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    In Bed With Red - Episode Five

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    This episode is about "Love Addiction" and I share my own very personal stories plus actual information about the real life addiction. Could you be living with the addiction illness but with "love" rather than drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and others? I cover everything to see if you fit some of these characteristics of a legit addiction, which is an illness, of the need for love. Love addicts believe that either they just can't find the right one or that the early infatuation waned and they are no longer "in love." Some jump from one relationship to another in search of that wonderful feeling they once had. Others stay, despite feeling dissatisfied, harboring secret thoughts of leaving, cultivating emotional affairs, or cheating from time to time, having no clue about the real problem.

    Also, I recorded a very personal, raw and emotional video before I did this show if you want to watch. It was a tough video to record.


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    In Bed With Red - Episode Four

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    In this segment, I am introducing a "Dear Abby" type segment where fans, listeners and followers submit their own personal questions about their lives, asking advice, asking me questions about me and whatever and everything in between.  This episode I pick 5 questions submitted that are all related in a way - each week will be a different set of 5 questions? Do you want to submit a question then contact me here on my Blog Talk Radio page!

    Thanks for listening!

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    In Bed With Red - Episode Two

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    "30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself" - This is my very first episode of "In Bed with Red," I talk about 30 things that you should be doing for yourself that will transform your life and make you think. This list has already made a huge difference in my life...so push play and enjoy!

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    In Bed With Red - Episode Six

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    "In Bed with Red" is back with an all new segment that will cover several topics for gay men including:

    "The Mistakes Nice Guys Make That Ruin Relationships"

    "What’s Missing From Gay Romance Today"

    "10 Things You Should Never Lie To Your Boyfriend About"

    Be sure to follow us at @iDouglasMichael and home page "In Bed with Red"

    ** SOURCE CREDITS written by Jerry Plaza & David Artavia **

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    In Bed With Red - Episode One

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    "On Air with Douglas" has now evolved into "On Air with Red" and this introduction will talk about all the changes, the upcoming segments and what is in store for YOU the listener to become interactive with us during the show.  Please enjoy!

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    In Bed With Red - Special Guest: Xavii Matisse

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    Xavii Matisse is an American Singer-Songwriter, Editor-In-Chief & Producer. Born and raised in New Jersey, Xavii's musical influences are Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Imogen Heap, Sade, Maxwell, Lady Gaga and Esthero. He is releasing his first full length album "The Way That I Feel" in June and is promoting his new single "French Kiss" which is currently on the new show "Sex + Love." 

    Xavii is also the Editor-In-Chief of Revolutionary Gay Magazine and creator of "Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make", Lil' Poundcake (songs and Twitter Account) and Children's Series "Winston Tall & The Gang @ Squigly Bush." He is a voice over actor, provides back ground vocals, and is an Art Director. 

    Xavii's new album is influenced by modern pop meets dance meets melancholic synth. His songs vary from love to power to letting go. 

    Xavii Matisse is also part of "The AllNighters" a remix duo who have remixed Manila Luzon, the late Quentin Elias, Aiden Leslie and so many more. 

    I chat with Xavii about all of this and give you a sneak at his brand new single, French Kiss.

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    Rupaul's Drag Race Contestant, Phi Phi O'Hara

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    Phi Phi O’Hara, a finalist on season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is releasing a brand new single this month that boldly takes ownership of the title she won on television’s popular drag competition show. In “Bitchy”, the outlandish drag star lets fans know she wears the label proudly. 

    Written and produced by Zach Adam and Heather Holley (who has written several hits for Christina Aguilera), “Bitchy” is a pop/rock anthem that O’Hara describes as if P!nk, Joan Jett and Adam Lambert had a baby. “I really wanted something that was representative of who I am,” she explains. “I have a sweet but edgy side. I needed music that matched. It is also meant to be an inspirational message to fans to never allow negative names to tear you down.” Phi Phi O’Hara’s “Bitchy” will be available Tuesday, April 8th on iTunes, PhiPhiOHara.com and all major music online retailers. 50% of sales collected on www.PhiPhiOHara.com from April 8th through May 18th will be donated to the AIDS Walk of NYC. 

    However, she is releasing the track as Phi Phi O’Hara and appears in full drag in the song’s music video. “I could never forget Phi Phi and the impact she has on who I am as a person and the career I have today. That’s why I felt it was appropriate to release “Bitchy” as my alter ego,” she explains. “I would like to eventually transition into singing and performing as Jaremi.” 

    “Bitchy” by Phi Phi O’Hara is available April 8th on iTunes and all major online retailers. For more information, visit www.phiphiohara.com. 

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    Kevin Stea RETURNS!

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    "I recently had dinner with my birth parents together for the first time.  Sitting between them i realized how little time I had left to really know my now 78-year old father Andrew, having grown up with my caucasian mother and barely a word spoken about him until i tracked him down at 18.  26 years later we’ve still never spoken of his childhood in China, escaping war into Korea or his missionary immigration to the US.  Only a few years ago did i discover his seven marriages and splintered relationships with his eight brothers and sisters.  12 years ago my father and I made a plan to go together and he cancelled. We never spoke of it again, but now he is the only one of the family who remembers our home in China.   Thirty years ago my grandfather returned to Antung and was accused of being a spy because he received money from the government, so though the world has marched forward, our distant family still lives in the same house there and in much the same way. I’ve never spent more than one night with Andrew, so it is a unique opportunity to actually document these first moments of sharing, of traveling, of healing, of becoming related.  From staying in our ancestral home, learning my father’s technique in stretching noodles by hand from scratch and walking the Great Wall to studying the language and history, we’ll be discovering each other anew and making up for a childhood apart, while Andrew confronts the death of his mother and his youth spent supporting his siblings and the realities of war. We cannot move forward powerfully without understanding our past, which begins with our family.  We are the architects of our future and the biggest most fulfilling journeys can begin with the simplest of questions that we never seem to ask those who we’ve known all our lives, such as ‘Who are you?”.  

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    Peter Paige (Creator/EP of The Fosters, "Emmett" on Queer as Folk)

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    Peter Paige became well known as his brilliant and hilarious performance as Emmett Honeycutt on Showtime's ground breaking series, "Queer as Folk," from 2000-2005.  He current is the Creator and Executive Producer of ABC Family's "The Fosters."  Peter joins us to look back on Queer as Folk as we continue to celebrate the show with having the cast on our show but also talk about The Fosters and what's next for him!

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    Actress, Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter, Y&R/B&B)

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    The one and the only, Kimberlin Brown, who best known for her two decade stint as the devilish and evil yet misunderstood Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless/The Bold and the Beautiful, is returning to On-air with Douglas to follow up from our last visit over a year ago.  She has a new show she is working on, we will touch base on that and what we can expect from the future and a little blast from the past as we dish some Sheila Carter.

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    Actor, Ryan Carnes (Lucas Jones, General Hospital)

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    Former "General Hospital" actor Ryan Carnes has returned to Port Charles in the role of Lucas Stansbury Jones. He last played Lucas from 2004 to 2005. Carnes' recent appearances on TV include "Blackout" (Dr. Trevor Westen) and "Rizzoli & Isles" (Dan MacKenzie). He was also on "Desperate Housewives" (Justin) from 2004 to 2006. 

    Ryan returns to "On-Air with Douglas" about his return to daytime and being in the thick of several plots already and talk to his fans!

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