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    THIS WEEK ON THAT NERD SHOW 2.0: Batman vs. Superman Drops the Ball

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    Today we talk about Everything that went Right Batman vs. Superman and everything that was wrong with the movie, and how it sets up the Justice League Movies.  Join Marcus Blake, Brendan Smith and Guest Host, Chloe James on That Nerd Show as we discuss Batman vs. Superman and DC Cinematic Universe and can it surpass Marvel  .  Listen to the show @thatnerdshow.com at 5 pm cst. 

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    Our First Podcast - Repost from The Nerd Party

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    Repost from The Nerd Party (now The Senate Floor) - Originally released on 1/26/16.

    The first podcast that Tristan and The Girl ever made together wasn’t with Nerd Nuptial. It was with The Nerd Party. Here they talk about their reactions to the first X-Files Revival episode “My Struggle.”

    Think of this as Nerd Nuptial’s first #ThrowbackThursday.


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    THIS WEEK ON THAT NERD SHOW 2.0: Who's the Greatest Heroine in the Nerd Universe

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    Today we will answer who is the greatest heroine in the nerd universe. Join Marcus Blake, Brendan Smith and Guest Host, Allison Costa on That Nerd Show as we discuss our favorite heroine, from superheroes, to warriors, to pilots, and computer geeks. We will start with our top 10 Female Heroines and end with our honorable mention until we arrive to our number one heroine in this universe.  Listen to the show @thatnerdshow.com at 5 pm cst. 

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    test of Jazz and improv Network

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    Test show by CHLY 101.7 FM host Kerilie McDowall, getting familiar with tech issues.


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    Chronicles of the Revolutionary Nerd 11

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    1990'S Critically acclaimed comic book, Brothermand: Dictator of Dicipline has been more than just entertainment. Brotherman has served to be an intellectual ignition for entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, cultural awareness, and positive self-esteem. From the moment Brotherman hit the streets, a generation of artists and would be artists saw that depictions of themselves was not only possible but cool. They realized the not only did they have stories to tell but now a different and unique vehicle to tell it.

    They found the confidence that imagesof heroism, strentgh, intellect and love, was neither monolithic nor absent from their own images. The impact of Brotherman has and continues to be the creative catalyst for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities; There is a truth that transcends boundaries and enpowers.


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    Chronicles of the Revolutionary Nerd 14 featuring Turtel Onli

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    The internationally experienced, Chicago based Prof. Onli is known for his advocacy of the growing Black Age of Comics Movement. He stated as a major market illustrator the became an Indie Publisher in 1981 with ONLI STUDIO'S "NOG": The Protector of the Pyramids". Turtel is also a former art therapist and art educator from Chicago Public schools. Onli refers to his creative style as being "Rhythmistic". His art illustrations expand the notion of Blackness while addressing the impact of the mainstream. Exploration and genre making. He is known to act more as "we" instead of as "me". His operations is ONLI STUDIOS..

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    THAT NERD SHOW 2.0: The Force Awakens Premiere Show

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    JOIN Marcus Blake and the Staff of That Nerd Show for a LIVE podcast of the Premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens: This is our Pre-Game Show for The Force Awakens. Broadcasting Live at Cinemark Legacy in Plano, Texas, outside in front of the Theater.   We will be giving you all the insights into the movie, our predictions from fans, and have clips from The Force Awakens Soundtrack.  This is the biggest event in Dallas and we will be there giving you the best Star Wars Nerd Show.  

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    Chronicles of the Revolutionary Nerd 10

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    Stroman was interested in comic books from a very young age; until he could afford to buy them himself he would read comics handed down to him from his brother or loaned from his friends. He began his career with the goal of becoming a comic book artist, but wound up working as a dreaftsman and eventually working as a portrait artist. Stroman's earliest work in the American book industry began in 1985 , when illustrated back-up stories in First Comics' American Flagg #21-23 and Worlds Finest Comics #316-317 for DC Comics. He then illustrated Alien Legion vol.2 #10-20 for Marvel comics. His association with Marvel Comics Alien Legion would lead to contributing work to Alpha Flight Annual, Cloak and Dagger, and Ghost Rider.

    Stroman joined writer Peter David as a fill in artist for the series X-Factor, but was soon offered X-Factor as a regular assignment and given approval to redesign the characters' costumes and overall appearance as he saw fit. Following the end of the X-Factor run, he drew a number of other books, sch as Wolverine,Punisher and Darkstars.

    In 1993, Stroman and writer Todd Johnson co-created the Image Comics series Tribe, which is the largest selling African American created comic of all time. The sales for issue #1 exceeded the one million mark. After the title Tribe was canceled due to the Image comics shakeup, Stroman and Johnson formed Axis Comics to continue publication of Tribe, but the company closed after publishing nine issues. Stroman has continues to this day contributing to the Marvel universe.

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    Chronicles of the Revolutionary Nerd 9

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    Born and raised in Chicago, Ashley A. Woods who got her start through self- publishing her action-fantasy comic series  "Millenia Wars" while attending the International Academy of Design and Technology. Afterearning her degree in Film and Animation she traveled to Kyoto, Japan where she presented her work in a gallery showcase called."Out of Sequence". After returning to the states, her work from her comics were included in the " Black Comix" compilation table top book which was used in college courses at various universities internationlly. When Ashley isnt working, she enjoys playing vieo games and studying Japanese.

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    Chronicles of the Revolutionary Nerd 12 with Arvell Jones

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    An interview and conversation with Arvell Jones Co- Creator of Misty Knight. Arvell Malcolm Jones has been drawing comics for a long time, his earliest work appears in Marvel Comics' Marvel Premiere #20-22 (Jan.- May 1975), drawing the martial arts superhero Iron Fist. He also co-created the character Misty Knight, along with Tony Isabella. He's drawn Marvel titles such as, Deathlok, Thor, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Avengers, Daredevil, Captain America and more. Jones worked on  DC comics on short 10 page stories for DC specials and Giant Books of  Legion of Super Heroes before getting his own series Super- Team Family, 1976-77 which the majority of issues were reprinted as the countdown special in the mid 2000's, he also worked on the All-Star Squadron in the mid 80's, penciling the majority of issues released between 1985-1987 while working at a local Detroit TV Station designing news graphics, animation and promotions. He returned to comics to drawfill-in issues of Blood Syndicate, Hardware, before co- creating and drawing the first 6 issues of Kobalt for Milestone Media Inc.. In 1995he co-founded a publicly traded company, and ran an internet developement company. He's worked as a producer for TV shows such as Totally Twisted Flix, The Movie Show Plus, DocU-This and then held the title of Vice President of Development fo Colours TV, He is also Adjunct Falculty in the Illustration Department at the College for Creative Studies. Between all of that he still finds time to teach and mentor interested artistsworking in the comic field where he co-created the 15 year old running Comic Art Workshop. He returned to comics to work on two Indy titles to be released soon. For more on the Arvell's artwork visit http://www.comicbook-art.com/arvelljones

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    THIS WEEK ON THAT NERD SHOW 2.0: The Best of Alan Rickman - Why Nerds Love Him!

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    Join Marcus Blake, Brendan Smith, and guest Host Whiteney Moore today on That Nerd Show as we pay tribute to Alan Rickman.  We will look back at his career and discuss why nerds will always love him.  Listen to the show LIVE at 5pm cst @thatnerdshow.com