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    Applying Improv to Product Design and Usability

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    I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in Silicon Valley. This show airs Thursdays at 3:30 PM PDT.  We help marketing executives and their teams tell their most important company, product and customer stories to the world.

    This podcast is all about making marketing communications and content more human, fun and effective.

    We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Leave a comment on the blog. Follow Kathy.

    Applied Improvisation and Product Design

    Applying improvisation to communication, teamwork and leadership has received a lot of business press lately. Improvisation principles can also be used in marketing areas including product design and usability. Join me Oct 23rd when we chat to Jessie Shternshus, a fellow Applied Improv Network member, about how improv principles can improve design.


    As the founder and owner of The IMPROV EFFECT, Jessie weds her lifelong passion for and expertise in applied improvisation with the fast paced demands of the corporate world. In her classes she helps people become better listeners, team players, leaders, and communicators. Her physically engaging and playful workshops are relevant to all fields of life; participants of her workshops vary from college professors to engineers and from web developers to lawyers. Jessie gained her formal education at USF and NYU. Throughout her career she has worked with Fortune 500 companies and companies such as CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Expedia, Getty Images and Celgene.


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    Ask MomRN Show: Actress Vicki Lawrence

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    Vicki Lawrence is no stranger to being quick on her feet and playing off improv lines on stage. But when the comedienne and Emmy® Award-winning actress was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU), a form of chronic hives without a known cause, she was caught off-guard. Now, Vicki is partnering with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Genentech to share her experience with CIU to encourage people to have a robust and meaningful dialogue with their medical specialist as part of a new national campaign called CIU & You.

    Diabetes is a demanding disease that requires day-to-day and hour-by-hour management. Now, there is new, integrated technology to help millions of Americans living with diabetes better manage their disease. Diabetes advocate Kerri Sparling, author of Six Until Me, a diabetes patient blog, has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 27 years. Kerri and diabetes management expert Dr. Korey Hood will tell us about this new technology.

    Did you know pediatric dental disease, aka severe tooth decay, is one of the most prevalent, chronic, and untreated illnesses affecting American children? Dr. Steven Chussid, director of pediatric dentistry at Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine in NYC, will join us to share healthy dental habits from infancy to adulthood.

    Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

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    Friday Funnies with Daniel Mentz and the girls - Happenings

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    Every Friday we have uncensored fun on air, as we review the funny, ridiculous and interesting happenings of the week. Tune in to kick your weekend off to a great start! If you'd like to share in the fun, call in on 646-649-0066

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    Monday Morning Oscar Hangover

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    You mean, Daniel Day Lewis didn't win a damned Oscar?

    Sean Penn busts out with a green card joke...Mexican citizens think it's hilarious, white and latino-descendant americans think it was racist and in poor taste...as they're on their way to a fine Mexican dining establishment, Taco Bell.

    Asian and latinos frequently use the "n-word," because nothing more says being cool and hood than calling each other the "n-word." But wait...they say it without the "er," so that makes it okay for them.

    John Legend compares black men in the criminal justice system these days, are worse than back in the 1800's. Everyone in the prison system is innocent.

    Patricia Arquette wants equal pay for women and men in the workplace. The bitch makes more than me. Period.

    Why have the oscars become a political soap box event, rather than just the simplistic ceremony that it used to be? I take bake my fake award acceptance speech. 

    Birdman won best picture. Selma didn't win, nor did American Sniper. Somewhere, Liam Neeson is calling someone, threatening to shoot them.

    Lady Gaga looking like a turd with toilet paper wrapped around it.

    Daniel Day Lewis wants President's Day to be renamed, "I starred in Lincoln Day."


    John Travolta pulled his best Joe Biden impersonation by groping every woman he could. Guess he's going overboard to prove he's heterosexual.

    Why do the same out of shape dudes walk around in my gym's locker room naked all of the time?

    The guys at my gym pee on the floor more than they pee in the urinal.

    "Yelp" is the new, "I'm calling the cops."


