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    What Do You Consider Inappropriate Behavior?

    in Romance

    What do you consider inappropriate behavior by your mate when dealing with the oppostie sex? Is it okay to kiss your friends? Be all touchy feely? Grind on the dance floor? Take pictures all hugged up? What are your rules about this topic?Call-in and give us Your2Cents 760-283-5135. Please press 1 to comment.
    Join MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will, Lady Mojo and Squirt GoLive Every Wednesday at 8pm. EST. Listen online from your browser, mobile phone, subscribe to the show on iTunes or call 760-283-5135.

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    Conversations with Trent - "Ghetto & Inappropriate Behavior"

    in Radio

    "Ghetto" & "Inappropriate Behavior" " in People (children / adults / parenting/).

    Should boys be circumcised at birth? Yes or No & why?

    How do you feel about Pastors dating?

    Office romance, Yes or No? 

    If you have a son and a daughter at what age do you let the son / daughter date? 

    Can a relationship married or unmarried last without sex?

    How many men does it take for men before they classify a woman as a "whore" or "easy"? 

    What is a decent time frame for a single parent to introduce the person they are dating to their kids?

    At what age should a man stop picking up a little girl? At what age should they stop sitting on their lap?

    What advice would you suggest to help someone terminate a toxic relationship / marriage? 

    Join Dr. Fab and I Friday at 6 p.m. (CST) / 7 p.m. (EST). Listen/call in (347) 326 - 9139.

    Only at #Blogtalkradio #Vibrationradio #somecallmetrent #drfab #spicesoflife 


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    in Comedy

    I can't believe that it really exists!! A group of Public Relations professionals will discuss what constitutes inappropriate behavior, and how to minimize it from happening in the workplace (through the ideas of various theorists). THIS IS A CLASS PROJECT FOLKS SO DON'T TAKE WHAT MISS JOVIAL SAYS PERSONALLY-- (smile)....

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    HIT:NBBA: Powernomics Ch1 "Racism, Monopolies, and Inappropriate Behavior"

    in Politics

    The National Black Business Alliance is sponsoring this discussion series on the work of dr. claud Anderson’s “Powernomics”.

    His first chapter of eight paints a picture of the depth and magnitude of Black Americans’ socioeconomic predicament.

    It examines the collective inherited advantages of being White and the collective inherited disadvantages of being Black.

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    Black American Stories: Inappropriate Behavior

    in History

    April 11, 2013
    The Show: Black American Stories
    Host: Jynsen R Henry, Director of Black American Stories
    To encourage African Americans/Black people to learn the history of their ancestry. To learn where they come from, who they were in America and who they were before taken to America.  To find out what happen to them as a people, as a nation! This show is designed to expose the truth and give information on how the Black community can once again come together with it's self and it's country, America.
    We felt that at this time more then ever, after the George Zimmerman NOT GUILITY Verdict.  We as Black People, should listen to Dr. Claud Anderson and not just listen, but to know it's time to make that change and we are the generation that will do it!  For Malcom for Martin, for Medger, for Huey, for Trayvon and all our slain brothers and sisters in this struggle for equaility for BLACK PEOPLE!  Black American Stores, to know your history, is to know who you are and where your going! www.blackamericanstories.com

  • Rich Behavior Radio W/Diamante Publications

    in Social Networking

    Want To Get The 411 On Hot New Publications Company, Come On Out & Join This This Explosive Q&A With These Incredible Authors !!!

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    Human Behavior What a Trip - Final Test

    in Health

    Human Behavior What a Trip

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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Ask Rebecca Anything!

    in Spirituality

    Which goals are worth setting?

    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She is a “self-proclaimed” Happiness Specialist. Call in LIVE (646) 564-9619 to receive answers to your questions. In addition to answering questions you will learn how to:

    Experience more Happiness in Your Life
    Raise your Personal Vibration
    Change your Perspective
    Flow with Life
    Empower Self

    Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is also a Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, Fitness Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.

    RealitySpirituality Radio focuses our moment by moment experience and how to add to your happiness - regardless of your circumstances. RealitySpirituality Radio is heard every Saturday and Sunday at 7 AM PST.

    Rebecca’s book, RealitySpirituality: The Truth About Happiness (First Edition) was released in April 2014 and can be found on her website http://www.rebeccanorrington.com, www.Amazon.com and http://www.lulu.com




    Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

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    True Dialouge

    in History

    Peace Greetings Black family!!!... Hoping you are having a great day...Today's topic will be named Good communities vs poor communities and how they are affecting the black community overall.... Come and listen, comment, or bring questions to today's dialogue on True Dialouge with Me Bro Altriq, and dialogue about that which can help to build our communities up, and things that tare them down,and how we can come up with suggestions and begin furthering what we can do to be better as a people....


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    The College Hour

    in Sports

    The College Hour / 8/29/2015

    Jerry Chiles and guests discuss NCAA College Football topics at 12pm ET/9am PT

    * Top Tight End Prospects for 2016 NFL Draft

    * Ryan Finley wins Boise State QB job

    * Kyle Allen wins Texas A&M QB job

    * Baker Mayfield wins Oklahoma Sooners QB job

    * Connor Mitch wins South Carolina Gamecocks QB job

    * Steve Sarkisian apologizes for behavior and language

    * Bryon Fields suffers torn ACL / Out for Duke Blue Devils

    * Illinois fires Tim Beckman

    * Shadrach Thornton suspended first 2-games at North Carolina State

    * Week #1 College Football Schedule and Odds

    * Jerry’s Pre-Season Top 10

    * Jerry’s Pre-Season College Football Playoff Teams

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    Ep.33 - Exposing the Deadly Tricks Intimidators Use to Attract Their Prey

    in Women

    Ep.33 - Exposing the Deadly Tricks Intimidators Use to Attract Their Prey

    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630

    Intimidation is intentional behavior that "would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities" fear of injury or harm. Intimidation may be employed consciously or unconsciously, and a percentage of people who employ it consciously may do so as the result of selfishly rationalized notions of its appropriation, utility or self-empowerment.

    Intimidators are ones who tease, threaten or hurt smaller or weaker individuals through the practice of intimidation.


    On this week’s episode, join Princess Fumi and Her Southern Warrior Sisters as they breakdown how Intimidators trick and attract their prey. We will also seek to answer "daring" questions surrounding its existence in our daily living:

    What Is The #1 Tool Indimidators Use To Attract Their Prey?
    How Do Intimidators Seek Out Their Prey?
    What Role Does Fear Play?
    Are Intimidators Deceptive?
    Can You Be Spiritually Intimidated?
    And lots more....

    Be sure to join us!

    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630
    BLOG: www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com