primary Relationships--The Easy Way

    in Christianity

    People often claim they want a quality relationship. However, if the truth were told, many do not even know where to begin. If they think the do they are relying upon old wives/husbands tales that have nothing to do with the WORD of GOD. So, listen in as Dr. Mike explains the relationship topic from an interesting view point. Asks Dr. Mike, “If you want to destroy yourself and the relationship you claim you desire, here’s how to do it!”

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    An Overview of Overcoming Addition with David Cowdrey

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    On today's episode of Getting Social with Miriam,  I will be interviewing author David Cowdrey who has found a Higher Power to help him overcome addiction. He wrote Ockhams' Razor Revisited: A Simple Solution to Freedom from All Addictions. This book is  is a blazingly candid memoir/recovery guide within a spiritual context. It is a deeply moving, intensely caring, intimate portrayal of a gay man's journey through abysmal depression, manic episodes, extreme indulgence and sexual addiction. He eventually discovered the power of the simple solution and enjoys enduring sobriety. 

    Unlike many self help books, it speaks from the heart as one who's been there and back too many times. It offers a simple, do-able plan that can lead to a safe harbor for addicts, and people on the brink of disaster. It is a valuable source of information and inspiration for manic depressives, addicts, their supporters, co-dependents and professionals in the field gift-wrapped in a literate and fascinating read. 

    Twenty-six years of practicing, studying, rising above and sinking to the depths, recommitment, regret, disillusionment with incompetent professionals, 12-step commitments and lapses, confirms the author as an expert on the subject with a workable solution. 

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    Nov 24th “Middle of Nowhere: Benghazi Report and Failed Foreign Policy"

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    Monday Night Show!

    When: 11p ET

    Where: www.blogtalkradio.com/BeadWindowRadio

    Call-in: 347-989-8743

    Topic: “Middle of Nowhere: Benghazi Report and Failed Foreign Policy" w/ Mark Lijek

    We're in the "Middle of Nowhere" again. Last week we pondered going back to war in the Middle East. Today Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel resigned. Or did he? Was he not playing nice with Obama's inner circle or was he incompetent as has been leaked by the White House. Also the Benghazi Report just came out before the holidays. Hmmm?


    Tune-in, listen and learn, or be a putz…


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    We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, eat a lot and always give back. We salute soldiers serving overseas and we have hope America can get back to where she belongs as a beacon of Democracy that the entire world can emulate.  

    U.S. President Barack Obama has been negatively bombarded from all sides. This show will not jump on the bandwaggon critisizing this great American Icon in the making. He has gotten at least 75% of his agenda through WITHOUT the help of Republicans and "bullweivel" Blue Dog Democrats. When it mattered most, so called Progressives in Congress, for the most part, abandoned him and threw him under the bus. A prime example is this past Midterm 2014 Elections. After all that, any humanbeing would implode, lose composure and probably quit. It kills them that he did not and he will not. In life, it's not how many times you get knocked down. But, it's how mant times you get back up, brush yourself off and soldier on. That is the essence of this great leader and legend in the making. 

    In a recent speech, he will go it alone signing an Executive Order on Immigration since Republicans won't compromise. If they were for something, they are now against it only because Obama is for it. Their actions border on the brink of treason, as they do everything in their power to make our first African-American President of the United States of America look incompetent and weak. This two years will be very interesting. Will it be more gridlock or will compromise be reached to get us back where we need to be economically, socially and politically? Will Obama become a lame duck or an Iconic Legend? Join us!

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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    in Politics Conservative

    Is the president of the United States Dangerously Incompetent or does he really know what he is doing? Why does he seem to put America's domestic and foreign enemies ahead of America's best interests?; Obama's birth certificate investigation may be heading to congress - Does the Republican congress have the guts to bring it up?; Will Obama sign the UN's Gun Control treaty against the will of the American people this week? Why has Obama invited the Chinese Navy to participate in naval execises with the U.S. Navy?  - This is right after Chinese hackers stole very sensitive secrets for our state-of-the-art weapons systems; Bombshell at the IRS Congressional hearings - one or more IRS employees has comitted a felony; Not only are dead people voting throughout the country but many of them have now been found to be collecting welfare; an Update on the US Senate Amnesty Bill; The US development of Robotic Weapons is troubling some othe communists at the United Nations; Why are the Bees dying off - could it be the GMO insecticides and herbicides?; Senator Diane Feinstein - the most corrupt Senator in the U.S. Senate; if you diss a Muslim on Facebook, the US Dept of Justice says they might come after you - dissing Christians and Jews is still OK; Remember the Alamo and the Second Amendment - would Davy Crockett and Will Travis surrender their guns to President Obama or Gov. Cuomo and more.  

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    Ebola: Sorting Fact From Fiction

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr. Vic Manzo joins us tonight to discuss ebola and answer your questions.

    Conflicting reports are in abandance. Could this spread worldwide? How contagious is it? Is there a coverup? Is the CDC incompetent? Conspiracy theorists suggest that this is a weoponized version. Are there more diseases lurking undiscovered that are potentially more deadly? How does the ebola threat compare to that of influenza.

