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    Ways Gratitude Will Improve Your Life

    in Self Help

    In today's episode learn why gratitude is so important and start sending gratitude energy with power.  Pat Council will share different ways that gratitude will bring you a better and more vibrant life.  Also, listen to her commentary on "What's Up with That?" as she shares her thoughts on last Thursday's Scandal episode.  Next find out the winner of the stylish ladies Havana Watch from havanawatches.com. 

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    Prosperity Sunday: Do These Things and Improve Your Life

    in Politics

    Today is Prosperity Sunday in a new year with spring, a new beginning just around the corner. America is poised for prosperity this Sunday morning and the power is in the hands of we the people. A handful of people in government has mismanaged the doings of this nation. Therefore those who love the Lord, we have a mission to accomplish for ourselves and for our nation.

    We must put America back to work

    We must retain the Affordable Care Act

    We must force government to keep promises made to our Veterans

    I'll share with you the things to do to improve your life and to improve America. Join me in praise, politics, and productivity to gain prosperity.

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    Law of Attraction - 6 Magical Phrases That Will Improve Your Life

    in Spirituality

    There are certain words that successful people say everyday in order to have a happy and fulfilling life. These six magical phrases will empower every aspect of your life, especially your use of the Law of Attraction. Join Miracle Mentor & Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink, as he shares with you these time tested phrases for personal empowerment and greater joy in life.




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    Improve Your Life When You Improve Your Finances

    in Business



    Do you feel frustrated by the lack of control you have with your personal finances? You’re not alone, and if you seek advice, you’ll get the help you need. Here we will take a look at ways you can be back in charge of your financial life.

    Savings Account

    Try to eat in the restaurants that are frequented by the local people in order to eat economically when you visit foreign countries.

    TIP! Purchasing bulk lean protein allows you to conserve valuable time and money. Buying in bulk is always cheaper when you are going to use everything you purchased.


    Save money by not eating at restaurants or getting take out. Only eat at restaurants on special occasions. Buying the ingredients and putting meals together at home will save one money, as well as giving one an appreciation for the effort it takes to make good tasting meals

    People who need to listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches, independent home workers

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    in Lifestyle

    Kundalini is something that many people have heard about but few people really understand. My guest, J.J. Semple is an expert on Alchemy and Kundalilni and how to open the body to the Kundalini Life Force Energies. Since Dr. Newton, your host,  has studied and practiced Kriya Kundalini Yoga for more than twenty years formally, THIS SHOW IS SURE TO BE ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE and can set you on the most exciting life path you have ever experienced. Get ready to have your mind and perecptions stretched into the revelatory realms of Kundalini. We will be sharing very special Kundalini meditation techniques that will allow you to benefit from Kundalini life force energies. Also, Master Semple is looking for new authors to publish under his Life Force Books.  This show airs on Thurs., 11-20-14 at 8 PM PST. Call into 347 838 9070 to present your questions about Kundalini!

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    Strategies to Improve Your Life and Your Business

    in Marketing

    Lane Ethridge is a National Bestselling author, an International business owner, speaker and trainer, radio personality and successful entrepreneur. Life is not about what you accomplish while you live but how you live in your accomplishments. Life is about following your passions and utilizing your gifts and talents for the benefits of others. Become the ultimate person you can so you can help others reach their ultimate potential. Don't just follow your dreams, catch them. Through Changing Lanes International, Lane helps people learn how to give back, think and live bigger, grow as a person and a leader and create a legacy that will impact many generations. Don't just chase your dreams, catch them!


    Make a shift and take your life into overdrive. Your dreams are closer than they appear.

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    Ways to Improve Your Life

    in Motivation

    Tune in to "Tone it Up Tuesday" and get some tips on ways to improve your life by the things you do physically.  Use these simple techniques to feel better, look better, and to have better health. 
       Get more health and happy tips, healthy recipes, and delicious smoothie recipes by visiting our facebook page: Designing Your Life Today and our website at designingyourlifetoday.com.

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    How Dowsing Can Improve Your Life

    in Self Help

    When you think of dowsing you probably think of someone using a tree branch to look for water.  While that is a type of dowsing, dowsing is far more useful than that. In fact its uses are almost endless and can help you in ways you would never guess.  Further, learningthe basics of dowsing is easy.

    On today's show we have Raymon Grace.  Raymon is a master dowser with over 35 years experiance. He is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and has been studying forms of healing since 1973.

    Raymon is founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation,and has taken dowsing to new heights, empowering individuals to gain more control of their lives. With a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes his life. He doesn’t own a suit and tie.

    Among his projects ones that involved using dowsing for providing clean water, clean air, safer schools, lower crime rate and a better quality life for families.

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    YES! and...: Use the Rules of Improv to Improve Your Life

    in Self Help

    Most people think improv is a skill you’re born with or not. The truth is that the rules and skills of improvisation can be learned and practiced, and can help you up your game in your relationships, career, and life.
    We live and work in a world of constant change. Improvisation skills can help us “get in the game” and play full out—even as the game changes!
    In this program with professional improviser Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach, you'll learn how improv can be beneficial for communication, decision-making, confidence, collaboration, flexibility, trust, and more.
    Learn the basic concepts and rules of improv as they apply to relationships, leadership, and professional excellence; and get exercises and games to help you to develop your presence, trust, and listening skills and become a more confident on-your-feet communicator.
    Carrie Spaulding helps thirtysomethings who aren't who or where they want to be with their relationships, careers, and lives. Through individual coaching, group coaching, and seminars, she helps people move through thirtysomething panic to boldly create the thirtyawesome lives they want.
    Visit Carrie's website at www.carriespaulding.com.
    Connect with Carrie: www.facebook.com/TheThirtysomethingCoach
    Twitter: @SpauldingCarrie

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    The 10 Must have GOALS to improve your LIFE

    in Self Help

    Life is a gift and it’s your responsibility to live it right and to live it NOW. The perfect day starts today, so embrace Life by benefiting from every opportunity that comes your way, Live your dreams, play the game of Life well, and learn to overcome any obstacle that might come your way. 
     "YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY" The 10 Must have GOALS to improve your LIFE, designed to give you helpful tips and exercises to help you manage life better so you can get what you want. ~Love, Coach Rea
    For Amazon download: CLICK HERE 

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    Financial Steps to Improve Your Life

    in Business

    My guest will be Russell Rivera, CFA.  Russell is the founder and President of Voice Wealth Management.  He attended Harvard University where he was granted his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.  After college, Russell joined Goldman Sachs & Co., where he worked through several of the firm’s trading areas including bonds, options, and equity trading before joining the ETF Specialist Group.  While in that group, he helped develop the first fixed income, silver, and leveraged exchange traded funds (ETFs).  Additionally, he functioned as the specialist in the S&P 500 ETF, SPY, trading millions of shares each day.

    After leaving Goldman Sachs, Russell briefly joined the Stern Group at Merrill Lynch, a wealth management team specializing in hedge strategies for customer portfolios.

    Before founding Voice Wealth Management, Russell worked at The Abernathy Group II, LP as Head Trader and Market Strategist for the institutional brokerage, hedge fund, and family office units.  Among his responsibilities, he sought tactical trading opportunities for the firm’s hedge fund and institutional clients as well as helping the family office develop and update models on asset allocation for family office clients.

    Russell became a CFA Charterholder in 2007.  Voice Wealth Management was founded in 2013 with the aim of helping individuals and families simplify their financial lives. 

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