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    Hangin' With Santore: What's the Night got for you?

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    Enjoy the late night with everyone favorite entertainer, Mike Santore. Comedian who takes Florida nighttlife to a different level.

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    Friday Funnies with Daniel Mentz and the girls - Surprise!!!

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    Every Friday we have uncensored fun on air, as we review the funny, ridiculous and interesting happenings of the week. Tune in to kick your weekend off to a great start! If you'd like to share in the fun, call in on 646-649-0066

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    TOM CARROZZA is a founding member of The 1st Amendment Improv Company in NYC and has taught at Second City, HB Studios, New York Conservatory of Dramatic Art, The Comic Strip and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. He was a member of the 4-man comedy group MENTAL FURNITURE and has written and produced several plays including "AREA 51 - The Musical!" which featured twenty-two original songs by Noel Katz. He has followed up his first album of music "ZESTY" with another called, "IN YOUR EAR". Both albums deliver an uplifting assortment of humorous songs. The new one serves up compositions by Jeff Ward, Don Puglisi, Joe Mulligan, Noel Katz, Rick Reil and Carrozza himself. It also includes his first-ever cover track, "She Turned Out To Be The Girlfriend Of A Boyfriend Of Mine" originally sung by Eddie Cantor in the 1928 Broadway show, "Whoopee!" As one critic said, "He should have called it "ZESTY 2 - NOT A FLUKE." Follow him on facebook he's funny.


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    Comedy Mingle Radio Network Presents :Julio and Dr. Chan

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    Julio and Dr Chan discuss the world of humor ,stand-up,improv,movies ect.......

    Tune in and have fun on www.blogtalkradio.com/comedymingleradionetwork

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    Success Secrets on How to make it in Hollywood with Grace Fraga

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    Join us as we broadcast live on the air at 11:11 am Pacific Time 1:11 pm Central 2:11 pm Eastern Time  

    Do You Ever wonder How do I...

    Make it into Hollywood?

    What's the secret to getting started in comedy?

    How do I get noticed to make it on to a TV show?

    How do I get my sitcom idea on TV?

    How do I manage my ex and my show biz career?

    Well, today is your lucky day because you've been praying and God does answer prayers BECAUSE, today, you are going to be graced  with the answers to those questions all wrapped up in bundle of laughter and insights that are sure to brighten your day and future.

    Learn to attract, convert, leverage and retain the Secrets and Strategies to success in entertainment with our Comedienne, writer, producer and award winning actress 


    Owner of Juan-ah-Laff Productions, Producer of several cable TV Shows, one woman plays. Actiing credits highlights include: A&E, VH1, Discovery Channel, Court TV, Univision, Telemundo,The Steve Harvey Show with Club appearances at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House,The Comedy Zone and Harrah's. Her DVD Full of Grace is available on Itunes and Amazon.com.



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    The Beat Break Morning Show ep.19

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    The Beat Break Morning Show 

    Sean Garvey (Host & Producer)-The Asshole of Radio and The Hardest Working Man in Radio

    DJ Rollem (Music DJ)


    The Beat Break Morning Show is a comedy improv program that engages guests & listeners to a wide range of topics such as social issues, news, entertainment, politics, relationships, and information. ATL's Hottest Entertainment Award nominated program for Hottest Internet Radio not only brings in depth interviews and exclusive new music, but it also delivers hilarious & informative segments including The Street Slamz and Jamz Report, Demo Reel 2 Reel, The 16 @ 16, #doingtoomuch, Help Wanted Ads of the Week, & The Bedroom Hour. The Beat Break Morning Show is supported by Dark Knight Entertainment, P&J Tax Professionals, & Amirakal Marketing. This show is rated MA for mature audiences only.

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about hanging out at The Improv, Desmond calls in to talk about WWE 2k15, tatoos, we recap NXT Takeover: Rival, Reaction To John Cena's Portrayed As An Old Veteran, we go into a rant on , TV Channels, Pokemon, and Return of the Snack: The Greatest Discontinued '90s Treats. 

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