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    MEL CARTER BIO: Carter recorded for Sam Cooke's SAR record label in the early 1960s. He had his first hit in 1962 at the age of nineteen with "When a Boy Falls in Love", which was co-written by Cooke.

    By the time he reached his commercial peak with Imperial Records in the middle of the decade, he was specializing in pop ballads. His biggest success was the Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," which reached Number 8, in 1965. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. He had a couple of other Top 40 entries over the next year, "Band of Gold" and "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings", as well as a few other easy listening sellers.

    Carter appeared on the DVD of the PBS special, Doo Wop 51, recorded in 2001 performing his hit.

    Carter later acted on television programmes such as Quincy, M.E.,Sanford and Son, Marcus Welby, M.D.and Magnum, P.I..

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    St. Emma of Austria

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Emma of Austria - Hemma, also called Emma of Gurk, was born Countess of Zeltschach to a noble family called Peilenstein in present-day Pilštanj, Slovenia. They were related to the Liutpoldings of Bavaria and thus to Emperor Henry II. She was brought up at the Imperial court in Bamberg by the Empress Saint Cunigunde. She married Count Wilhelm of Friesach and of the Sanngau, by whom she had two sons, Hartwig and Wilhelm. Both of her sons and her husband were murdered, the latest of them probably in 1036. Hemma became wealthy through inheritance upon the death of her husband and sons.

    Countess Hemma used her great wealth for the benefit of the poor and was already venerated as a saint during her lifetime. In addition, she founded ten churches throughout present-day Carinthia, Austria. In 1043 she founded the Benedictine double monastery of Gurk Abbey, where she withdrew during the last years of her life.

    After her death, Gurk Abbey was dissolved by the Archbishop of Salzburg, Gebhard, who instead used the funds to set up the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt in 1072. Admont Abbey, another Benedictine foundation in Austria, was founded in 1074 by the same Gebhard, and also owes its existence to Hemma's wealth.

    Since 1174 Hemma has been buried in the crypt of Gurk Cathedral, of which she is accounted the founder. She was beatified on 21 November 1287 and canonised on 5 January 1938 by Pope Pius XI. Her feast day is 27 June.[2]

    Hemma is the patron saint of the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt as well as of the Austrian state of Carinthia, and her intercession is sought for childbirth and diseases of the eye.

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    NOVEMBER 2014 WEEKS #3 -&- #4 REVIEWED: (PART 5: Frankenstein, Cyborgs, Robots)

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    On this ongoing series of episodes, we pick it back up at TOPIC #14: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FEATS with SHOCKING STORIES such as POISONS IN YOUR GROCERY BASKET; ILLEGAL WHALE MEAT ON THE MENU; TRICLOSAN IN SOAP/SHAMPOO/TOOTHPASTE CAUSES CANCER; WHOLLY MAMMOTH TO BE CLONED IN SOUTH KOREA; etc... Then we inject ourselves into TOPIC #15: HUMACHINE AGE OF CYBORGS & ROBOTS & THE MAKING OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST, with a STARTLING STORY ABOUT SWEDISH PEOPLE GETTING MICROCHIP IMPLANTS INSERTED INTO THEIR HANDS with EMILOTT LANTZ getting one in her RIGHTHAND!! From the ROBOTICS MOVEMENT, we hear again from Billionaire Elon Musk warning why he is SCARED OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & TERMINATOR ROBOTS; MIND-READING CARS OF THE NEAR FUTURE; SELF-DRIVING CAR updates; ROBOT REPLACEMENTS for many future occupations; HUMANOID REPLICAS OF HUMANS CALLED GEMINOIDS in Japan... Then at TOPIC #18: OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER we talk about the "BAD OBAMACARE LIES = 666" and "BAD OBAMACARE TAX = 666" from the NEW EMPEROR OF AMERICA, Barack Obama! Record Number of Homeless; Half of Florida Households in financial trouble; $18 Trillion National Debt under Obama is DOUBLE NOW WHAT IT WAS BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE and he was such a Hypocrite condemning Pres. Bush for the $9 Trillion National Debt! The sumerian code reveals that "a Big DEBTS, B.H.Obama = 666"... We were warned about all this and now its coming to pass, as warned!... STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED!.. GET IN THE KNOW!... ENJOY THE SHOW!...  

