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    Dare to Dream The Impossible!

    in Women

    God honors Bold Prayers and Big Dreams. Is your dream big enough? All too often we settle for dreams and goals that we think we can reach. But what about the impossible dream? What about belieivng in something so wonderful, only God can bring it about? Maybe its time to enlarge your vision by asking God to give you HIS dream for YOUR life. Join Dawn Scott Damon, your Freedom Coach, and her guest in this podcast.

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    The Power of Balance

    in Lifestyle

    Got power? Balance? Peace of mind? Some bliss filled states and moments within your day?

    If you answered yes, great~ good job, and horray for you.

    Unfortunately these simple internal needs for equilibrium, balance, lies within our own internal barometer of worth.Are you worthy of bliss? Hell yes, you are!!

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    Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

    in Movies

    Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has hit the theaters in a big way, now Robert Winfree and Mark Radulich provide their review of the smash hit entry into the franchise.

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    Dreams Can Become Realities With Gwendolyn D Adams Evans

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another great conversation between Host Gwendolyn D. Adams Evans and her Co-Host for tonight Arlene Brown-Mitchell!

    Living life and getting things done is what is called "Dream to Reality" and that is just what Host Gwen and her Co-Host Arlene are doing.  Everything that they want or need to do do help other people as well as themselves is what they are doing. Taking one moment at a time and turning all of their dreams into realities but not just for themselves. They are doing it for others as well because they no that when you do something if it is for only you it does not work out right.  So tonight they are sharing what they are both have been doing as well as introducing you to people they are helping.  

    So sit back, listen, call in if you want to talk and enjoy!

    Interested in a show on our network email us at: info@arlenebrownmitchellnetwork.com

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    Follow Your Own Yellow Brick Road

    in Spirituality

    Visionary Jean Houston delights our awareness in ways known and unknown to our current perspectives at times. Jean activates the innate passion within , simply by teaching, defining, and viewing the world in all its perfect harmony, and kowledge that we are exactly where we need to be.

  • "'Two Hours' The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon" author Ed Caesar joins us

    in Sports

    Kenya's Dennis Kimetto holds the world record of  2:02:57 in a marathon. All eyes will be on the world class runners Sunday, November 1st when the New York City Marathon takes place. Will any of them flirt with the record or what seems to be the impossible, a marathon under two hours.

    Author Ed Caesar spent three years researching for his new book "Two Hours, The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon." He spent time with many world class runners, including current world record holder, Dennis Kimetto.  This book talks about more than training including statements and research as to why New York City should be considered the birthplace of the marathon.  Caeser gives you an inside look at what it would take for a world class marathon runner to eclipse the impossible two hour mark.

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    Higher Self Voice - Understanding Altered Realities

    in Self Help

    Understanding altered realities, the astral realm and how they relate to you.

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    Sleepless Nights Radio w/ Keith and Sandra Johnson

    in Paranormal

    Keith and Sandra are regularly called upon to assist individuals in dealing with alleged malevolent paranormal phenomena or potential inhuman infestation in their homes and together have over 50 years of experience as paranormal investigators.
    Keith has had an interest in the paranormal since he was a teenager when he had phenomena occur in his own home. In the seventies, he was a member of the paranormal research group Parapsychology Investigation & Research Organization, out of RI College.
    Keith has been featured on the SciFi channel’s Ghost Hunters, as a consulting demonologist, and both he and Sandra are former core members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).
    They have been featured as demonology consultants in two first season episodes of the A&E series Paranormal State as well as assisting with documentaries dealing with the paranormal including 'Haunted R.I.' and New Gravity Media’s '14 Degrees'.
    The pair are co-founders of New England Anomalies Research and host a local TV talk show dealing with paranormal topics called Ghosts R N.E.A.R. which airs locally in Rhode Island and can also be seen online.
    Keith is the author of the ‘Paranormal Realities’ book series that chronicle his experiences as a paranormal investigator. Books I & II have been published and subsequent books are in the works and due for future release.

    You can learn more about them by visiting www.nearparanormal.com.

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    Screaming Boy Productions - Episode #38 "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"

    in Movies

    The show takes a turn tonight as we bring in the relief pitcher! Join Ronnie and special guest host Bryan Pate as they take a look at Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation!

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    Our Evolving Mind, Body & Soul~A look at where we have options for evolution

    in Lifestyle

    How do we evolve?How much is in our own control?

    How much control do we claim or want?

    Where do our souls go to evolve?

    All of these fascinating areas are going to be discussed today in our full lineup of three guests today.

    We start off with Author/researcher Marie Jones who along with Larry Flaxman wrote"MIND WARS".

    Revealing information that claims mind control, surveillance, & social enginneering by the government, media & secret societies is ongoing.

    Next we invite a lovely bedside book that I could not put down. One of the most moving stories of how Hospice was born, as well as some of the best love stories I have ever felt through reading.I loved these stories!!

    Last, but certainly not least, we have Visionary Gordon Davidson who is going to talk to us about his upcoming workshop on Transfiguration of Our World part 2. I will ask Gordon his insight on the changes happening today, where we go from here, and how we can be an integrated holistic heart with the evolving and unfolding..


    Tune in ~ it should be rock filled energy today:)


    Abundant blessings to you!!

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    10 day Prayer & Fasting DAY 5 : Letting go! FORGIVENESS

    in Christianity

    Children of God today is day 5 of our ten day prayer and fasting. We have been blessed so far by these eye opening teaching. The Lord is pouring out His Spirit and we've got our cups out to receive! Today is a very important teaching on forgiveness. Without an forgiving heart is impossible to see the Kingdom of Heaven and have a close relationship with the Lord here on earth. Today we will discover the importance of not only forgiving those who trespass against, but OURSELVES as well. So many times we are quick to forgive others but still carry bittness towards ourselves as a result of our own actions; poor decisions. Today we are letting go of that in Jesus name! We surrender our lives to the Lord.