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    Cyrus Webb Presents... "Imperfect Spirituality" with Polly Campbell

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    This book and discussion could begin to change the way you see yourself and your relationship with God.

    Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb talks with Polly Campbell about her book IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY and how you can begin to get to a place of real happiness and peace.

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    Imperfect Spirituality with Polly Campbell

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    We rarely see our imperfections as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Our guest tonight on Coach Cafe, Polly Campbell, will stand that idea on it's head! She will show us how our imperfections are not liabilities, they instead hold possibilities and can be the very things that put us on the path to our growth and well-being. 
    Polly is a well known speaker and writer, as well as a teacher with The Daily Om.  Her latest book is Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People and she will be speaking with us about how to be easier on ourselves and bring spiritual practices and growth into our lives in ways that work for us. You will love her gentle approach to evolving your life and living it consciously in each moment, even if you are dealing with dinner burning while the dog just threw up on the floor and the kids want your attention!
    You can hear more from Polly and get her book on her blog at www.imperfectspirituality.com

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    Author Polly Campbell Discusses IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Polly Campbell to Conversations LIVE to discuss her book IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY. 

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    Polly Campbell - Author - Imperfect Spirituality

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    Pulling a raisin out of a two-year-old’s nose probably wasn’t on Buddha’s path to enlightenment, but it was one of the obstacles for author Polly Campbell. For many people, stuck raisins and other real-life moments provide a day’s only opportunity for spiritual growth. Imperfect Spirituality shows readers how to integrate those everyday moments with traditional spiritual techniques to experience personal growth and greater well-being. Any activity can be transformed into a spiritual practice. Don’t have a half-hour to meditate? Can't drop everything à la Elizabeth Gilbert and trek to Italy? Find mini-meditation while stopped at a red light impossible? Start by brushing your teeth.Imperfect Spirituality is filled with practical tips and dozens of examples like these, as well as anecdotes from real people striving to grow both spiritually and personally. Polly Campbell emerges here as an important new voice in spirituality, offering enlightenment for "the rest of us."

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    Imperfect Spirituality for Ordinary People by Polly Campbell

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    Author and Speaker Polly Campbell says, "I’m not always the most spiritual person. For instance, I didn’t feel peaceful when my daughter swallowed a penny. I’m not all that loving when my husband forgets to fill the car’s tank and I don’t even WANT be mindful when I’m sitting in the dentist’s chair.
    But I do believe that we can live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives by choosing our thoughts and taking inspired action. I spend much of my time reading and studying how to do this. I live this stuff — when I’m not wiping up sticky counters, and sometimes, even while I am. I practice the traditional techniques as well as the newest self-improvement strategies. I write about this stuff for magazines and Web sites. And my book, Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People."
    Website: http://imperfectspirituality.com/

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    Imperfect Spirituality

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    Pulling a raisin out of a two-year-old’s nose probably wasn’t on Buddha’s path toward enlightenment, but it was one of the obstacles for author Polly Campbell. For many, stuck raisins and other real-life moments provide sometimes the only opportunity for spiritual growth in a day.
    Imperfect Spirituality shows us how to integrate those every-day moments with traditional spiritual techniques to experience personal growth and greater well-being all in the course of your regular routine.
    Any activity can be transformed into a spiritual practice. Don’t have a half-hour to meditate? Can't drop everything ala Elizabeth Gilbert and trek to Italy or India? Do a mini-meditation while standing in line. Working to be mindful and present? Start by brushing your teeth.
    Imperfect Spirituality: we'll be discussing practical tips and dozens of examples like these, as well as anecdotes from real people who are striving to grow both spiritually and personally. Featuring fascinating research about how the mind body spirit connection really works as well as illuminating quotes and informative, easy-to-do takeaways from leading-edge academic and spiritual experts who both study, and practice, these techniques.
    Popular blogger and workshop facilitator Polly Campbell, a favorite journalist for Daily Om and Psychology Today, emerges here as a fresh and important new voice in spirituality who offers a path to enlightenment for "the rest of us."

