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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Muzaffar Qazilbash, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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    Some treatments for multiple myeloma have been used for over two decades. With all of excitement around new treatments like immunotherapies, how do these two different worlds converge or collide? Learn from Dr. Muzaffar Qazilbash, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center about the utility of stem cell transplant in the age of immunotherapy and how these may be used alone or together for optimal outcomes.


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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Don Benson, MD, PhD, Ohio State University

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    Dr. Don Benson, MD, PhD of The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University is a multiple myeloma specialist with deep expertise in immunotherapy. He shares the growing and exciting world of immunotherapies in multiple myeloma - how they work and how they are opening up an exciting new set of opportunities for myeloma patients.

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    Will Modern Therapies Replace Transplants (Allo and Auto) in Myeloma Treatment?

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    In the wake of new immunotherapies being approved by the FDA and many more in clinical trials, will transplants continue to be an integral part of myeloma treatment? With therapeutic potential of a myeloma cure, the use of donor stem cell transplantation/ allogeneic transplantation is highly debated in the medical field due to associated risks; when does benefits outweigh the risks and can allo transplants be used to salvage and cure relapsed patients? What about curative potential of autologous transplants? With modern therapies storming the myeloma armamentarium, Dr. Frits van Rhee of UAMS is back on CureTalks discussing auto transplants for treatment of myeloma and giving his take on allogeneic transplants is Dr. Gosta Gahrton of Karolinska Institute (Has been member and chairman of Nobel Committee of the Karolinska Institute). Myeloma panel includes advocates and survivors, Gary Petersen, Jack Aiello, and Nick van Dyk.    


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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Djordje Atanackovic, MD, Huntsman Cancer Institute

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    With the explosion in immunotherapies for multiple myeloma, we have heard there are "windows" of best and most effective use. What are those windows and when is the best time to use these new approaches? The field is ever growing and Dr. Djordje Atanackovic will share how and when to use these new tools for a myeloma patient's best care. 

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  • Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Daniel Fowler, MD, NIH

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    Immunotherapies are making their way into the clinic and as they do, more exciting options will be available for patients. Researchers are now studying the best possible way to leverage the standard and effective multiple myeloma treatments with ways to empower the immune system to fight myeloma. Learn what Dr. Daniel Fowler, MD of the NIH is doing to use a Th1 and Th2 immune therapy treatment in combination with stem cell transplant in an early clinical trial. 

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    mPatient Myeloma Radio: Dr. Robert Orlowski, MD, PhD, MD Anderson

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    Join us as we talk with Dr. Robert Z. Orlowski, MD, PhD of MD Anderson Cancer about immunotherapies and the latest in his myeloma research. 

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    January Jones Beating Blood Cancer

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    January Jones Beating Blood Cancer

    Just for fun, see the bottle of Guinness on Jack Whelan’s infusion rack.  This prop frequently brought some humor to the hard-working oncology nurses and aides and some fearful patients in the infusion room at DFCI.  Jack, that Guinness guy.

    Diagnosed six years ago, now beating the then published life expectancy of 5-7 years of a rare incurable form of blood cancer, a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma called Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia (WM), he is determined to help in the research, care and ultimate cure of this rare cancer which affects about 1200 new patients each year.  Jack is betting on Clinical Trials. WM has many similarities with Multiple Myeloma and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma; many of the chemotherapies, immunotherapies and other emerging B cell malignancy targeting treatments.

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    Jack Whelan on Fighting Lymphoma

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    Diagnosed six years ago, now beating the then published life expectancy of 5-7 years of a rare incurable form of blood cancer, a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma called Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia (WM), Jack Whelan is determined to help in the research, care and ultimate cure of this rare cancer which affects about 1200 new patients each year.  Jack is betting on Clinical Trials.

    WM has many similarities with Multiple Myeloma and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma; many of the chemotherapies, immunotherapies and other emerging B cell malignancy targeting treatments including biologic agents are used to battle this unique, uncommon blood cancer.   

