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    Episode 3031 - Activate your Faith and Be Healed in Jesus Name - Plamen Petrov

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    Episode 3031 - Activate your Faith and Be Healed in Jesus Name  - Plamen Petrov
    Pastor Plamen Petrov 
    Email: plamen_petroff@yahoo.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pastorplamen
    Recorded 11-24-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Episode 2986 - Use the Angels - Use your Authority in Jesus Name - Peter Johnson

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2986 - Use the Angels - Use your Authority in Jesus Name / The Curse of The Vagabond
    Minister Peter Johnson 
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/peter.johnson.16503323
    Recorded 11-13-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Episode 2875 - Bill French - Open Lines Casting out Devils in Jesus Name

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2875 - Bill French - Open Lines Casting out Devils in Jesus Name 
    Pastor Bill French www.sfc-hemet.org
    Recorded 10-8-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Episode 2848 - Soul Ties and How to Break them in Jesus Name - Geri McGhee

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    Episode 2848 - Soul Ties and How to Break them in Jesus Name 
    Deliverance Minister Geri McGhee www.abidinglifeministries.org 
    Recorded 9-25-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Preaching and teaching to a lost and dying world.

    Care to help me spread the Gospel? Has the Lord Jesus dealt with you to give?? If AND only if the Lord has dealt with you and moved upon you to give for this broadcast, would you please send them to POST OFFICE BOX 1111

    SAVANNAH, TN 38372


    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Program 11082014 The Doctrine of Baptisms part 1 (Water Baptism in Jesus Name).

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    Join us for Powerful Jesus Name Preaching here on  Breaking the Silence International Evangelistic Ministries,  where  we are breaking the silence in our world that dead religion has caused to fall upon the ears of those who can hear and will hear when moved upon by the Holy Ghost.

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    Thank you for joining us!!!

    We will have song and worship and get into scripture to build up you most holy FAITH.

    If you enjoy the program would you email me @ stephenmaxwellministriesyahoo.com

    If you so care to send a love offering via PayPal, thank you in advance, please send your love offering to my PAYPAL EMAIL @ stephenmaxwellministries@yahoo.com

    If you would like to snail mail me @ POB 1111

    Savannah, TN 38372

    Please leave a detailed voicemail @ 731 727 4537

    As this helps me connect to you for prayer faster. All other requests are taken very seriously big or small.

    All love OFFERINGS are taken very seriously as you are planting seed in a Work for JESUS. No love offering is to big or to small. Every last DOLLAR you  give helps. THANK YOU!!!


    Please visit us at OLIVET PENTECOSTAL CHURCH WE ARE on County Home Road and Andrews Lane. You turrn right or left off of Hwy 226 or Airport Road. You turn in front of the old BP gas station. PASTOR and Sis Dan Hicks and CHURCH family invite you with a hearty welcome! Our service times are Sunday @ 10 am and Sunday Evening @ 6 PM, we have BIBLE Study at 7pm on Wednesday Evenings. Come and be in a Holy Ghost service with us as we worship the Lord Jesus. 

    For those of you in the Hardin County; McNairy County TN area, please watch Worship and the Word at 5 PM on every 4th MONDAY of the month. You will hear good singing , preaching and testimonies like no other. Sis Jane Smith and the Living Waters group invite you to attend. Please watch channel 10 every  4th Monday of the month.

    Thank you for your kind consideration in our vision to purchase LAND and build BUILDINGS to help the homeless. PayPal stephenmaxwellministries@yahoo.com


    Thank you!!!







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    Being Committed to God in Jesus name, What That Really Means!

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    Merry or happy Christmas to all and to all a good true walk with the LORD. Life is way to short for us to live even a day in a lie or negative state of mind. I see so much sorrow all around and in my own life I am so up close and personal with God and the true nature of truth and life in Christ. Is it or has it been easy? of course not!

    I have discovered probably the greatest battle i face from any given day is in the mind and from there all the goodness of God can flow and bless or even the lies of Satan can infest and cause sadness or depression to set in. The devil is such a liar and I relaized he uses the same old tricks on me and everyone else however this Christmas is different.

    I have something I am fighting for, well worth it my lovely fiance and her love for the LORD and her prayer and childlike faith that grows each day and moves mountains. I see such amazing grace in her walk and mine and the arrows that the enemy fires at us are almost every day and each time they have less effect in a negative sense and we as a couple and as a powerful force stand against the devil and his lies and spread the true natire of the depth of the power of commitment and keeping ones vows to God and staying Holy.

    It's so easy to get thrown off course and my hope and prayer today is that today a supernatural touch from the LORD will encourage you to commit your way to Him today once and for all and stay the coarse even when the road is not easy and things dont go perfect. We all have a choice and we all choose to believe or not to believe each day and with every thought and action so let us decide to get right with God in Jesus  name and so do each day for our life just as Christ Himself does.

    And all in faith and love, fair enough?

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    Thank you for listening. Tune in every night about this time...thank you!!!

    Promotion Time! Be sure when Brother STEPHEN says this..you call in and promote your church...promote your PASTOR...promote your own MINISTRY OR that you have a fiery testimony...we also accept PRAYER requests during this time....PROMOTION TIME!!! PROMOTION TIME!!!

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    eThank you for your listening and attentiveness to this broadcast. My prayer is that you are always abundant prosperous ANOINTED and APPOINTED.