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    Greek Summer Solstice retreat

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight for an update and information about the upcoming Greek summer solstice retreat where you can learn more about Almine's sacred teachings and tools and creativity.

    This show is excitedly brought to you by your hosts Vanessa and Joanne


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    The Creators of The Guardian Princesses Join Kori on the Back Porch

    in Education

    Their mission is simple:

    1. We aim to transform the cultural meaning of princesses and princes into positive role models who take action to protect living beings and the planet for future generations.

    2. We seek to promote greater racial, cultural, and gender inclusivity. We expand the cultural representation of beauty by including different size princesses and princes, as well as those with disabilities.

    3. To produce high quality educational tools that are entertaining. Our goal is to utlilize multimedia platforms to educate readers and users about current global issues and how we can all be part of the solution.

    4. Our stories promote greater awareness of the environment and aim to advance children’s knowledge in STEM subjects (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics).

    5. Our stories combine teaching ethical principals with the practical imperatives of helping parents, teachers, and children meet Common Core State Standards.

    Or, is it? Join the cnversation and tell me what you think. Is the world ready for The Guardian Princesses?

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    PWN 2015.1.3: Controversy in the Pagan World

    in News

    As event season gets ready to kick off for the Pagan community there are any number of minor controversies that might crop up. In the passed there have been issues regarding gender in sacred space, certain notable presenters and their pasts, and other issues - both minor and major. This year seems to be no exception to that. With Covenant of the Goddess facing member resignations and turmoil over their public statement regarding racial issues and a first time out festival in direct conflict with a well established festival - in both timing and geographic location - there seems to be now shortage of controversies to address this year.

    RevKess and KaliSara will talk about some of those current issues and how they may play out in the near future. From Peter Dybing's strong stand on racial inclusivity in practice and language in regards to CoG to the Gathering of Pagan Souls festival being in direct conflict with Heartland Spirit Festival at the end of May. Along the way they may also address some of the past issues that have come in the Pagan world and how they were addressed and handled by those who could make a difference. They will also talk about other upcoming events in the Pagan world, including ConVocation and PantheaCon.

    Show notes available at PMPChannel.com.

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    "Learning From The Ordinary" With Tracy Williams, weekly Open Dharma Sangha Talk

    in Spirituality

    "I'm from New Zealand and am taking a year (or more) off work. I'm currently living at Dharmaloca as caretaker for the next 3 months- then who knows! I met Jaya in India in 2006 at Budhgaya and have since sat a number of Open Dharma retreats. I love the inclusivity and grounded spaciousness of Open Dharma teachings.

    This talk is not what i originally planned! In it I speak about the ordinary- the delicious and often extraordinary ordinariness of being an embodied humanoid, living our Dharma. At least I think that's what I speak about". (18 min)

    To listen to other Open Dharmatalks and meditations please visit www.opendharma.org

    These talks and others are offered on a donation basis. Please gift support for Open Dharma here

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    Stirring the Pot With Patrick McCarty: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 5

    in Fitness

    In this episode our hosts, Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria, speak with CrossFit veteran Patrick McCarty. Pat is a three-time CrossFit Games masters-level athlete, finishing in a world-class sixteenth place this year.

    Pat is now part of the commentary team for the National Pro Grid League. His knowledge of both CrossFit and Grid allows him to draw interesting parallels between these two forces of the fitness world, and predictions about the future of each.

    Patrick’s fitness journey has taken him from traditional weight training to marathon running and ultimately, to CrossFit, where he found the perfect balance of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and proper goal setting. This has allowed him to find levels of fitness and well-being that eluded his twenty-year-old self.

    00:13 - Intro to Patrick McCarty
    00:50 - Criticism does not equal hate
    03:36 - The main "what-if" for CrossFit as a movement
    07:40 - The key to the continued expansion of CrossFit
    12:40 - Explanation of Grid
    17:00 - What is going to make the NPGL stick
    23:19 - The inclusivity of masters athletes in fitness-related sport
    28:08 - Drugs and steroid use by masters athletes
    31:42 - How Grid is handling drug use in competition
    32:30 - Explosion of CrossFit competition scene in UK
    36:14 - What is great about CrossFit
    39:50 - What Pat likes to do in his spare time
    42:05 - Short questions related to training and fitness
    47:50 - Pat's details and upcoming projects.

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    Programming Diversity: How To Make Tech More Inclusive

    in Technology

    The tech industry prides itself on being a meritocracy. Yet recent employee demographics from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others shows that staff at these companies are mostly male and mostly white.

    At the same time, we know more diverse communities and workplaces create better products. So why do we see so few women, people of color, and LGBTQ people at our events and on the about pages of our websites? Even more curiously, why do 60% of women leave the tech industry within 10 years? Why are fewer women choosing to pursue computer science and related degrees than ever before? Why have stories of active discouragement, dismissal, harassment, or worse become regular news?

    Join author and programmer Ashe Dryden and Interop Radio host Curt Franklin as they discuss
    what we can do as community members, event organizers, and co-workers to not only combat this problem, but to encourage positive change by contributing to an atmosphere of inclusivity.