    As Waldenstroms is an orphan blood cancer, it doesn't get much attention and no government-specific funding for research and the quest for a cure. However, there is a small but effective group of patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers and other medical and pharmaceutical professionals who through the efforts of the International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) lead the charge in research and care of patients and caregivers living with this cancer. 

    Active volunteer/advocate with the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society, (LLS) supporter of Team in Training, Light the Night, currently supporting LLS, American Cancer Society (ACS) DFCI and others educating Massachusetts state legislators to get support for oral chemotherapy parity regulations, a move that will save all parties significant healthcare costs while providing pharmacy coverage (for pill-form chemotherapy) at the same rate for patients that would normally be covered when receiving chemotherapy in the infusion room.  

    Jack was recently featured on the cover of Cancer Today.  

    See more at: <a href="http://www.jack-whelan.com/whos_jack" title="www.jack-whelan.com">http://www.jack-whelan.com/whos_jack</a>

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    Metronomic Chemotherapy for Canine Cancer

    in Pets

    Tune in for an informative discussion with Dr. Barbara Biller, Veterinarian and Assistant Professor of Oncology at Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center
    The primary focus of Dr. Biller’s research is on the interactions between the anti-tumor immune response and metronomic chemotherapy. Recently she completed a study for Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) in which she evaluated metronomic chemotherapy treatment on dogs with soft-tissue sarcoma.
    During the study, it was Dr. Biller’s mission to learn more specifics on how to treat dogs using metronomics. She says:
    “Even though veterinarians have been using metronomic chemotherapy on patients, we have been guessing on important factors like what drugs we should use, what dose is needed and at what intervals we should treat the patient. We hope to determine some of those factors.”
    Dr. Biller is also involved in a number of collaborative studies with investigators at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the Garden State Cancer Center evaluating immunotherapies in dogs with lymphoma and brain tumors.
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    DISCLAIMER: Information provided at Tripawd Talk Radio and Tripawds.com is not a substitute for medical care by a qualified veterinary professional. Always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian prior to making any medical decisions about your dog’s health. Tripawds.com is not responsible or liable, for any damages resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied herein.

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    HaroldSays Let's Talk About A Brain Cancer Survivor's Story

    in Lifestyle

    HaroldSays is a positively based call in talk show where we talk about you; the consumer, the citizen, the person and what is on your hearts and minds.

    On today's show I will be speaking with Mr. Robert Gibbs. We will discuss how he survived a 6 year battle with brain cancer; "2 surgeries, 11 rounds of chemotherapy, and an experimental vaccine treatment." Also, we will discuss how he dealt with his own son's diagnosis of a brain tumor.

    Mr Gibbs and I will discuss some of the early warning signs of brain tumors and what you should do if you experience the symptoms of having a brain tumor.

    "THIS SHOW COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! Over 1 million people Don't know they have a brain tumor. So please listen to this show and ask your loved ones and friends to listen to the show as well to learn how to know if you or they might have a brain tumor; what you should do if you think you might have one, and if you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, how to find options in treatment for your brain tumor that will be effective and best for you as a person.

    Mr. Gibbs and I look forward to your joining us on what will be a highly informative and potentially life saving show for you as a member of our listening audience.

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    black gyrl cancer slayer

    in Health

    SPECIAL GUEST: Chana Garcia is a journalist, a blogger, and an ovarian cancer survivor who lives in New York City. She works as an editor for AOL Black Voices and is a writer for The Root.com, Black Enterprise, and Essence magazine. On her blog, blackgyrlcancerslayer.wordpress.com, she muses about life in a post-chemo world, health care reform, and other juicy cancer-related news. Her story is featured in the September issue of Black Enterprise magazine. ***SPECIAL GUEST:Christina S. Chu, MD is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania Health System where she specializes in the surgical management of gynecologic cancers and complex benign disease. Her research interests focus on clinical trials for the evaluation of novel chemotherapies and immunotherapies for gynecologic malignancies.

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