    Call in with your questions at (310) 807-5158 or (877) 878-1431.

    If you are unable to listen live on the new blogtalk player, please comment in the chatroom.

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    We are all sick in need of the Great Physician!

    in Spirituality

    I sought Father for spiritual knowledge of what to pray for and for understanding of what has happened to us, man as a whole. I sought him for answers as to why we are so spiritually and physically sick; we are sick in our thought, in our minds, in our Spirts, soul and body; we are incompetent and impotent, we need healing, we need help, we need the Great Physician. I prayed for FAITH, faith in his Living Word; I prayed for knowledge of how I should walk in FAITH IN YAHSHUA, unwavering FAITH! 

    Father showed me how I/we should take His Living Word to heart, Believe in his every word as a little child believes and trusts his parents. That I/we should walk daily in his Spoken/written word because my life depends on it, because it is the LIVING TRUTH! Because there is no other way, the time is short. Father showed me that His Word is His Living Promises to us, and that I should walk in it, His Word/Yahshua is the only Way to Father.
    Father said, you simply must believe me and take my every word to heart everyday of your life, because your life depends on my every WORD, WE SIMPLY MUST WALK IN HIS EVERY WORD.

    Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
    Genesis 15:6 And he Believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.
    Mark 5:26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.

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    Do We Smoke Pot a pay no attention or become strong and save America.

    in Politics Conservative

    Dumb people and dope heads are easy to control with lies and deceit from government, but stong Americans can't be fooled and willnot allow their country to be destroyed. Nov. 4 2014 is near and we already have voter fraud and illegals voting, we must come to gether to save America.  The weak will stand by while the End of America aproaches, but strong Americans will give their life to save it.  What most Americans fail to realize is that the destruction of America has been planned for and is currently underway. The craziness coming out of Washington is not the result of incompetent politicians. Rather, the politicians are doing the bidding of the true puppetmasters and those are the folks who control the money. This is being accomplished in such a stealth manner, that the low informed American people will have no idea what is happening to them until it is too late. 

    The fact that America was ignorant enough and gullible enough to elect a man with such a questionable background with no accomplishments, to his name, which would represent anything of value, is reason enough to say that dumb Americans made their own bed and now must lie in it, but, the high informed strong Americans will not let that happen.

    If there is a Democrat victory in the 2014 midterm elections then it will be through voter fraud and illegals voting due to no requirement for ID. 

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    A Nation of Fraud

    in Politics Conservative

    Fraud and deception have become business as usual. Witness some of the following:

    College athletes were taking faking fake courses to maintain passing grades. This was ongoing for years with the apparet blessing or incredible ignorance of faculty and administrators.
    Three states now have vote by mail. What could possibly go wrong with that? How much will a blank ballot sell for on the black market? Maybe they can be traded for drugs.
    Can those voting macines be trusted? In early voting, a machine was discovered to be changing votes--in favor of the Democrats, of course.
    Illegal immigrants are on the voter rolls. Bogus birth dates are allowed in New York City, with 850 voters listed as 164 years old. Does this prove life after death? 
    Ebola is spreading. Is the CDC lying, or is it simply incompetent? Apparent ebola patients are beinng "disappeared."
    Hazmat gear is being removed from some hospitals. You don't want to create a panic. Right? Workers are expendible.
    The US is simultaniously arming and fighting islamic militants.

    Meanwhile on the police front:

    Police spray 600 bullets into a car containing bank robbery hostage Misty Holt Singh. It's like sharks in a feeding frenzy. It's also murder.
    Some cities in the Hampton Roads area have put together an NSA-style database of phone data from seized phones. If the wrong people have you listed in their contacts, maybe you could be a suspect.
    Kudos to the Secret Service for getting one right. They let loose the dogs and promptly stopped another fence jumper. This begs the question: is a simple iron fence adequate?
    Preliminary evidence indicates that the Ferguson MO police actually did shoot Michael Brown in self-defense. It is unlikely that facts will get in the way of what's to come. Get ready for more riots.

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    The Rightwing Redneck Radio Rag with Uncle Dave 10/19/2014

    in Politics Conservative

    Sister Peggy Co-Hosts as we take on the hot topics of the day. Ebola and Obama’s frantic effort to hide the facts. Is he trying to get the disease into America? If so, - why? - HIs new Czar = a spin master.

    ISIS or ISIL, is its real target the US Embassy in Iraq? If so, is Obama stupid, incompetent or complicit?

    The upcoming elections and why we must win them or lose the country for all time.

    Florida’s gubernatorial race and how the press is trying to help the political prostitute, Charlie Crist, win.

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    TRUNEWS 10/16/14: Dr. Bill Forstchen

    in News

    How close is the US to a full-blown state of Medical Martial Law? History Professor William Forstchen and Rick discuss the “perfect storm” of Ebola, ISIS jihadists in America, an electricity blackout, and an incompetent or, even worse, a domestic enemy in the White House.

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