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    Will and Thunder: 3D In Your Face is BACK!

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    We loved these guys so much, and they apparently thought we were pretty cool too. Because, Spade and Sniper of 3D In Your Face, the badass 80's glam band tribute from Omaha are back on the Will and Thunder Show. We'll be talking about lots of different things, including their show in North Carolina in September. You'll want to get there at the start of the show because they will be with us for the majority of it.

    These guys were awesome the first time we had them on, and they quickly became friends of the show! Don't miss this one. Call in to talk with them!

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    CS: Championship Rounds #11: Back In Your Face!!!!

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    MMA MANIACS.....We are F*&&^^%in BACK!!!!....and nothing is going to hold down the Freight Train that is CS: Championship Rounds.....Brad Storm (@BradStormMMA) brings the ENERGY!!!....and the Greeseman Reese Hamilton (@Greesy) brings his suave style each and every Wednesday night 8 - 10!!!  So tune in or listen to the show in your car on the way to work, mowing the lawn, dropping a duece!!  We don't care...cause we are Back in Your Face!!!


    1st on the Docket for tonights show 820 - 840 the guys break bread with Francisco "Cisco" Rivera (@CiscoRiveraUFC) as the guys catch up on this deadly fighter...and see how he is getting ready for his upcoming war with an MMA Legend!!!

    2nd we have a Two Time....Two Time....TWO TIME All-American on the show in Mike Pierce (@mikepierce)!!! What's been going on with Mr. Pierce since he's been away from the Octagon??...and what are his plans for future pain he wants to deliver to his opponents faces???!!  We are going to find out!!!  

    In our Locals Only segment...we have a young fighter on the air trying to make his way to the top.  His name is Brandon Webb and he is deadly with his leathal hands!!!  The new generation of fighters is now....and Mr. Webb is going to let us know what the youngsters are up to these days.

    Legendary Ring Announcer Bruce Foster on the show tonight

    Guess what....our correspondent for this week is none other than John Moorehouse Owner/Editor at MMA-Insider.com.  He's going to give us the low down on what's going on in the Southeast and what he expects for the rest of 2014.

    So grab a beer two or three crack em open and listen to CS: Championship Rounds....or We will punch you in the FACE!!!!


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    Monday Night Quarterback Smash mouth in your face football talk

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    Welcome back ladies and Gentleman .....I"m back ....James "Backhand" LeCroy for live smash mouth in your face gridiron talk.

    We will talk about the games sunday and you get to try and make me eat crow.

    The Saints might when the South since everybody has a losing record. And the Seahawks and Eagles look like the two teams to beat in the NFC.

    Lets talk call the show.

    Colts vs. Skins....Colt McCoy the starter ....is he better than RG3?

    Dallas got slammed on Thanksgiving...is this the sign of yet another down and out December for the boys?

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    GamerGate and why you should paint your face whatever goddamned color you want!

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    Hello there everyone. 


    Fantastic show up on the tap tonight. We're talking about GamerGate, what is it, what it means and we'll weigh in on it as well. Also being that it is halloween and everyone is dressing up and doing whatever lately it has become a big thing to demonstrate white people for percieved "blackface" or whatever other color face you can think of. we're gonna talk about it and why it's bullshit. 


    listen like your on the toilet!! 

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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #16 - In Your Face

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    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins of Sons Of Liberty Riders RC..... On todays show....ISIS beheads another aid worker.....No big deal?.....Day after NCOM........State Reps Brian Birdwell - Tony Tinderholt.......I'm so lonely......Sick of her already......Here we go again....History revision by muslims...Fergusson set to explode..

    All that BS and more coming your way  Join Us 9AM 11/16/14


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    Is your face a tattle tale? Hear what it tells the world about you!

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    Hey y'all!  We are going to have an active and interactive show on Tuesday!  Mary Dirksen of meetandreadyou.com will be performing The Ancient Art of Face Reading live on a few guinea pigs...I mean volunteers!  This is soooo interesting y'all!  Face readings can answer various questions about you, ie How do others perceive you, How busy is your brain, How well do others understand you, Do you tend to start projects and then lose your zest to finish them and so much more.

    Mary is a renowned Numerologist, Face Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Author and Coach and we are going to learn how she does it and witness her in action!  Check her out at meetandreadyou.com or her facebook page facebook.com/ReadingsbyMaryDirksen.

    If you want to be read, go to my website mamachar.com and fill out the contact form.  I will send you the guidelines for submitting your photo and you can join in on the party!

    To listen via telephone the call in number is (646) 915-8605 and if we have time, we will take your questions.  Otherwise, you can listen live here or catch the replay.

    This is going to be so much fun.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 21st 6pmPDT/8pmCDT/9pmEDT.

    As always, you can find me at mamachar.com or @mamacharblessed on all social media.

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    Asylum Sports Inside Slant 234- Mud in Your Face and Egg in Your Eye

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    It's Week 13 and that means do or die time for your fantasy squad. Join Fleeger and Briggs as we recap the turkey day games, answer your questions, and welcome back Scott Fish back to go through the mail bag. The Asylum is the place to be if you want to position yourselves for a playoff run.

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    W&T Welcomes 80's hair tribute band, 3D IN YOUR FACE!!!

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    Omaha Nebraska recently got lots of publicity due to Peyton Manning. But, that city is already owned by the Nations Number One 80's Hair Metal Tribute Band, 3D In Your Face!

    Join us as we kick off the biggest party in Will and Thunder's history, as this awesome band tells us all about their albums, shows, groupies, and whatever else they want to talk about! So, break out the ripped blue jeans and the Poison T Shirt, grab some beer, and get ready to have fun!

    We will also be having a contest, where the winners will win a CD or MP3 copy of the band's latest album, Midnight Devils! Simply call in at (646) 716-6135, and stump the band with a heavy metal trivia question. If you stump them, give the guys your Facebook name on the air, and message them on THEIR Facebook page to give them your address or email address. https://www.facebook.com/3dinyourfaceband

    Its going to be a blast, and it goes without saying DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!


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