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    The Breakbeat - Mixed Topics 5/21

    in Culture

    Join MC Brooks and Noa Jones as they discuss a variety of topics in popculture. On this week's edition, they will discuss Michael Sams draft, his docuseries on OWN, Don Sterling, the death penalty, inclusivity in hip hop and much more. They will be joined by Vida Starr of On Blast w/ Vida Starr. Tune in this wednesday at 8pm EST. Use the hashtag #BreakbeatBFT to participate on twitter.

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Mark Albion, Wendy Axelrod and guests

    in Business

    Mark Albion conflicted achiever who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong. A serial social entrepreneur and recipient of a 2010 National Entrepreneur of the Year award, he spent his middlessence speaking about at over 600 universities to build Net Impact, a global progressive leadership organization, and writing a 4000-word newsletter that served millions of subscribers in 87 countries.  Today, Mark chairs an ed tech company that provides an e-learning platform to help users make the transitions to meaningful work

    Wendy Axelrod management development expert, executive coach, and author.  The name of her book is “Make talent your business: how exceptional managers develop their people while getting results.”  Companies and professional associations have been calling on her to speak, develop and coach managers so the managers, in turn, can be exceptional at developing their people every day

    Sharif Abdullah author and advocate for inclusivity and societal transformation.  Shariff’s vision and mission are simple:  we can create a world that works for all beings.  Shariff promotes heart-centered inclusivity and a society based on visionary, localized and alternative economics and politics

    David Lifschultz CEO, of Genoil, Inc. He has long business experience being part of a Lifschultz Family Group dating back to 1899 or 115 years ago.  He has run trucking companies, air freight companies, ocean forwarding companies, brokerage companies for import and export document clearing, and technology companies

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    I Am The Western Woman, Inclusivity EQUALS Diversity...

    in Women

    After show chats are almost as great as during the show chats & often that is where new show ideas come to life.  Today after our 'Living ON Purpose' show, Elaine & Penn & I were having a conversation about the 'inclusivity' concept of I Am the Western Woman.  Elaine mentioned that she had received some feedback in that regard.   The feedback came from a wonderful & compassionate woman who feels that stating that 'we are all Western women', meaning EVERYONE, is an unrealistic concept & that women in Westernized culture have a duty to speak out for women in other cultures who we perceive as 'oppressed' in some way or ways.  We spoke at some length about this & decided that we needed to do a show on this topic. Approximately 1 hour later, I was walking down a main city street where I live & was approached by a beautiful young woman named Nusaiba.   Nusaiba was wearing a hijab (head covering) & chabor (full long sleeve & to the ground robelike garment).  She was part of a group of individuals who were peacefully raising awareness about the plight of the citizens of Syria.  After a very short conversation with her, I knew she had to be on the show to discuss what the Dalai Lama's quote 'The Western Woman will save the world' means to her. 
    Shortly thereafter, I was at a festival where a wonderful organization called unlearn (www.unlearn.com) had a display.  A synchronistic conversation with a young man, Ahmed, from Lebanon, brought me right back to the topic discussed earlier, this time, from a man's perspective.  Needless to say, Ahmed will also be on the show.  
    THIS, to me, is what the I Am the Western Woman movement is all about, inclusivity, diversity, open-ness, singularity & LOVE....TUNE IN!! 

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    Medicine Walk The end of separation

    in Spirituality

    Medicine walking the eternal moment. By living in the moment One can exit the game of opposites. In doing so One discovers the endless possibilities of the eternal moment, a place of no time.

    Special announcements made in this end of separation show. As we collapse all the worlds into one and live the eternal moment, we discover inclusivity on a new level. Our shows represent cosmic life unfolding, this is why our shows are changing. You, our beloved light family will recieve all as it unfolds in the shows to come.The parent show of Medicine Walk radio this is live and real radio broadcasting the cosmos' news of this eternal moment. Listen in as our hosts Galan of Gaia speaks from an limitless place,Annique of Gaia exresses the heart of cosmic beingness, and Rain on the Earth intuits a tonal resonance. 

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    Hope42Day Welcomes Inspirational Speaker Gloria Burgess

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to BTR's Hope42Day where we talk with "Ambassadors of Hope" from across the globe.  In other words, people who are up to good things. We hope in listening to this show, you too will be inspired to spread your own brand of goodness in your own corner of the world.

    Please join Hope42Day host, Lynn Kindler and her special guest this week Inspirational Speaker Gloria Burgess.

    Dr. Gloria Burgess loves nothing more than inspiring others to create a bridge from what was, and what is, to what can be . . . and she's dedicated her entire life to doing just that.

    An author, speaker, executive coach, and consultant who engages individuals and organizations in the process of finding the vital core of their creative self. Gloria weaves together her own personal legacy using the threads of authenticity, creativity, soulful living, and cultural inclusivity.   

    Get comfortable in your favorite spot and join us for a shot of inspiration during the next 30 minutes.