• EyeLezz interview part 1

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    on tonights episode of Jokers Hatchet Talk Show I will being interviewing another member from Abandon Records, EyeLezz.

    i will talk about his lastest album and his future as an artist!!!!

    come call in to show your support 5165319993

  • EyeLezz interview PT.2

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    whoop whoop fam, tonight on the episode of Joker's Hatchet Talk show, I will be interview the homie EyeLezz again for round 2, now tonight I will get into the mind of Eyelezz and see where is and his future plans in his rapping career.

  • EyeLezz interview part 1

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    On tonights episode Joker's Hatchet Talk Show, I will be interviewing another rapper from Abandon Records,EyeLezz. Now I will talk to him about his latest album....crust life and his future plans as an artists!!!!
    So show your support at 11 eastern 10 Pacific and 9 mountain.
    Whoop whoop!!!!!!

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    Bubba Da Clown Bubba's Orange Mile interview

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    Whoop whoop fam we are back and we will give nothing but wicked shit and awesomeness for your ears. Now on This Episode we are interviewing our homie and yours Bubba Da Clown mutha Facko!!!!! Come call in with the number 516 531 9993 Also we will be discussing his latest album, his future collabs And his future as an artist. Also later in the show in the show you can ask questions if you like, thats entirely up to you. Now to reach mutha facko hit up at www.facebook.com/Bubbadaclown2 Hope to hear from all of you homies. Mcl!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!!

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    Bubba Live Interview

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    Whoop whoop fam come show your support by calling in and listening in or ask the homie questions about his album.

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 12/6/2014: The Force Awakens!

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    On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable celebrates the 20th anniversary of Léon: The Professional!  Is it one of the greatest action-thrillers ever made?  Is it Luc Besson’s best film to date?  Is Léon the single most effective assassin in movie history?  Is the “international version” truly better than the theatrical cut?  Can the film essentially be considered a love story between Léon, an adult male assassin, and Mathilda, a 12 year girl?  Is it merely about a “gifted” man child who corrupts the morals of a minor?  If so, does that automatically make the film morally reprehensible?  Is it possible to handle such material in a “responsible” manner?  Is the film deceptively complex?

    We’ll also be talking about the Wu-Tang Clan’s latest (and possibly final) album, A Better Tomorrow!  Is it a fitting conclusion to their 21-year odyssey, or their single worst album to date?  Should it even have been released?  Does it only serve to further tarnish their troubled legacy?  Has infighting caused this once mighty rap collective to implode?  Is it time for both them and their fans to finally move on?

    We’ll also be dissecting the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  Why is John Boyega wearing stormtrooper armor?  How significant is his role in the new trilogy?  Why has his mere presence in the film raised such a furor?  Have Star Wars fans become irredeemably racist?  Have they always been racist?  Is the crossguarded lightsaber truly impractical?               

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    PSHRadio Speaks to Paul Stevenson

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    Paul Stevenson is editor-in-chief of Haunted Magazine and co-owner of Dead Good Publishing Ltd with his twisted partner in crime Andy Soar. Dead Good Publishing Ltd is an indie publishing house, not financed by a rich uncle or run by some multi-conglomerate company. We love all things spooky and scary and love giving the readers a fun and entertaining look at things that go bump in the night, we dont profess to explain the paranormal or begin to understand it, we want to take our readers on a roller coaster ride through the paranormal whilst, at the same time, giving them a magazine that is readable with quality features and backed up by quality design

    Yes, we are sometimes known as the jokers of the paranormal world, not respecting the paranormal and not afraid to have a go at the paranormal and that's fine I would agree with that, we know that we can't please everyone, WE DO respect the paranormal, it has been around a lot longer than us but we do have a (sometimes) sly tongue in cheek look at the paranormal genre but I would say that most people have very similar opinions to us

    We're also developing a TV Channel which will show paranormal TV shows from around the world and we're working with some great friends in the industry to make the ghostly world that little bit better in 2015

    You can read the latest issue of Haunted Magazine FREE by visiting http://www.haunteddigitalmagazine.com/ you can read it online, download it or get it from the app stores on Apple and Google, launched 4 weeks ago the magazine has now had over 25,000 downloads proving that there's life in the paranormal yet and long may it continue.


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    Free Fortune Readings. You will need a deck of playing cards!

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    I will be using a Chinese way of fortune telling called gong hee fot choy! I started with this on my mission to learning tarot and its always been acurate for me. the only thing is the inquirer has the shuffle and lay out their own cards for the most accurate reading. You also get to make a wish and the cards will tell you the chances of getting your wish <3 want a free reading? heres what youll need to do:

    1. Find a deck of playing cards

    2. from the deck discard the sixes, the fixes, the fours,the threes, the twos, and the jokers.

    3. make sure you have 32 cards left over.

    4. shuffle the cards and make a wish.  do not cut the deck as this breaks the continuity of the reading.  I recommend shuffling the deck at least  11 times. To me this clears the deck from anyone else who has touched it/makes the deck your own. Also if a card jumps out of the deck i use that as a sign to stop shuffling.

    5. once you are done shuffling, place the deck face down, and give me a call. while on the line with me  you will pick up the deck,  flip each card over, from the top of the deck, one by one, placing them on top of each other --while telling me the cards youre placing.

    hope that makes sense! lets see what the cards say!!!


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    HEY ITS SARGE!....Open line calls, political debates, and passionate perspectives. I talk about world news, politics, & entertainment. Call in and get quick to your point. Trolls are welcome but better come with there A game! I do this for fun,so my shows are not always on the same nights. I do them when I feel like it. So if you want to catch them, like this show and you will be able to see when I go LIVE. 

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    “No Apologies Gauntlet” With Sal Vulcano, Rachel Feinstein, and Tommy Cody

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    We talk the craziest things Sal Vulcano has done on his hit TV show “Impractical Jokers,” including completely tanking in front of Imagine Dragon in front of 14,000 people, going through a haunted corn maze, getting put in the trunk of a car, and more…We also talk the “No Apologies Gauntlet,” where Sal has to do terrible things to people and he’s not allowed to say sorry. We also talk, hotels, touring, and more.
    We also talk “trying to hard” headshots, and terrible managers. Great stories. Don’t miss this one!

    Twitter: @sammorril @rachelfeinstein @salvulcano @tommycody

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    Today on CSC421- Cynicism & Conformity: Which Side of the Fence Are You On?

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    "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to my right,..."

    What side are you on? Being bi polar doesn't count, either.  There's no sitting on the fence when your day is spent trying to make sense out of:

    Daily revelations coming out of the White House and mass murdering Islamists squatting in our American Embassy, or the people who insist we must care for illegals with money we don't have.

    Ferguson, MO and the celebrities they drew to Missouri, for something that noone seems to have enough info on to draw a 'legal' ruling one way or the other, yet, everyone from the Governor of Missouri, to a Harvard Law professor has called for a modern day "lynchin'."

    The GOP trying to find "The Right Stuff" to fill the 'seats' of the House and eventually the Presidency,

    Nudie photos of those living the "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous" posted all over the internet

    And of course, Alec Baldwin - just because.

    It's pretty clear that we are officially on "Overload," which is what many of us had predicted was Obama's intention from the very beginning. But anyone can just sit back and "take it."

    I say, "Don't suppress - express!" Kick the conformity to the curb, and allow that inner 'snark' to come out. A healthy amount of cynicism will get you in the voting booth, help you to stand up to the school board, and strengthen your resolve that minimum wage jobs were never created to be a career move. If nothing else, you'll be more than ready to deal with that neighbor that frowns at you everytime to walk out wearing your NRA hat.

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