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    The Diana Sarah Universal Circle of Creaton Centered Spirituality

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    Today's Subject:  The Beauty Within You


    Teachings from all of the wisdom tradtions and various religions and philosophies from the East and the West, brought to you at your doorstep.  We draw on the mystical tradtion, a tradition present in all religions and philosophies, that was often only revealed to the insiders after the religion became popular and had garnered power. As Warriors of Compassion we take you back to the universal, mystic core of all tradtions so that you may know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

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    Religions vs Spirituality and Its Effect on the World Part IV

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    This broadcast is sponsored by Abundant Grace Ministries. This is the final episode in our series on Religion vs Spirituality. In this episode, we draw a conclusion to the effects that religion vs spirituality has in one's development process and how that in turn plays a role in society. We also provide additional examples of why religion and spirituality are two completely different terms, even though they are often used synomously.

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    Brian Smith: How Devotion, Spirituality & Tenacity Created The UGG Brand

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    This week we are interviewing the fun, entertaining and extraordinary Brian Smith. Brian was born in Australia, where he developed his love of surfing. A chartered accountant, he studied at the UCLA Graduate School of Management, and with $500 of start-up money, he founded UGG Imports to bring sheepskin footwear to America. After seventeen years, as sales reached $15 million, he sold the business to Deckers Outdoor Corporation. The UGG brand has since exceeded $1 billion of international sales several times over. 

    A passionate innovator and entrepreneur, Brian is also deeply spiritual, purpose driven, values oriented, and totally committed to God. He is one of the most sought after business leaders in the country today. As a media guest and inspiring speaker, he is committed to teaching his breakthrough business strategies to entrepreneurs and translating personal vision and spirituality into company culture. 

    From the shores of Malibu to Mount Kilimanjaro, Brian Smith tells his story of founding the world-renowned UGG Australia brand and reveals the secret to its mega-success. This book is written for anyone who wants to learn how-to succeed in business but also for those seeking the deeper truths they don't teach you about in business school.

    On Brian’s journey he stumbled and fell, but he put his heart and soul into every sole and sale. He overcame all odds and found ultimate success. He will enlighten us with his decades of experience and wis­dom about the sale of a lifetime, and the making of a legend.

    Brian's experience with UGG can certainly provide practical advice and tips to help kick-start an entrepreneurial revolution. But even if you are not an entrepreneur, it will inspire you to work hard, persevere, believe in yourself, watch the signs along the way, learn the lessons, and never give up!

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    Spiritual Cleansing with Practical Spirituality

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    We all have heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  But did you know there is a metaphysical reason behind that? The beginning of spring season is the natural time to detox, clean and purify.  Cleaning our surroundings is not so hard to figure out.  Purifying the mind and spirit will take a little more effort.  How do we do this? Is detoxing our mind and spirit even worth the effort?

    Tune in Friday Night  with host Diyah aka Ori’s Oasis and Glammie Wytch @11pm EST to find out. And as always we will give away a free reading to one lucky live caller. ( We may also have a mystery guest.)

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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Guests Genevieve Kohn & Rachel Haviland

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    RealitySpirituality Radio Welcomes Guests Genevieve Kohn & Rachel Haviland from Reclaim Your Health:

    Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. holds a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the prestigious H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Tampa, FL. She blends 19 years in scientific research with cutting-edge marketing techniques to bring a unique perspective to medical marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, she combines innovative marketing solutions with extensive healthcare knowledge to create campaigns that produce results.

    Genevieve Kohn is a health coach and author who teaches women how to reclaim their health through energy healing, healthy diet and gentle exercise.

    When Genevieve was diagnosed with MS in 2002, it was the greatest challenge of her life. She made a decision to remain positive and to be proactive rather than letting her condition drag her down

    Together they host their radio program on Life Coach Radio Networks.

    RealitySpirituality Radio is hosted by:

    Rebecca L. Norrington
    Official Website: www.rebeccanorrington.com
    Rebecca's Facebook Page: @rebeccalnorrington
    Reality Spirituality Facebook Page: @realityspirituality
    Twitter: rlnorrington
    Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

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