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    Ferguson: Faith Leaders are Praying and Analyzing

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    We are talking with Rev. Madison Shockley, Pastor of Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, CA.  Along with performing his pastoral duties with Pilgrim, Madison serves on the board of directors of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of San Diego and Imperial Counties and the board of directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. He also writes commentary for various online and print outlets.

    Two of his recent articles focus on Ferguson and are helpful in framing the issues.  Please read and share your comments.



    Also, joining the discussion are Rev. Dr. Weldon Thomas pastor of New Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Rochester, New York and Bishop John Selders, pastor of Amistad United Church of Christ, Hartford, Connectict. ?#‎Ferguson?

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Justice In Ferguson

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    "[T]he [Ferguson] grand jury resisted the mammoth political pressure to indict strictly to assuage racial grievances, instead opting to follow the evidence. When it comes to justice, that is as much as any American can hope for"; "“I’d already taken two to the face, and . . . the third one could be fatal if he hit me right”; Does the Fifth Amendment grand-jury protection still matter?; The issue in Ferguson is whether there is objective truth, or just relative judgments; The Democrats should hold their 2016 convention in Detroit; Obama’s coalition is held together only by his personal mythography - and even that isn't working anymore.

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    Our Imperial President | Executive Amnesty? | Ep 50 | OnTheMoveShow

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    In this episode, we will discuss our lawless Executive's plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. In Obama's own words unilateral executive amnesty is a violation of our laws. Barack Hussein Obama has decided to shred the Constitution and procede anyway. What will this mean for America? All this and MUCH more will be revealed. Tune in to hear Mack's insights! We will also take listener calls and read emails!

    Please feel free to join in on the conversation by either calling in or emailing with questions, comments and stories. Call in number to the show is (619) 924-0986 and the show's email is Talk@OnTheMoveShow.com.

    Please SHARE this show on your social media sites and FOLLOW us here at Blog Talk Radio. Don't forget to set a reminder for the show! Your support will help make "On The Move" bigger and better. Thank you!

    Check us out at:
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    On The Move With Mack Worley's stores: 

    Clothing Store - Liberty Merchandise
    Gear, Books, Prepping Gear and MORE

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    Mutual Respect

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    The show you are about to hear is regarding Mutual Respect of both counterparts Wombman and Man in society. This topic is of absolute importance for the world in the future timeline coming forth. We as the Queens Council are here to instill the values back into society's thinking. Ushering in the golden age of the Goddess. We are One in Light for global balance

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Obama’s Imperial Transformation Is Now Complete

    in Politics Conservative

    Barack Obama doesn’t care about the means, so long as he gets his end; Obama has become everything he claimed to have run against; What Obama is contemplating will undermine the achievements of over four centuries of Anglo-American political progress; Obama sets off on scorched-earth rampage; When Democrats acquiesce to Obama's amnesty coup, Congress will be overseeing its own demise; and yes, this is a constitutional crisis.

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    American Coup

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    Darrell Castle discusses the President’s recent announcement of his imperial grant of amnesty.  An American Coup…

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    Code Red Ferguson Missouri “Prepared for War.”

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    IN a move that some see as irresponsible and disrespectful, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviewed KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona on “All In,” and what he revealed is disturbing.  The interview appeared in a segment labeled “Prepared for War.”  Hayes began the interview asking Ancona about flyers that the KKK has been distributing in the Ferguson and St. Louis area that warn protesters that they have “awakened a sleeping giant” and that KKK members will use lethal force against them.Ancona responds to Hayes inquiry by stating that his group has recently received “hundreds of calls” from residents around St. Louis concerned about “random attacks on whites” and “police officers being threatened that their wives are going to raped.”  He claims protestors have made those specific threats on social media.  He also states that his group is prepared to launch an attack against Ferguson protestors, who he refers to as terrorists, as the grand jury deciding whether Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for killing unarmed teen Michael Brown gets ready to announce their decision.

    As if the promise to use lethal force against protestors was not enough, Ancona also states that KKK members have been in touch with local law enforcement, revealing that off the record, “A lot of them are very frustrated with how the governor has sided with the criminals in a lot of instances.”  Although Ancona tries to backtrack, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, who came on later in the segment, did not directly refute Ancona’s claim.

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    Episode 30

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    The final show with cohost @bree_mars Imperial Wizard of the Missouri KKK Frank Ancona will be joining us. We'll take a look at the situation in Ferguson regarding the grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson on criminal charges. Also Nonymoose has the KKK in it's crosshairs, we'll discuss what those pesky masked neckbeards are up to. And a couple highlights from past episodes with Ms Mars

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