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    Snowden, Drones, and the IMF

    in Politics

    Matt and Jamie on a special Saturday broadcast cover part 2 of the bitcoin episode. Today's discussion will focus on Edward Snowden's offer to assist Brazil in investigating NSA spying, the IMF's report advocating for up to a 71% income tax in the US, and the ongoing drone war in Yemen. Your calls are welcome as always.

    Find out more about the show, visit: 



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    BIS, IMF, World Bank global gangesters

    in Politics Conservative

    Bank of International Settlements and the International Montary Fund control the world.  We discuss how they were created.  How they are run.  What their power is and how they opertated.  We go into the puppet show that is the UN.  How globalist are operating and pulling the world's strings.  Be informed.

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    Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.5

    in Music

    Tonight it goes down on #DaLoddManafessShow for the #TruVision #TakeOvaPt5... Tonight Da #PrettyEyez #MsTruVisiion & Da God himself #Host #RaaddrrVan will join together to bring you an #Epic Show of #OldSchool & #NewSchool #HipHop.. Guest tonight from the #BuildingAnEmpire Fam of #TruVision #Management will be #M16 out of Greenville, Sc and #KingLyric also from Greenville, Sc.  They will be bringing to you the hottest news from #TeamTruVision..

    Special guests on the show tonight will be 2 brothers #FEEQ & #FlyCrew along with a dope femcee in da game #DEERRA.. Make sure you are on deck to check out one of the #Hottest shows on #BlogTalk..

     Call in live to (646)478-3665 or log onto Da Lodd Manafess Show...

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    Behind the Headlines: 'Containing' Russia-China and Global Economic Collapse

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the radio network of SOTT.net, your media source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events. The Behind the Headlines talkshow takes place each Sunday on the SOTT Radio Network. Analyzing global impact events that shape our world and future, and connecting the dots to reveal the bigger picture obscured by mainstream programming, Behind the Headlines is current affairs for people who think.

    From the crisis in Ukraine to the ISIS in Iraq, from increasingly extreme weather to surviving in a world ruled by psychopaths, your hosts, their colleagues (and occasional guests) explore the deeper truths driving world events by exposing the manipulations behind what passes for 'news'.

    Behind the Headlines airs live this Sunday, 22 March 2015, from 3-4:30pm EST / 12-1.30pm PST / 7-8.30pm UTC / 8-9.30pm CET.

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    Da Tru Vision Takeover pt.4

    in Music

    Get ready for another #explosive night on #DaLoddManafessShow with myself the #PrettyEyez #MsTruVision & The One & Only Host of the show #RaaddrrVan .. Tune in for another night of #FYE #HipHop coming from the fam at Tru-Vision Management.. As we present to you #DaTruVision #TakeOva #Pt4.. It goes down on #BlogTalkRadio at 7pm on da #WestCoast & 10pm on da #EastCoast... Our co-host Eric L. Bellamy? Dea JayMetro? & the #DarkNinja Neal Shakur Cook? will be live in affect... #SPECIALGUESTS TONIGHT ARE Shor-T? Hellagreeno? & M16?... I am asking for any #independentartists who are on their grind to call in and give your city a #ShoutOut and be apart of the experience... #Salute #IMF #TruVisionManagement #Indiegrind #Djs

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    The Nightly News w/Jason & Rags - Ep. 12

    in News

    In Tonight's Episode Kerry tells Congress: you cannot modify Iran-US nuclear deal California has increasingly powerful earthquakes to look forward to Ferguson police chief resigns Review of Secret Service Agents Follows White House Car Crash Wall St. banks launch massive buybacks, boost dividends IMF seeks 'immediate' stabilisation in latest Ukraine bailout Euro Plunge Is Picking Up Pace Athens threatens to seize German assets 'as compensation for Nazi war crimes TASK FORCE CHAIR: TERROR CELLS ARE IN THE US, AMERICANS SHOULD PREPARE FBI Docs: Alleged Terrorist Training Compound Discovered in Rural Texas From the White House, PDF on Terrorism Preparedness Child advocates: Halt production of ‘creepy’ interactive Barbie doll Birthright Citizenship: The New Immigration Scam Border Rescues and Deaths on the Rise

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    HATE. Don't hate yourself. Hate being overweight.

    in Weight Loss


    Today we will talk about 2 emotions.  Love and Hate and how they are the key to losing weight rapidly.  Seriously, this stuff works.  Apply what you learn today and you will exalt yourself to heights you've not known.  You are in a fight with a bully.  Time to bully the bully.  We will also talk more about Intermittent Fasting.  IMF is a Phase 3 topic and if you are ready, really ready, the protocol and results will amaze you.

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    Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.3

    in Music

    DA LODD MANAFESS SHOW BRINGS TO YOU ONCE AGAIN... DA TRUVISION TAKEOVA PT.3.. #BOOM.!!!! This #Saturday we will be bringing you THE 411 on what is going on with the #BuildingAnEmpire #Movement and what is yet to come. Make sure you tune in and catch the Teams of TruVision Management and the Lodd Manafess Show put in work... 

    We will have M16 reiging out of South Carolina talking about his new single #WeReady and what he has going on to date.

    We will bring you the Man Who Say's He Can Fill You Up str8 out of Louisville Kentucky...

    We will also have THE KYNG out of Columbus Georgia who believes in Applying #DatPressure..


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    World Events and Economic Update and Conspiracy Stuff

    in Education

    Welcome back fellow conspirators! We will again look at the current developments around the world that are leading up to something, whatever it will be. Greece is on the verge of either an exit from the EU or making a deal with the slave masters at the IMF. The Ukraine situation continues to boil closer to a major conflict as does the situation in Syria.

    We will also look at what is happening around the US as the government pushes for more control of the populous. From more Executive Orders to major shipping disruptions, things here at home are not improving.

    We will also play some more "Conflicted" cards and discuss how one might react to facing difficult situations in a post "event" world.

    Peace, Love, and Conspiracy

    ~Dave and Wes

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    Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.2

    in Music

    Coming Back to Da Lodd Manafess Show once again is Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.2 with the #PrettyEyez #MsTruVision & #RaaddrrVan..  We will have our special co-host #OfficialFeenix along with #RhymeScheme in the house to bring you the exclusive interviews with some of TruVision Management's #BuildingAnEmpire Team...

    "Hellagreeno" reigning out of Ohio will be talking about his new single "Welcome 2 the Streets"....

    "M-16" bringing it to you from South Carolina will give you the 411 on his upcoming release of "We Ready"....

    The man out of Mississippi they call #Stainless "Mr. Aintastainonme" will talk about his release of "Fucked Up"..

    TruVision Management is making major moves in the Independant Music World and letting the World know what it is to be apart of an Empire in the making....


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    The Writing is on the Wall.The coming World Financial Collapse

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight Thomas and I will discuss the coming global meltdown due to toxic derivatives,debt,and government spending.What does this mean for us?Are we to wait and sink with the USA Titanic when it goes down?I have long said China's economy is a paper tiger that is about to bust,now it is apparent.What will happen when the US dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency?What will the Federal Reserve bank do?As oil prices keep dropping will African oil producing nations diversify?We are faced with a possible 100 year Dark Ages of chaos and anarchy if the world economy does not stabalize.Could opening up a new frontier in Africa not only be a victory for us Nationalist but save the world's economy also?I will ask my right hand man when it comes to money and finance Thomas Nelson as he discusses What Jim Rickards is predicting for the future.Be here or be nowhere!!!!!

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